The Vampire Diaries: 04×11: Kill Or Be Killed

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Catch Me If You Can’ it lacked much storyline and action, but here’s a recap:

Blade 2: The Jeremy Gilbert Edition

The episode continues where last week’s left off, which is Klaus’ plan to get Jeremy’s Hunter’s Mark to be completed quickly so he turns several innocent humans so that Jeremy can kill them all. As with all of these self righteous protagonists, Jeremy protests and doesn’t want to kill all these innocents, so with a little motivation from Klaus in the form of Matt’s life, Jeremy is quickly on the run from dozens of vampires.

As with every episode of TVD, Matt gets caught by a vampire and needs to be saved. He has so taken over Elena in the damsel in the distress department. Luckily, Elena pops up out of nowhere and saves his face from being bitten off.

Stefan and Jeremy try to escape the herds of vampires only to find them already dead thanks to Kol. Kol tells them that he will not allow them to complete the mark and in turn revive Silas. Stefan tries to hold Kol off while Jeremy runs away. Since Kol doesn’t want to be cursed for a century, he compels Damon to kill Jeremy.

Jeremy goes to his super annoying and whiney sister, Elena for help who in turn turns to Klaus for help in saving her lover and brother. Klaus agrees to help and tells Kol to back off.

Damon turns into the Terminator and goes after Jeremy trying to kill him. Jeremy hides underground and the two play cat and mouse (felt like I was watching old episodes of Tom & Jerry). Jeremy decides to be a badass and slices his hand drawing Damon in and all he does is shoot him in the head, wow Jeremy? Damon tells you to shoot him in the heart and you shoot him in the head. Seems as if your badassness is just a facade. Elena arrives to the scene preaching about how he should stop in the name of love blah blah blah. I’m so tired of Elena putting her men on guilt trips using love. She needs to have many seats at the back of the room where she’s not seen or heard.

Stefan saves the day thanks to Elena calling him. Elena starts talking and telling Stefan he’s acting out, to which he replies ‘You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you’. And that’s all that needed to be said! Stefan’s back to being a man and not a shell of a man!


Due to the whole Kol attack thing and him wanting to prevent the cure from being found, Klaus offers to keep Jeremy safe to which both Elena & Jeremy decline. Poor Klaus, he tries to be the good guy and gets it thrown back in his face.


We all know that anytime Bonnie gets screen time I’m instantly happy, so this week was no exception. Shane got locked up because Rebekah informed Sheriff Forbes and Bonnie’s dad that he was behind that Pastor dude’s murder where he stupidly killed himself and 11 others. He obviously denies he had any involvement in the accident but Sheriff Forbes has been around long enough to know that anything’s possible in Mystic Falls.

Bonnie comes to see Shane in prison where he admits to her that he orchestrated the murder as a sacrifice. Bonnie gets all hot headed and unleashes her inner bad bitch and uses her uncontrolled powers to inflict pain upon Shane. Her father comes in and begs her to stop, which she does after Shane talks her down.

After Bonnie storms out, Shane mentions that Bonnie has the potential to be one the most powerful witches in the world if she continues receiving help from him, but otherwise she’s a walking timebomb.Tick tock. We all know Bonnie’s a bad bitch and she’s super powerful, and it’s annoying that her power is always downplayed. So let her have some uncontrolled un-Elena related fun. It’s been a while since she has done something for herself and not running around saving Elena and her family.

Dynamic Duo: Stebekah!

Elsewhere, Rebekah and Stefan have joined forces to get the cure for themselves. They break into Shane’s home to find a relic that he’s already recovered and is apart of the ritual to revive Silas. They run into another enemy looking for the item, but quickly catch him and start interrogating him. Am I the only one that loves seeing Rebekah torture people? No? Okay. Unfortunately the intruder was compelled and bit his own tongue off making him useless.

By the end of the episode the two lonely but horny decide to have no strings attached sex. But I’m pretty sure Rebekah will catch feelings while Stefan uses her… again.



  • When will Matt accept his role in the supernatural world as token human and stop whining all the time?
  • Caroline & Tyler’s absence from this episode was felt.
  • Is it just me or am I the only one that likes having the Original family members around?
  • Stefan’s balls finally dropped and he stood up to Elena.
  • I’m not really here for Bonnie’s dad, but he grants Bonnie more screen time so whatever.
  • Am I the only one who thinks Bonnie is just all badass?
  • Rebekah & Stefan sex for the win!
  • Does Elena really think Jeremy can kill an original when he’s a baby hunter? Girl, please.

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