Pretty Little Liars: 03×16: Fear Cuts Deeper Than A Sword

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Misery Loves Company’, we see some big reveals and a lot of secrets coming to light. Here we go:

Oh Daddy Dearest

The episode opens with the girls continuing their discussion about the speculation of Aria’s dad, Byron being the one who killed Allison. The girls then leave a seemingly sick Aria to sleep. Aria wakes up to find Meredith offering her more tea, but really Meredith stole her phone and was secretly drugging her through the tea, which is why she was sleeping throughout the whole episode.

Due to being drugged, Aria has what seems to be a dream which involves Allison. Aria asks her all the relevant questions about the relationship between her and her father in which Allison admits that she just did it for the money. After the short but informative session, Aria awakes to being locked in her room with no way of escape. She frantically breaks a mirror clutching on to a piece of glass for dear life. Sadly, due to being drugged, she falls asleep again only wake up to Meredith already taking her newly formed weapon and then locking her away in the basement.


Emily and Hanna become worried about Aria after numerous failed attempts at trying to get in touch with her. They got to Aria’s house where they find Meredith who tricks them into going to the basement and traps them there with an unconscious Aria. Emily smartly finally realises that it’s 3 against 1 and Hanna retorts ‘I have no problem opening a can of whopass on that woman’, but yet they sit there and do nothing. Surprise, surprise.


Byron comes home to find Meredith sitting alone in the dark, to which she tells him that Aria knows all about Allison blackmailing him and that he saw her the night of her death. He goes to basement where Meredith trapped the girls and apologises and confesses his side of the story. I’m a bit confused if Byron thinks it’s okay that his psycho girlfriend locked his daughter and her friends in a basement, oh and that she was also drugging said daughter. :/

The Secret Society of Concerned Lovers

Hanna who has a big interview for the biggest designer in Phili, decides to ask her fashion unaware boyfriend, Caleb for ‘what to wear’ advice to her interview. As she leaves to try on the clothes, she eavesdrops on his conversation with his ‘mum’ which happened to be about Hanna herself, and Mona. She confronts him but is obviously lied to.

Due to having big trust issues, she sends the only Liar without a life, Emily to go and spy on Caleb since she has her very important interview. Hanna goes to her interview only to find a room filled with blank mannequins and to be attacked by a hooded A. A clumsily drops their key upon their departure, to which Hanna finds and brings back to the group.

Emily should get the award for the worst stalker in history, even though she didn’t get caught. Emily followed Caleb to a coffee shop where she was only able to see him sitting by himself due to an SOS call from the other Liars. What she failed to see was Caleb meeting up with Paige as the two plot to protect their lovers from the dastardly A.

Happy Anniversary!

This episode marked Toby & Spencer’s one year anniversary. To commemorate the special day, Spencer decided to make a surprise dinner for her beau under the ruse that she’s going to dinner with her parents. So she lets Emily get the key to Toby’s apartment so she can set up. As suspected with Spencer, she can’t go to someone’s house and not be nosey and snoop around, and this time curiosity got the best of her.


Toby goes to Spencer’s house to drop off his anniversary gift, a bouquet of flowers. This is where the genius that is Spencer leaves her first thirst trap for Toby. She intentionally leaves out the A key that Hanna found earlier, then puts it away infront of Toby, knowing he’d come back for it later.

As expected, Toby falls for Spencer’s trap and returns to her house to retrieve the key in which she is there waiting for him. She confronts him and gives him a well deserved bitch slap right before he disappears due to her mum’s untimely interruption.


As the episode ends, a heartbroken Spencer stands outside Toby’s apartment distraught in tears asking him if what she saw was real, but unbeknown to her it’s Mona who’s inside enjoying Spencer’s well made anniversary dinner, while casually enjoying music while sipping wine like that bad bitch she is.


  • PLL is like a bad horror story where every time something big goes down there always seems to conveniently be rain, a thunderstorm, power cuts and dead phone lines. Like really?
  • So I guess Spencer now knows first hand how it feels to be sleeping with the enemy.
  • Paige & Caleb join forces to stomp on the evil that is A.
  • As suspected, Meredith is a psycho. Or is she just a caring girlfriend trying to protect her lover.
  • Byron is quite fine with his mistress locking his daughter in a basement and drugging her.
  • Mona & Toby are working with someone else who calls the shots.
  • The lady in red is still everywhere but nowhere at the same time.
  • Everything that happens in the dark comes to light, right Byron & Toby?

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