Glee: 04×12: Emotionally Naked

This week’s episode entitled ‘Naked’, it was literally all about being naked and being comfortable in your own skin. Here’s a quick recap:

Men of Mckinley

New Directions are now (unfairly) on their way to Regionals due to exposing the Warblers drug use using competition. You’d swear this was

the Olympics, geesh. So being 3 weeks behind in preparation, they need to now raise money for a bus to Regionals. Finn suggests a bake sale, Sam suggest donating semen and Joe even suggests cutting and selling his locks. Tina comes up with an idea to do a ‘men on Mckinley’ calendar where the boys pose for different months of the year.


Artie is visibly not really happy with the idea as he thinks he’s only going to be seen as the kid in the wheelchair. He later on admits that he’s not comfortable with his body and doesn’t want to participate in the shoot. Sam comes to the rescue and promises Artie he won’t be the only one in clothes and sells Artie on the idea.

During preparation for the shoot, Jake & Ryder have a bro to bro conversation about his duet with Marley where she tried but failed to tell him she loves him. Ryder pushes him to make the first step and be emotionally naked and bare it all for her. Jake apologizes for speaking to him about Marley where Ryder admits it stung but he’s cool with it because their relationship is serious.

The glee club releases their calendar and the guys have a signing. They make nearly enough money for Regionals, short only $50. Jake tells Marley she doesn’t have to wait in line and hands her a calendar with “I love you” written on it. She says it back and the two kiss only before Becky Jackson telling the lovebirds to “get a room!” (THANK YOU Becky for reading my mind!)

Sam-life Crisis

Principal Figgins tells Sam that he got the lowest SAT score in history, scoring a score of 340 one that’s only bested by monkeys, while Brittany got a near perfect score of 2340. So I guess Brittany’s really just playing dumb right? Ha. Sam begins to descend into what can only be called as a mid-life crisis even though I think he’s too young to have one but whatever. He storms into school shirtless and demands all the other boys attend a seminar so they can be ready for the calendar shoot. After pushing the boys and himself to be perfect for the shoot and also being a jerk in the same breath, he comes to his senses after Blaine speaks to him. Sam admits he feels worthless and that all he has going for him is his body even though it’s so hard to maintain. He says “if you wanna make it in this world you have to be special” which he really doesn’t think he is. With some help from the glee club members (both past and present), they put together a video highlighting all the things he’s done that’s helped people in different situations. It brings out a few tears but seems to get the job done.


With the help of Ms Pillsbury, they look into college options for Sam. He finds out that some colleges actually accept students without SATs. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.


Rachel auditions for a part in a student video and gets the part, but there’s a catch, she has to do a topless scene. Brody walks in naked while Kurt’s having breakfast. A seemingly unphased Rachel kisses him and joins them at the table defending her nude boyfriend. Kurt tells her it was only a few months she was in plaid skirts and pining for Finn and now she’s a “slutty barbie”. (Ouch. But true all the same.)


Rachel obviously conflicted about her decision, has a duet with her old reindeer sweater wearing self, and her new sexy big haired self. Kurt adamant that Rachel is making a big mistake doing a nude scene, enlists the help of none other than Quinn and Santana. They sit and go back and forth about how bad it is for her to do the scene, even referencing Santana’s sex tape where she admits it haunts her everyday (I thought the sex tape was just Lord Tubbington really.. no?) Rachel decides to go ahead with the audition, only to choke and decide in the middle of the shoot that she’s not comfortable doing a topless scene yet. She gets kicked off video but is fine with it. At least she can make one smart decision for once.


After doing a really lovely group number with Quinn & Rachel of ‘Love Song’, Santana admits she isn’t in a rush to go back to Kentucky and that she really likes it in NY, especially the pace. I really really hope Santana moves to NY, I have honestly missed her sassiness all season, she needs more screen time!

The episode ends with a really fun group number of ‘This Is The New Year’, it really felt like old glee. Loved it!


  • YAY for the return of Fondue for two. Brittany really does ask the hard and riveting questions. New Oprah perhaps?
  • It was pretty funny seeing Finn take on Sue and telling her “to suck a hot one” because shes a hypocrite.
  • Am I the only one that thinks Quinn & Santana need to make way more trips to NY?
  • I really enjoyed the Rachel duet with herself, it reminded me of how much I miss the old Rachel… maybe just her sweaters.
  • Tina’s actually being put to good use lately! About time!
  • Again, how cute are Jarley?
  • It was pretty cool that Blaine was able to put his feelings aside and be such a good friend to Sam pulling him out of his depression. (BLAM FTW!)
  • Kudos for the Mercedes cameo!
  • How funny is it that Brittany who repeated her senior year due to having a 0 GPA got a near perfect SAT score and then blames it on her drawings and guessing her answers. Typical Brit!


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