Scandal: 02×13: Confession Does More Harm Than Good

In this week’s episode entitled “Nobody Likes Babies” we see Scandal’s best episode to date. This episode was literally an emotional rollercoaster, so keep your heart strapped in ladies & gents, because here we go:

The Truth Will Set You Free

The episode begins where last week’s left off with Hollis and Charles in the elevator and Super Huck comes to the rescue and spares both their lives in exchange for Hollis’ silence and cooperation.

Olivia finally puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and decides to pay Verna a visit in the hospital. She clues Verna in about the Hollis case and that he was released because he didn’t try to kill Fitz and that she knows she’s the one that paid Becky to do it. The shock and awe look on Verna’s decrepit face showed no remorse. She admitted to the crime and tried to dignify it by saying she was trying to right the wrong they did and give America back to the people before she dies.


Verna then trying to repent her oh too many sins decides to call Fitz to her bedside. She confesses she’s the one that tried to kill him, and explains that he made them love him and that they would do whatever it takes to get him in office. He lists the names of her accomplices, but struggles to even utter Olivia’s name. Verna tells him that she wanted to tell him first before she confessed to David. Fitz decides that he’s not going to let his reputation and name go down in flames, and promises Verna he’ll give her a beautiful eulogy right before he kills her. Yes. President Fitzgerald Grant killed Supreme Court Justice Verna Thorton. I’m sorry but throughout this whole episode I wasn’t there for Verna. She could and should have died quietly.

Protect The Ones You Love

David continues his investigation into the election rigging scandal without James as he refuses to help now that he’s a father. David tells him that he can either help him now or he will be subpoenaed in court.

James comes home and tells Cyrus all about the subpoena and asks Cyrus straight if he had something to do with the election rigging. Before he answers, Cyrus demands that James takes off all his clothes to ensure that he’s not bugged. Cyrus eventually admits that he did rig the election. James decides that he has a baby to care of and can’t afford to go to jail.

A very nervous and guilt ridden Cyrus decides to take matters into his own hands and give Charlie a call. Charlie tails James to the courthouse and is about to kill him when Cyrus calls him off. James goes to court and lies and pleads ignorance to all of David’s claims, resulting in the case being dismissed… for now.

Olivia and co. decide that they need to silence David and prevent him from spilling the information about the rigging of the election. They decide to retrieve the information from the bobble head spy cam planted in his apartment. After going through the footage on the bobble head, they realise that they need the voting card from his safe. Abby offers to retrieve it. While there, she tells David she loves him (after listening to him say it to her while she was asleep). Before she gets the card but asks Olivia if she paid David’s ex to falsify the story about him to which she admits. A very pissed Abby storms off. Harrison has the gladiator talk with her and tells her that Liv was there for all of them, and the one moment she’s not perfect and needs them she can’t be all up in her feelings and needs to do her job. A very conflicted Abby agrees and retrieves the card, but only before David storms in and breaks up with her publicly. I really felt it for Abby there, tissues anyone?


Love Triangle Resolved?

Olivia decides that she’s going to decline Edison’s marriage proposal after Fitz begs her to wait for him as he is definitely getting a divorce from Mellie. She explains to Edison that she wants “painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love”, to which Edison replies that love shouldn’t hurt. Fitz adamant that he’s getting a divorce, reminds Mellie that just because their new son has arrived doesn’t mean his not going through with this plan.

Later on at Verna’s funeral, Olivia tells Fitz that she declined Edison’s proposal and that she’ll wait for him as long as possible. Fitz shrugs her off and says that it was a mistake because she is just the mistress after all. He also references that he knows that she was apart of the election rigging team. So basically she gave away one guy and lost the one she loves. Poor girl.


Fitz talks to Mellie and tells her that she’s the only one that’s been honest about who they are and that he doesn’t trust anyone. He then asks her if she loves him enough to take this step with him no matter what the outcome, and power hungry Mellie, who was just about to dance on Fitz’s grave and start her political career if he divorced her agrees, with big moon eyes.


  • Ms ‘No Hair Don’t Care’ Verna finally bit the dust but not before cleaning the skeletons out of her closet.
  • I don’t even know why they bothered putting Verna’s raggedy ass in a wig in that casket, she rocked that bald head proudly.
  • Fitz finds out from Verna about the election rigging and decides to cut off poor Olivia. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.
  • I really can’t believe Cyrus was going to kill James to keep his dirty little secret hidden. Wow.
  • Olivia seems like she’s really playing hard for team Forever Alone.
  • Wasn’t Olivia’s description of the type of love she wants so chilling yet so heartfelt?
  • As much as he hasn’t really done anything wrong, I really hope Edison disappears and takes the many hints he’s been given.
  • Quinn really wants justice enough to use all her money to pay Huck to kill Hollis? Kudos for his speech about it!
  • Did anyone honestly suspect Verna as Fitz attempted killer? Anyone? Because I sure didn’t!
  • I really did feel it for Abby when David stormed into Pope & Assoc. and broke up with her infront of everyone. (So much for love)
  • What’s up with Shonda Rhimes always giving her white characters adopted black babies?
  • Mellie must be wetting herself with joy now that Fitz isn’t going to divorce her ass. But why does she get the free pass and not Liv?
  • And for the record, I hope Verna knows her raggedy ass is STILL going to hell.


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