Grey’s Anatomy: 09×11: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems!

As with every day at Seattle Grace hospital, there’s always a life lesson to be learned from dealing with various patients. In this episode entitled “The End is the Beginning is the End” our favourite doctors learned several lessons, the key this week is forgiveness.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

After a long drawn out court battle with the hospital a settlement was finally reached, and Arizona, Derek, Meredith, Christina & Callie became the newest winners of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. You’d think after winning a whopping sum of 15million each, they’d be jumping around for joy, but our favourite doctors seemed more depressed than before. Luckily, Callie was there to invite force the other newly millionaires to a celebratory dinner, to commemorate their win. The dinner starts in a somber mood until Callie offers up a motivational speech in which she confesses how much she misses Sloan and Lexie. The speech leads the millionaires to reminisce about how their lives are improving and that they should be thankful for what they have.

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Forgiveness is a Gift You Give Yourself

With the newly widowed Dr Webber, avoiding surgies and his new sort of girlfriend, Jackson’s mum, Katherine he seems to be spiralling into a depression of self-guilt over his wife’s untimely death. His deflection of all things also leads to him snapping at Katherine when she finally sees  after being ignored for several weeks. After finally realising what he’s doing to himself, he decides to see Katherine where she solely asks for him to hold her hand, in which he does and the forgiveness process begins.

On another note of forgiveness, Derek blames Owen for the plane crash which lead to his hand not being full functional. After declining Christina’s invite to the Millionaire’s Ball dinner due to Derek’s blame, she decides to ask Derek to forgive Owen as we all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness, which eventually he does by the end of the episode, by a phone call inviting him to dinner.

Defining the Relationship

The newly divorced Christina and Owen seem to be happier and more sexually active than ever before. With all these sneaky trips to the on call room, it’ll be interesting to see how long this divorce lasts.

The other couple or love triangle having hot steamy sex is Jackson and his intern Stephanie. After vowing to keep it secret from everyone (in which they failed royally), Jackson thought the right thing to do would be to tell April which he did, which led to hers confessing her still blooming feelings for him and him reassuring her that he’ll dump Stephanie immediately if that’s what she wants.

After losing a bet with Wilson (through a never ending ping pong match between Derek and Williams), Karev came home to find a brand new sofa, in which Wilson bought with her share of the winnings for Karev’s house. He tried to insist how weird this relationship was for him and that they were strictly platonic, but Wilson quickly retorted that he’s ‘like a brother’ to her (yeah right!).

Other highlights:

  • Bailey gets an infection and an itchy vagina due to having honeymoon sex on the beach with her new husband.
  • Meredith finally told Christina (along with the other millionaires) that she’s pregnant (although Christina already knew).
  • Owen awkwardly mistakes Wilson for Christina and hugs her from behind making their every interaction an awkward reminder.


As with all Shonda Rhimes shows, nothing good ever comes without a price. And the price for our  5 new millionaires? You’d think it would be high taxes or problems finding a big enough house to spend their newly acquired moneyon, but alas, Seattle Grace will have to file for bankruptcy leading to the closure of the hospital.

What did you think of the Millionaire’s Doctors Club episode, sound off in the comments!


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