The Vampire Diaires: 04×12: Bad Bitch Alert!

In this week’s episode entitled ‘A View To A Kill’ we see death, truths and tattoos. Here’s a quick recap:

Dynamic Duo: Stebekah! (Part 2)

The episode begins with Stefan sneaking out of bed with Rebekah. As soon as he’s about to leave, he’s greeted by Klaus at the door. Klaus tells Stefan that he needs to get the dagger from his sister so they can get rid of Kol.

Rebekah is disappointed when Stefan tells her the dance is cancelled. Stefan continues to buy time and play along to what seems to be a very naive and vulnerable Rebekah. Rebekah admits that she wants to be human and experience real things and that’s why she wants the cure. Stefan decides not to stake her and decides to trust her and help her get the cure so she can be human and live a real life.


Parent Trap

Bonnie is ambushed at school by Kol while she helps an unseen Caroline prepare for the Decay Dance. She uses her powerful new powers to hold off Kol and was able to make a clean escape. She goes home and confronts her father about hearing from Elena that he filled the water supply with vervain. The new mayor also tells her that he’s cancelled the dance and has put in place a curfew and that she’s not allowed to go anywhere because they’re having a family night.


Jeremy goes to Bonnie’s house after several failed attempts at trying to get ahold of her. Her father tells her that he’s taken her phone and that she’s not allowed to go anywhere. Bonnie pops a light bulb and shows her dad who’s boss, and tries to leave but is stopped by her mom, Abby the vampire. Abby grabs Bonnie until she passes out.

Abby tries to contain her until her witch friends come to undo the damage Shane’s done but Bonnie wakes up and uses her magic and hurts her mom and then leaves, again showing both her parents who’s the boss. I really don’t get why Bonnie’s parents think they can tell her what to do any at all seeing they were never there when she was growing up. So no. Don’t tell bad bitch Bonnie what to do. Bitch.


Elena decides that she’s going to trick Kol into a truce so that Jeremy will get the opportunity to kill him which will eliminate a huge threat and complete his hunter’s mark. She calls him and invites him inside her house and tries to stall while Jeremy and Matt get the stake or dagger to end Kol. Kol shares that he needs to prevent the cure from being found because he thinks Silas will destroy the world. Can I just say that Elena is the worst staller ever, I don’t see how anyone gets fooled by her… she’s too obvious. But Kol plays along for a while, until Jeremy comes back and he rejects her truce and tries to kill them.

The two fight and Elena gets stabbed, Kol gets vervain water in his face, and just when Kol’s about to chop Jeremy’s arms off, Elena pushes him off and Jeremy lands the white oak stake right in his heart killing him right before Klaus’ eyes. Klaus goes berserk and threatens to burn them alive in the house, until Bonnie comes and does her witch thing and paralyses him and tells Jeremy to invite Klaus in. She seals Klaus in the living room giving them 3 days to find the cure.


The gang regroup to discuss their newest triumph in killing Kol. Damon now unsired, leaves his cell and is reunited with Elena. Stefan tells them that he didn’t take out Rebekah because she’s now on their team and that he trusts her. Elena, pissy and moody, is upset about this decision and Damon deduces that Stefan only spared her because he’s sleeping with her. A surprised Elena stands with her mouth open obviously waiting for a fly to fly in. Damon gives Stefan a well deserved punch for all the taunting he got over the last few days. I guess these brothers never heard of ‘bros before hoes’.


The plan worked as Jeremy’s hunter’s mark grows exponentially and it seems to be complete.



  • Did you guys spot the Katherine reference? She needs to come back now!
  • Why is Elena so pressed that Stefan is sleeping with Rebekah? You can’t have your cake and eat it too girl. Have a seat.
  • Bad bitch Bonnie is taking over and I’m loving it! She needs to be like this all day everyday!
  • Kinda disappointed Kol died, he was one of my favourites. His lines all come out with an underlying jokish feel to them. RIP.
  • Another episode without Caroline or Tyler, though this time it was less obvious they were missing.
  • I see Matt still hasn’t decided to find a life. Are there no guidance counsellors at his school?
  • All Bonnie needed was Grams and it would be a big happy family, was nice seeing Abby again.
  • They really decided to humanize Rebekah and make her so vulnerable and weak. Someone needs to piss her off soon, I like her when she’s a vicious, revenge seeking bitch.
  • I’m surprised but not surprised Klaus took Kol’s death so personally, maybe he does have a heart after all, beating or not.

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