Revenge: 02×13: A Union Becomes Part Of Our Very Essence

In this week’s episode entitled “Union”, we see a wedding, a honeymoon, and a death. Who’s who, you’ll have to read to find out!

Trusted Lovers

Emily is worried about Aiden because he’s disappeared without a trace while Nolan is still pressed about Padma’s betrayal. As Nolan leaves, Amanda walks in and she confesses about asking C

onrad for help with the financial problems of the Stowaway. She’s visibly annoyed that Amanda didn’t come to her for help, but in Amanda’s defence she admits that Jack is a very proud man and never likes to ask for help. Emily gives Amanda a check to right off all the money that they owe Conrad so that she can be free of him.

Nolan goes to Nolcorp to find Aiden there waiting for him, still very pressed about his sister’s death. He demands that Nolan analyses the video and finds some sort of clue to where it was filmed. Nolan discovers that the video was made 6 years ago and Helen lied that it was only 3 days old. Aiden leaves to go to the spot his sister died to conduct his own investigation.

Emily joins Aiden on his investigation and the two find the spot his sister’s ‘suicide’ was filmed. The coroner’s report comes back and he identifies his sister that she was actually dead 6 years. As expected, he is very upset. He’s so pressed that he storms off and leaves Emily, again.

Aiden later returns and apologizes for leaving her. The cozy up at a campfire looking all cute.


Nolan decides to go against his gut and give Padma the benefit of the doubt and asks her about her father. She answers and says everything is fine, but writes ‘not here’ on paper. The two later discuss what happened and she admits her feelings are real and reveals everything about the Initiative.

What’s Your Initiative?

Daniel joins his mother for a very quick breakfast where he tells her he knows all about her manipulating Emily to try and get him to do what she wants. Victoria tries to spin the situation around and criticize Emily, but Daniel defends her by admiring her for telling him the truth.

Later on Daniel gets a call from his evil boss, Helen where they discuss business ventures. Daniel seems very unsure and apprehensive about her demands, but agrees to carry them out anyway. Little does he know that Victoria is eavesdropping on his conversation and she’s not happy about it one bit about their conversation. She goes to Conrad and tells him what she’s heard and demands all the information that he has on the Initiative.

Victoria defies Helen’s previous warning and confesses everything about the initiative to Daniel, warning him not to go down that road. As she spills all the details, Helen is silently watching the conversation from her car while on the phone telling someone she’ll deal with it. Daniel decides to try and keep Emily safe by sort of breaking up with her (I thought he did that last episode), telling her that now’s not the right time to rekindle their relationship.

Helen decides to pay Victoria a visit and threatens her that if she doesn’t give her all the dirt she has on the Initiative she’s going to make a call that will get Daniel killed. Victoria reluctantly agrees to give her the information but tells her it it’s in the beach house. The two make their way to the beach house and Victoria points out the safe, and Helen goes to retrieve the files on the Initative. The ever so smart Victoria, actually led Helen into a trap and had a gun ready for this fateful encounter. Helen taunts her saying she knows Victoria won’t kill her or even pull the trigger, but Helen got a lovely surprised when she received a bullet right in her chest. She should have known better than to doubt a mother’s love.


Victoria then quickly calls Daniel and have him pretend that she’s Helen on the line to ensure his safety. He makes it to the beach house to see Helen’s dead body and he looks like he’s about to piss himself. Literally.

Here Comes The Bride

Jack pays Conrad a visit to pay off his debt to him to which Conrad politely declines and tells him that he has bigger plans for waterfront, that don’t include him. A very pissed off Jack threatens him and storms out. He later relays the news and Amanda overhears. Amanda decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts Conrad and blackmails him with a video. Conrad, visibly scared, calls Nate and cancels their deal for the Stowaway.

Jack and Amanda finally make it to their wedding, which is officiated by Nolan. The wedding features a few flash backs to when Emily & Jack had a little wedding when they were kids. Emily gets all teary eyed watching the soon to be newly weds exchange vows, but manages to survive the ceremony seeing Aiden in the back.


The newly weds, Jack and Amanda set sail on The Amanda for their honeymoon looking all cosy, even reminiscing about their first kiss.

The episode ends with Declan trying to contact Jack about the pacifiers for Karl and we see Nate Ryan on board the boat and cuts the phone off. Dun dun dun.


  • So is this the end for Amanda and Jack?
  • Will Aiden ever get over his sister’s death?
  • Who knew Victoria was such a badass?
  • Is Daniel actually still in love with Emily?
  • Will Declan and Charlotte ever have a fulfilling storyline?
  • Are you sad to see Helen with a hole in her chest?
  • Will Emily ever find true love now that Amanda & Jack are married?
  • How amazing was this conversation? : Ashley: “Victoria do you mind we’re actually in the middle of something.” Victoria: “And fully clothed! how refreshing.”
  • All these questions and more answered in next week’s episode! (I hope.)

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