The Vampire Diaries: 04×10: Let’s Play Truth or Dare!

This episode features deaths, resurrections, blood and even more blood. I’d say I was watching a bad horror movie but it wasn’t even funny. But alas, here we go:

Parental Problems

The episode begins with everyone at a wake for the death of Tyler’s mum. As usual, he’s his usual hotheaded self and storms out of the wake, leaving his friends baring candles and all.

Out of nowhere, Bonnie finds a dad who is now appointed the new mayor of Mystic Falls by Sheriff Forbes. I’m as confused as Bonnie is as to where and why her dad decided to come back to Mystic Falls seeing he hates Bonnie’s use of magic, but I guess it’ll mean more screen time for Bonnie.

Kill one parent, introduce another, bring on daddy issues!

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Rebekah Scorned!

I’m personally pretty happy Rebekah’s back, she adds an interesting mix to the group (can she be a regular next season PLEASE!?). But anyway, on to Rebekah’s revenge. She begins her well deserved revenge by trapping Elena, Stefan, Caroline and Shane in a classroom at school with the help of her Original brother, Kol. As she begins to dish her revenge (cold of course), she starts playing shrink by having a compelled Elena confess her feelings about Damon to Stefan. Stefan as usual starts getting all emotional, I’m surprised he didn’t break down into tears. Rebecca then forced Elena to divulge her feelings for Stefan to which she tells him she loves him but isn’t in love with him (BURN!). I’m surprised she didn’t get a box of Klenex handy for the waterworks I thought Stefan would spew.


Continuing her revenge, Rebekah adds the icing to the already well served cake, by compelling Tyler to change into a werewolf hoping to kill off the emotionally distraught heroes of the story. As usual, our Elena & Stefan were able to fend off Tyler until he transformed back into his human state, naked and all where he was found by Caroline who seemed to disappear when Tyler was running loose.

The final piece of revenge dished was when Rebekah taunted Stefan with an option of forgetting all his memories of Elena to ‘ease the pain’, but as expected, she laughed at  him and stated it’d be way too easy to help him.


As Usual Another New Shady Guy Has A Hidden Agenda

After months of speculation, Shane’s evil plan is revealed after being water boarded and stabbed to death by Kol where he plans to resurrect the first immortal, Silas. As with all evil, dodgy people that pop up in TVD, Shane probably resurrect Silas and then be killed by the bitch. A scenario I really do hope happens.

Shane merely escaped death by Bonnie’s protection spell turning into a link spell which linked Shane to April Young (who I’m still confused to why she’s relevant). As usual, April and Shane came out alive, to scheme another day. When will these bitches learn to die and stay dead?

Blade: The Jeremy Gilbert Edition

Jeremy continues his training under Damon’s supervision, now with the help of Matt (because he obviously has no other storyline or purpose in life). With the ever unwanted help of Klaus, they trick Jeremy into killing a newly turned pizza lady vampire who was attacking usual damsel in distress, Matt.



  • Bonnie got more screen time than previous episodes (YAY) solely because her powers were needed and because she magically conjured herself up a dad.
  • Stefan is and will always be in love with Elena and is and will always be bitching about how he lost her to his brother who he now ‘hates’.
  • Elena has the good stuff and holds 2 men with her powerful doppleganger annoyance.
  • Jeremy’s hunter’s mark continues to grow and will grow even more with Klaus & Damon’s plan to have him kill several newly turned vampires.
  • Stefan is once again all alone and trying to befriend Rebekah who will once again fall for his silly pleas and team up with him only to probably be stabbed in the back again.
  • Matt and April continue to be random background characters that have few lines of no relevance.

Let me know what you guys thought of Stelena’s therapy session in the comments!


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