The Vampire Diaries: 04×13: First Lesson Is Survival

In this week’s episode entitled “Into The Wild” which is smartly named as it has Elena and co. on a deserted island looking for the cure/ trying to resurrect Silas.

Who Wants To Be Tricked By Shane?

The episode opens with Shane remembering his first time on the island and his experience, which is him running through a  field. In present day, we see Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy, Rebekah and Stefan along with Shane arrive on the island from Shane’s flashback.

The gang bicker amongst themselves (as usual) and Elena and Rebekah go at it. Elena is quick to try and stake Rebekah (as if she actually has the balls to do it, anyway…) but doesn’t and the two part, less than amicably. Elsewhere, Bonnie explains her knowledge of the hunter’s mark to Jeremy while caressing his shirtless body. He’s all smiles and insists he doesn’t mind her rubbing him down like a dog in heat.


The gang continues travelling to their destination led by Shane. While travelling, Jeremy is shot at by an arrow by a mysterious person but Elena saves him in the nick of time. Before they can even kill the attacker, someone does it for them. The gang decides to settle for the night and continue their journey in the morning. They set up camp and try and sleep for the night. Jeremy (unsurprisingly) gets captured and everyone starts looking for him. Damon suspects that Shane has a hidden agenda and starts interrogating him. Shane reveals that his wife was a witch and that she died using the same magic he’s been teaching Bonnie, expression. The sad part about this scene is that Damon actually seems surprised  by Shane’s revelation.


Shane uses Jeremy’s disappearance as a distraction to steal the tombstone from Rebekah and run away to his accomplice which turns out to be a non-black witch who kidnapped Jeremy. Bonnie’s previously casted locator spell leads her to the trio where Shane warns her that if she tries to escape that his witch friend will ensure she never finds her way back. So there it is, Shane is on his path to resurrecting Silas. You surprised? I’m not.

Everyone’s Up In Their Feelings

Throughout the episode we saw a very flustered Damon confess and tell Elena he doesn’t want her to take the cure. She reassures him that she’ll love him after being turned back into a human, but he doesn’t seem so convinced. She even goes as far as asking him to take the cure with her and they can be happy humans together, to which he rudely declines and says “there’s nothing more miserable on Earth than being human”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Elena!


The Stefan and Rebekah relationship continues, whether or not it’s real I don’t even know, but Rebekah continues to show her vulnerable side and admits that she’d do anything to be human. Awww, how sweet… the 10th million time she said it.

2 Hybrids and a Vampire

Tyler goes to see Klaus at Elena’s house still stuck in Bonnie’s cage. He taunts Klaus telling him he can’t wait for his friends to find the cure so that he can finally kill him. Tyler continues his unnecessary and annoying babbling as he’s obviously still pressed that Klaus killed his mother, but as usual Klaus remains unphased by his idle threats.

Caroline magically pops up at Elena’s house and asks Tyler what he’s doing there. Klaus seems sort of happy to see her and addresses her amicably. She quickly dismisses his niceties and starts spewing mean comments which seem to bother and upset him. She even goes as far as saying “You’re not even worth the calories I’m burning talking to you”.  He’s so hurt that he stabs her and bites her meaning she will die unless he gives her his blood and says “well that was worth the calories.”

Tyler desperately needing to save Caroline begs Klaus to save her. He even offers to be his slave again to which Klaus denies. Caroline tells Tyler to get them away from him, so they leave. Tyler asks Caroline if she trusts him and they come up with a plan to save her life. Tyler brings Caroline back to Elena’s house and denounces Caroline and says that if she’s going to die he should watch her die.  On what seems to be her final few minutes of life, Caroline sympathises with Klaus telling him that she knows he loves her and a load of other stuff that pulls on the Original Hybrid’s heart strings. He ends up saving her life (as expected), but only before shedding some bloody tears. Tissues anyone?

The episode ends with Damon being ambushed by someone,  he fights them and realises he’s one of the 5 hunters right before the hunter snaps his neck. RIP Damon?


  • At this point, whatever happens to these kids they deserve, because they all go out seeking trouble.
  • Did Elena really expect Damon to say yes to taking the cure and living a human life with her? Girl bye.
  • I have never understood why people in Mystic Falls trust strangers so easily. Prime example: Shane & Bonnie.
  • Glad to have Caroline & Tyler back but the whole damsel in distress thing was unnecessary.
  • As if they would kill Damon… Come on.
  • I really loved that Caroline – Klaus scene when she was on her death bed, I prefer them together than Tyler to be honest. Klaus crying was just everything.
  • Am I the only one that thought all witches on the show were black? I was surprised when Shane said his henchman was a witch too.
  • Did anyone realise Matt was missing? No? Me neither.

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