Scandal: 02×12: Hire A Lawyer, A Good One

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Truth or Consequences’ a lot of missing pieces to Lyndsey Dwyer Quinn’s story were pieced together with many flashbacks to 2 years ago. Here’s how it went down:

Back in Time

The episode begins with a flashback to two years ago showing the introduction of the new voting system which is now all touch screen and digital. The flashback also showed

Quinn and her boyfriend, Gideon before his untimely death. We see many scenes of Quinn’s life with Gideon, even when Becky made it look like he was cheating on her, fooling her to leave the incriminating voicemail message threatening to kill him. We even see Gideon’s numerous calls to Hollis threatening to expose him if he doesn’t return his calls and explain himself. But we all know how that ended right? Idle threats… Sigh.

Dirty Little Secrets

With Olivia missing in action, Pope and associates decide to put their brains together and piece together the different bits of information Olivia has given to them and with Huck as the confirmer on whether they’re right or not, they manage to put together everything right up to her involvement with the rigged election.

Huck goes to visit Olivia at her house and sees her wrapped up in bed, looking all sad and depressed. He asks her what the plan of action is and she tells him that Cyrus is going to fix it. After Huck decodes how Cyrus is going to fix it, Olivia decides to take matters into her own hands and fix things herself.

Olivia returns to the scene and gives her team orders after giving them the chance to get all the answers they want. They all decline and accept their roles in bringing Hollis down, even whiney and annoying Quinn.


Plotting & Scheming

David invites Hollis to his office where he accuses him of rigging election votes and all sorts of stuff. Hollis as his usual, cocky self laughs at David, because he is high and mighty after all. Olivia teams up with David to try and put Hollis behind bars for the attempted assassination of Fitz. She tips him off about the burner phone in his office draw which conveniently only has calls to and from Becky. They take him in for questioning but can’t arrest him without solid evidence, so Olivia and co. decide to do what they do best, which is digging for dirt. They decide that the best evidence they could get was to get proof of Hollis’ payment to Becky for the job.

In the mix of things, Olivia clues in Cyrus on the stuff happening with Hollis even though he already told her he’ll fix the problem. His method however, results in the permanent silence of Hollis Doyle, who I personally wouldn’t mind seeing get shot in the mouth. She obviously doesn’t like or agree with his plan and gives him a golden piece of advice which is, and I quote “Get your house in order Cyrus. Hire a lawyer… a good one”, and THE Olivia Pope struts off. Only Olivia can drop lines like that and people have to just take it.

Huck goes to jail dressed up in a suit and all (what a difference!) to try and get Becky’s bank account details so they can get the information they need to incarcerate Hollis. After a little apprehension, Huck gives her his name as a trade for the bank details. She coughs it up and they search her account seeing she was paid $5million to kill the President. After checking the details they realise that it in fact wasn’t Hollis who hired Becky, but someone else. And the plot thickens! Dun dun dun!

Steam Iron Press Only

A highly pressed Mellie goes to Cyrus demanding that he stops Fitz from going through with the divorce. I’m pretty sure we had the same look when we found out 2 weeks ago that Cyrus had on his face.

Cyrus tries his best to talk Fitz out of the divorce with the use of stats, reason and just plain telling him not to do it, but to no avail. Fitz tells Cyrus that he will get a divorce and remain President.


Mellie realises the only way to try and sway Fitz from his what seems to be absolute decision, is to go into an early labour to remind him of all the good times and that they were always there for each other. Will it work? Who knows? I personally highly doubt it, Olivia’s got Fitz on a string.



  • Nothing really beats a furious Mellie does it?
  • I found it so weird seeing Olivia so sad and vulnerable, interesting, but I prefer the strong, kick-ass Olivia.
  • Will Thirstmaster Edison ever catch a break and get a fair try from Olivia?
  • We all know Super Huck is going to come and save Hollis at the last second. Sadly.
  • I’m loving Fitz’s ‘I don’t care attitude’ about the repercussions the divorce might have.
  • Mellie would cockblock Liv when Fitz is going to see her with her pregnancy…
  • Wasn’t Fitz’s plea to Liv not to accept Edison’s proposal so sweet? Even throwing in his divorce.
  • The Gladiators really proved their loyalty and devotion to Liv didn’t they? Even Quinn whatever her name is.
  • Who do you think ordered the assassination of the President? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Mellie.
  • Sorry, but regardless of what Olivia did I really can’t see her in an orange jumpsuit, & I doubt she’d want to cramp Becky’s style. Right?
  • Am I the only one that thought they did an amazing job on old raggedy Verna’s cancer look? She was working that ‘no hair, don’t care’ look like she’s on death row!

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