Pretty Little Liars: 03×18: I’ve Said All The Goodbyes I Want To Say

In this week’s episode entitled “Dead to Me” we see the Liars drifting apart and new light shed on Alison’s death. Here’s a quick recap:

Lonely Girl: The Aria Edition

The episode begins with the girls in a coffee shop discussing that Aria still hasn’t heard back from Ezra and she’s worried. In the middle of their conversation, Jason tells them that Alison’s remains have been

released to him and his family but all the items in the casket are still missing. He invites them to a memorial where Spencer throws a bitch fit and says “I’ve said all the goodbyes I want to say” and asks to be kept out of it.

A lonely and hurt Aria decides to visit Ezra’s apartment to ‘check up’ on his stuff. While she’s there she hears someone entering the apartment, so she jumps out of bed hoping it’s Ezra, but instead finds his younger brother, Wesley. He explains to her that he’s been using Ezra’s apartment while he’s away.


After getting a mysterious phone call from someone who literally drop called them (don’t you just hate being drop called?), Wesley decides they should go out to get lunch. While out they run into his physics teacher’s husband, of who he flirted with inappropriately to upset his mother. He also reveals that his mum hates Aria so much because she was ‘unexpected’. Hmm, I just thought it was because she wasn’t rich.

More Baby Daddy Drama

Caleb gets a call that his Aunt has passed away, so Hanna tries to persuade him to go and visit his family. After much persuasion (and a cooked dinner), they go to his Aunt’s house and help his Uncle Jaime clean up and get rid of old stuff. A very resentful Caleb who obviously doesn’t even want to be there wants to hurry up and go, but Hanna wants to find out more about his family. She quizes Jaime about Caleb’s dad, to which he very shadily answers. Upon their departure, Jaime stops Hanna and gives her a photo of Caleb as a baby as he knew Caleb wouldn’t have taken it from him. Back home, Hanna shows Caleb the photo and joins the dots together and tells him that she thinks Uncle Jaime is actually his father instead, even providing plausible evidence. A bewildered Caleb denies the claims and storms off.

Ms Cleo Is That You?

Emily goes to the police station to see her mum about dinner plans. While there she notices the photo of Wilden at camp that was on the board is now gone. This show really does know how to make things and people so suspicious. Emily’s mum finds a post card in her bag and asks Emily about it, Emily immediately recognises the post card and tells her mum she put it there by accident, but the card is really one she put in Alison’s casket that has come back to haunt her.

Emily has started seeing Dr Sullivan, her therapist again. Dr Sullivan assumes that she’s there to speak about Mona, but Emily explains that she’s killed someone (Nate) and that she’s tired of being lauded as a hero. She relays that she remembers everything about that night clearly and doesn’t like it. Dr Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy to which a skeptical Emily agrees to.


During hypnosis, Emily has a dream where she’s the one that killed Alison and hit her with a shovel resulting in her storming out of her therapy session. On another occasion, she has a dream where she’s there at the site of Alison’s death and sees the infamous Lady in Red and a member of the ‘A’ team bury Alison, to which she deduces the Lady in Red as the leader of the ‘A’ team.


The Truth Sucks

Spencer continues her private investigation into Toby and the mysterious ‘A’ key. Her investigator returns with petty information and asks for more money to find the exact location to where the key leads. Spencer contemplates whether or not it’s worth paying more for, but decides to continue the search.

Her investigator finally finds the exact address to where the ‘A’ key leads. The dodgy investigator asks why she’s so interested in it and she responds by saying “we had a secret, him and me, and this will tell me if he kept it.” She takes the key and goes to the address to find that room has been stripped of all evidence and left bare. The poor girl starts sobbing all over again. It must really suck sleeping with the enemy, literally. Sigh.


A highly pressed Spencer crashes Alison’s memorial with guns blazing, adamant that she’s over this whole Alison thing and that Jason should know the truth. Her friends each try to stop her and tell her now is not the time nor place to do this, but bad bitch Spencer is on the war path! She confesses that Alison was pregnant at the time of her death and that the baby daddy is detective Wilden. Dun dun dun!

The episode ends with a depressed and pressed Spencer crying (again) and carving Toby’s name on to his mother’s grave. I guess he’s now dead to her. Hmm.


  • When Mona gave Spencer the decathlon information, I loved when she told her that “she’s off her ‘A’ game” (ironic choice of words aren’t they?)
  • It was so interesting seeing Emily embody Ms Cleo and see the past or what seems to have happened to Alison. All she needs is a head scarf and a crystal ball and she’s set!
  • Mona’s visit to Dr Sullivan’s new office seemed so fake, I bet a camera’s hidden in those flowers!
  • Wasn’t that scene with Spencer going through her Toby box so sad? Poor girl.
  • It was pretty cool seeing Emily give Spencer advice tooting that “sometimes there’s another explanation for what’s going on”, pssht girl, if you only knew. If you only knew.
  • I’m so over all these shows with everyone having daddy problems.
  • Spencer just rattled off that French as if it was her native tongue! What can’t she do?
  • The reveal of Caleb’s dad was the only real reveal of this episode and it’s so irrelevant.
  • I never have and never will trust Dr Sullivan, especially seeing how she pops up out of nowhere all the time.

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