Scandal: 02×11: Dance with the Devil, Don’t Be Shy

This week’s episode gave us huge insight into President Grant’s political journey to his scandalous seat in the Oval Office. Here’s the rundown:

Dance With The Devil, Don’t Be Shy

Mellie, Cyrus, Hollis, Verna and our own Olivia were the ones who had their dance and they weren’t shy at all, with the exception of Olivia who wasn’t at all ready to take that step… yet. The dance I speak of is the rigging of Fitz’s election which a lot of varying storylines this season have been leading towards. The episode skipped back and forth from the past and present as they struggled to get a not fully recuperated Fitz to the podium to address his beloved nation, which he successfully did, but not without a few scares and faintish looks across the room.

Daddy Issues

We were introduced to Fitz’s estranged dad who was called upon to help Fitz with his political campaign. Fitz never got along with the old timer and was initially reluctant to accept any help from him, but with a plastic smile and a pat on the chest from Mellie, he had to concede to her already in motion plan. It was Papa Grant’s idea to get dirt on the opposition and play dirty in the first place, but with some careful guidance and an emotional scene with Olivia, Fitz decided to go the whole emotional route to get his votes. Papa Grant wasn’t very pleased with his tactics and exchanged harsh words with his son. On the brink of election day, Fitz gets the not so sad news of his father’s passing due to a heart attack. (Was I the only one not phased by this?)


Gladiators Assemble!

We also got to see a nice clip of how Olivia Pope and Associates was formed. Their first task? Getting dirt on Fitz competition at the time. It was really cool seeing Huck as a homeless person and Abby all preppy and perky as usual. It was a fresh breath of air not seeing Quinn in the mix for once, I can only handle her in small doses.

Not Everyone Can Accept Rejection

As we saw last episode, Olivia was done with Senator Edison, sadly it seemed as if that message was one sided as Olivia goes home to find him in her living room, not once, but twice since their fight at the hospital. Edison’s thirst for Olivia got the better of him which led to him going off on a tangent calling her “a criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar” and in that order! Olivia simply retorted by literally showing the extremely parched Senator the door. On the second occasion Edison begged and apologised retracting all his former insults and proposed right on the spot. But come on, we all know that Olivia ain’t got  no time for bipolar, thirsty Edison. POPUS for the win!

Continuing on the rejection line, a tired, and flustered Fitz laid in bed, was subjected to the incessant babbling on and on by Mellie who was “so happy” he was back to health so he could continue all his political duties. Mellie (probably realising she had spoken enough) decided to ask what Fitz wanted, his reply: a divorce (cue the pots and pans being thrown through the house and Olivia’s head served on a shiny platter, apple stuffed and all!).



  • Edison is as thirsty as they come and his thirst over took him making him propose to Olivia. (I smell sweet rejection)
  • Fitz and Olivia have amazing chemistry even when he’s not 100% himself, so Mellie needs to hurry up and sign those divorce papers!
  • Sally Langston is actually a human being. With a heart. Who knew?
  • Olivia needs to lay in bed with Fitz again and he’ll be 100% in no time!
  • How awkward was the wifey and matey (Mellie & Olivia) elevator scene though?
  • Fitz’s dad so doesn’t deserve a ‘Best Dad’ mug, RIP.
  • When in doubt, trust Olivia Pope.


Do you think Mellie should get her presidential speech ready, or just sign the papers and disappear? Let me know in the comments below!


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