Pretty Little Liars: 03×17: One Caped Crusader Is Enough

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Infero’ we see many A scenes, but not our usual A scenes, but this time, A-lison flashbacks. Let’s begin:

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

The episode begins with Spencer making out with Toby and they start stripping each other until Toby starts strangling her, to which she jumps out of her sleep, seemingly relieved that it was all but a dream.

Spencer pretending as if everything is alright has failed to tell the other Liars about Toby repping the ‘A’ team and that they’ve broken up. She keeps the secret close to her chest by being cold and a bitch to everyone around her (including Ella), especially her friends. Spewing lines like “Ali wasn’t loyal, why should we care what happened to her?!” and “I think we should stop blaming ‘A’ for everything that goes wrong in our lives and start blaming ourselves.” caused obvious hurt and surprise to her friends who have shown nothing but concern for their heartbroken friend. I personally agree with her latter statement, Alison seems to be super shady, and they’ve known that, so are they going to spend their whole life trying to solve the mystery of who killed her? Are they that bored?

A crack in her what seemed to be her impenetrable bad bitch armour showed when she broke down in the bathroom to Emily and admitted that she and Toby broke up but isn’t ready to disclose the messy details yet, but swore her to secrecy.


Continuing Spencer’s downward spiral, we see her messaging some shady character, who I initially believed to be someone from the ‘A’ team. It was later revealed that Spencer seems to have hired a private investigator to reveal where the mysterious ‘A’ key that Toby dropped leads to. I’m not too sure what Spencer is up to, but seems our little Liar has a pretty little scheme up her sleeve.

Sherlock Holmes Emily Fields

Emily gets a package from her mum (who now works at the police station) which contained birthday cards which Emily sent to Allison before death from Nate’s family. The box also contained  a book with a conversation between Allison and a mystery person talking what they Liars believe to be Toby. After detective Sherlock Holmes Emily Fields pries deeper and deeper into the mysterious conversation, she discovers a photo hidden within the book of Allison and CeCe Drake. Determined to get to the bottom of the photo and the conversation, Emily talks to CeCe revealing another sob story about Allison and a guy. This time she’s two weeks late and in tears believing she’s pregnant.

Shocked by the revealing information provided by CeCe, Emily clues in Aria where they both decide that the right thing to do is to hand over Allison’s books to the police. Conveniently, as soon as she hands over the book to ever eager and weirdly always present at the right time detective Wilden, she sees a photo of him from the same camp that Allison and CeCe were photoed at. (Is there anyone who isn’t a suspect in Allison’s murder? Better yet is there no man in Rosewood to which she doesn’t have ties/relations with?)

Speak The Truth & Speak It Ever, Cost It What It Will

After weeks of conflicted emotions and thoughts as to whether or not she should tell Ezra about his secret son, the ever so kind ‘A’ does all the hard work for her and sends a highly pressed Spencer to do it for her. Spencer verbally assaults Ezra about breaking up with Aria for keeping his son a secret from him. Ezra baffled by the whole conversation pleads ignorance to which Spencer realizes she was just another pawn in ‘A’s game.

Later on, Ezra confronts Aria about the information he received from Spencer, Aria shocked that he knows, and admits she didn’t tell him due to wanting to save their relationship. A highly pressed and emotional Ezra storms off like the diva he is. A guilt ridden Aria tries her best to get in touch with her love, but to no avail. She finally gets through to him and meets him where she finds him packing suitcases into his car right before he leaves town to see his secret son. He awkwardly and unsuccessfully assures her that they are okay right before breaking into tears. Need a tissue there Ezra?


The episode ends with what seems to be the infamous Lady in Red torching a doll of Hanna.


  • Aren’t Hanna’s lines nothing short of genius? She’s hilarious!
  • I’m pretty sure the writer’s checked my blog when I diagnosed Meredith cuckoo, but I think she got off way too easily with the whole ‘not taking her meds’ excuse.
  • How awkward was it when Hanna was dancing with that girl who was hitting on her?
  • Am I the only one baffled by why and how Emily’s mum is working at the police station?
  • Is there ever going to be a flashback where Alison is painted in a good light?
  • I was pretty surprised when they revealed that Caleb was the one that put the brain in Mona’s locker.
  • Emily is seeming more and more like Sherlock Holmes lately.
  • I’m pretty sure we can all agree to the fact that Troian Bellisario (Spencer) handled this week’s bitching and spiral into depression amazingly.
  • I really hope this heartbroken, bad bitch Spencer sticks around for a bit, she makes the show so much more interesting.
  • Where did Hanna’s mum go last week?
  • I’m so confused what Paige was doing at that club… with another girl.
  • Favourite Line: “Jenna would be very happy to see anything I imagine” by none other than the Alison DiLaurentis.


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