Revenge: 02×12: Every Human Is Born Of Collusion

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Collusion’ we see lies, truths and several more lies, but that’s nothing out of the norm in a day in the Hamptons is it? Let’s begin:

Let’s Have Lunch In L.A.

As Daniel knows Emily’s favourite oyster restaurant is in LA and they can’t get the food to NY, why not just take a flight out there right? Oh yeah, because it’s really a business trip. Sure it is, Daniel. But anyway, the two fly off to LA and meet up with the Stonehaven people to discuss him acquiring the company. Unsurprisingly, they run into Victoria who is also there to ensure that Daniel loses his bid for Stonehaven to the thirsty Jason. Upon their 5 second encounter, they have a public argument to which Emily oh so gracefully parts. Jason being the smart but slightly parched business man he is, clocks onto Victoria’s plan and tells her all he wants is her. Victoria smartly takes a leaf out of her former employee, Ashley’s book and begins kissing Jason, all to get what she wants.

In the end, Daniel wins the bid for Stonehaven, but loses Emily as she confesses that Victoria was the reason she started giving him the time of day again, to which Daniel replied that he already knew. So they both agree to using each other and all that sappy stuff.

Sweet 18th

As we wish a Happy Birthday to the obviously irrelevant Charlotte Grayson, whose birthday was forgotten by majority of her family (therefore enforcing how forgettable she is) she makes her first important decision as an adult (no, not running away and eloping with the annoying Declan… yet) but to change her last name, to her sperm donor’s surname, Clarke, to which an  ecstatic Emily (who just happens to be hiding in the shadows) is oh so pleased about.

Schemes and Threats

With Ashley’s grand entrance back to the Hamptons, she failed to cross paths with her former boss, Victoria. Upon Victoria finally seeing Ashley’s smug face, she drops this well deserved line “it seems like the cat has dragged itself back in”, which is truly fitting.


As Ashley tails behind Conrad throughout the episode, we see Conrad buy the Ryan Brothers out of the Stowaway, which we would think, would rid Jack of the two revenge seeking leeches, but sadly not. When Nate finds out about the sale, he’s not happy about it and confronts Conrad himself offering to buy back his share. The discussion leads to the sharing ideas about the business opportunities the Stowaway presents.

After Conrad’s non-negotiable terms about his help, Jack finally grows a back bone after his how many years on earth and tells Duncan what’s up, so his family can be cleared of all charges of Papa Ryans death. You’d think after having a child, nearly losing your bar, losing your dad, Jack would toughen up, but it’s so obvious Amanda’s wearing the pants in that relationship.

Fools and Trickery

Nolan continues his weird relationship with the fake and shady, Padma. Nolan, so sadly smitten by this fraud, uses an unforgivable line “nothing’s perfect but you”. Like really Nolan? You’ve known her for a hot minute, have a seat please. The two continue their faux romance and go house hunting. They find one they like, but Nolan thinks the key is way too pedestrian for his liking (which I totally agree), so to basically ensure the sale, Padma conjures up some Indian keyring thing that’s suppose to ward away evil spirits (can it rebuke Padma please? Thanks).

Due to Padma’s impatience and Helen’s threats, Padma finally gives herself away to Nolan, by her reference of the carrion program. As with the equally as shady Nolan, he sets a trap for the unsuspecting Padma, and watches her fall for it, webcam and all. Sad times (NOT).


Saved by the Emily

Due to Aiden’s antics last episode (the whole fake kidnapping rubbish), Helen has become awfully suspicious that Aiden is now working with Victoria, so in order for him to save his sister he has to carry out one simple task, kill the Queen on the Hamptons, Victoria.


Aiden misses two separate attempts to silence Victoria permanently, but finally was stopped after a nosey Emily got Nolan to hack into his phone and put 2 and 2 together to realize Aiden’s trying to kill Victoria. Saving Victoria in the nick of time (as usual), Aiden learns that saving Victoria led to what seems to be the death of his sister (which I’m unphased about, but RIP). Aiden then goes ahead to blame our sweet Emily for his sister’s ‘overdose’ and storms off to whatever hole he originally crawled out of (sound the violins, boo hoo hoo).


  • What’s Declan’s purpose in this show?
  • I wonder what stupid move Aiden will make next that Emily will have to save him from.
  • Oh, and RIP Aiden’s sister, or whatever her name was.
  • Let’s see if Charlotte’s grand name change will make her anymore relevant that she’s now a Clarke and not a Grayson.
  • Evil forces band together in the form of Conrad and Nate to make some serious cash of a stupid, unsuspecting Jack and family.
  • Victoria is a hustler who does anything to protect her family, even sleeping with her son’s competition (*cough* Ashley, take notes).
  • The cheese stands alone, or in this case, only Emily can lose two men in one episode. Poor lonely girl.
  • So I guess Padma’s keyring did work, it warded away her evil ass from Nolan, oh the irony.
  • Will Nolan ever get a non-shady love interest?

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