Glee: 04×13: Hold The Nightmare & Bring The Diva

In this week’s episode entitled “Diva” we see that guys can be divas just like girls (or so Blaine keeps saying). But here’s a quick recap:

Filsbury Doughboy

The episode starts with a confused Finn, assessing his glee club and realising he doesn’t have a Rachel, Santana, Mercedes or even a Kurt in the group that has that super drive and diva

power for them to win at Regionals. With a little help from Emma, they decide to do a diva week, where Jake admits the boys are screwed. Blaine disagrees and says that boys can be divas too, only before the diva that is Unique breaks into the ultimate diva song ‘Diva’ by Beyonce.

Emma starts stressing about her wedding as it now is only a week away. Finn comes to her aid and offers her support. He helps her pick out flowers and she helps counsel him now that Rachel has changed her Facebook relationship status to ‘shacked up’ (quite a fitting status, even though I didn’t even know Facebook had that option).

After Emma hears back from Will that the white flowers she chose are “okay” she starts freaking out that everything needs to be perfect and that she’s worried that it won’t. She references her marriage to Carl where she was laid back and the marriage was doomed before it started. Finn tells her to calm down and then kisses her… and then runs away like the little manboy he is. (His words, not mine).


The Girl With The Coldbuster Kit

Blaine has a cold, so Tina comes rushing to his aid with none other than a coldbuster kit. Tina is still visibly crushing on him, but as usual Blaine seems naive to it all. He decides to channel his inner Freddy Mercury to prove his point that boys can be divas too.


Tina admits that she’s not really a diva and wants a good song to do for glee club. Blaine offers to help her pick a song. The two end up at an ill Blaine’s house where he’s picked out the ‘classics’ for her. Tina deduces that divas are always honest and speak their minds, so she decides that she’s going to be honest and tell Blaine that she’s falling in love with him, and it could be tragic. With her usual Tina luck, Blaine doesn’t hear a word of her heart felt speech as he’s knocked out due to all the medicine he took for his cold. Will Tina ever catch a break?


Tina ends up winning diva week, with Brit even admitting that she never wins anything. Blaine gives her a flower to commemorate her win and apologizes for taking advantage of her. The two make up and he asks her to be his date at Mr Schue’s wedding, to which she agrees. Aw how sweet. But he’s still gay Tina.

Diva Off: Rachel VS Kurt

An obviously fed up Kurt admits that Rachel’s ego is now out of control and that she needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Kurt suggests the best way they know, a diva-off. Rachel overly confident as ever, references how she beat him in the first diva-off of Defying Gravity. Kurt finally admits that he threw the competition by not hitting that final note because he didn’t want to embarrass his dad by being the boy singing the girl song. Rachel obviously gobsmacked by this development admits that that diva-off is what set the stage for her confidence all those years ago.

They have their diva-off and Kurt wins ‘by the closest margin in history’ says MC Brody. A devastated Rachel is brought right back down to size now that she’s lost and loses her confidence and decides not to try out for her favourite musical, Funny Girl. With motivation and a push from Kurt, he admits that he got them the two last spots and that she should continue being the diva she is, but just not a nightmare.

This Girl Is On Fire

Santana returns to Mckinley when Finn asks her to give an example of what a real diva looks like. She performs with her Louisville cheerleaders. So I guess they all left Louisville to come and do one performance at her old glee club? Ooooh kay then. Santana slays the number and then Brittany asks her why she didn’t tell her that she was coming. Santana returns the question by asking why she didn’t tell her that she was dating Sam. Santana then goes on to introduce her new girlfriend Elaine.


Santana obviously not happy about Brittany being with Sam, decides to confront him about it and they have a sing off. Santana goes to see Sue, where she tells her she’s dropped out of school. Sue asks the question on every viewers mind, that how are these past students always popping up at Mckinley every week, if they have a teleporter. Sue offers her a job as training to take over for her when she dies (which I doubt will be anytime soon). Santana weighs up the offer stating that she could do this and be closer the Brit too.

Later on, Brittany meets Santana in the auditorium, where Brittany tells her she’s not breaking up with Sam because he makes her feel smart and they have meaningful conversations like where does air come from. Santana insists she doesn’t expect her to leave him for her, but that she should aim higher. Santana also goes on to tell her about the job opportunity she got from Sue. Brittany tells her she can’t do that and she needs to go somewhere as big and special as she is. Brittany also goes on to say that she knows Elaine was fake and that Santana paid her to pose as her girlfriend. She then asks “Why can’t you have a real girlfriend, not a best friend, that part’s already taken.” So with one final kiss, seems like Brittana has been put to rest, permanently.


Santana decides to take her ex lover/ best friend’s advice and sets sail for New York where she goes straight to Kurt & Rachel’s loft. They ask what she’s doing there and she tells them she’s moving in! YESSSSS! I’ve been waiting for Santana to move to NY all season!


  • Was I the only one that thought when Tina was unbuttoning Blaine’s shirt she was gonna.. umm, rape him?
  • How unnecessary was that Finn – Emma kiss?
  • How hilarious was this conversation? : Santana: “Please don’t tell me mom.” Sue: “I cant I don’t speak Spanish.”
  • I was pretty happy Kurt came out on top of Rachel for once.
  • I found Emma’s personal diva story to be so funny yet so cute at the same time. “Use that finger, use that snap!”
  • Jayma Mays (Emma) was amazing in that freak out scene! We need more of her!
  • I loved the Kadam (Kurt & Adam) scene, especially when he told those guys what was what.
  • Yay for more Tina scenes!
  • In all honesty Finn & Tina need a timeout. In a corner. All alone.
  • I’m so happy Santana is finally in NY!


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