Pretty Little Liars: 03×19: You Don’t Have A Monopoly On Pain

In this week’s episode entitled “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted” we see Spencer still reeling from her break up with Toby and another accident. Here’s how it went down:

You’re Too Smart To Act This Dumb

The episode begins with Aria, Hanna & Emily talking about Spencer and trying to find ways to get through to her now that she’s disappeared. The girls seem to speak too quickly and see Spencer outside being kicked off t

he Decathlon team. They try to speak to her but Spencer shrugs them off and storms off teary eyed. Tissues anyone?

Andrew, a member of the decathlon team shows up at Spencer’s house and tries to speak to her. Spencer really wanting to get back on the team decides to challenge him to a quiz where if she wins he will take back his vote allowing her to get back on the team. To get his interest, she decides to have a little fun with it by upping the stakes that for every question they answer incorrectly, they’ll take off an item of clothing. Are you gonna bang doe Spencer?


Spencer was on the verge of taking off her top when Emily comes in and interrupts them and scares off Andrew. Boo Emily, no one likes a cock block. Emily tries to get through to Spencer (again), but fails (again).

Wren turns up at Spencer’s house and admits that Mona is the one who sent him because she thinks Spencer needs help. Spencer, the genius and opportunist she is, uses Wren’s affection for her to her advantage and has him unknowingly take her to the decathlon meet for dinner. While there she confronts Mona about sending Wren, and Mona simply taunts her. Spencer visibly annoyed and had a nerve struck on the mention of Toby attacks Mona and tries to kill her. The two are sadly broken up by Andrew & Wren, and Spencer is carried home. I really wanted to see that fight play out.


Oh Daddy Dearest

Hanna decides to visit Caleb’s potential father, Jaime again. She asks him if he is in fact Caleb’s dad, and he admits that he is (as if he we didn’t already know) but makes up excuses for his absence, one of which includes jail time.

Later on, Hanna relays the news and confirms to Caleb that Jaime is actually his dad. Caleb comes off all upset and pissy about it and refuses to meet him. On the day of the meeting, Caleb (unsurprisingly) comes around and agrees to meet Jaime. Hanna & Caleb wait at the restaurant for a while and are about to leave when Jaime comes in.

Hanna gets home and speaks to her mum about the night and begs her to get him a job at church because she really wants Jaime to stay in town. Ashley sets up the meeting and Jaime gets the job. A very grateful Hanna decides to leave what I would assume to be her lucky $5 note in the collection box, only to see Jaime with the same note paying for their pizza. Did you really think you could trust this guy so soon? Pssht, girl please.

My Boyfriend’s Brother’s Keeper

Aria gets a phone call from Ezra’s mum asking if she knows where Wesley is. She covers for him and lies that she doesn’t know and that she hasn’t seen him at Ezra’s apartment. Aria tells Wesley about his mum’s phone call and he admits that she already knows that he was staying there as she tracked him down earlier this morning.

Wesley is later seen packing up all his stuff from Ezra’s apartment because he’s leaving and moving to Philli to stay with a friend, now that his mum has tracked him down. In the midst of packing, Aria gets a phone call from CeCe asking for her help with a photo shoot.

Aria brings Wesley along with her to the photo shoot and they take photos of her stuff. CeCe leaves the two ‘to get dinner’ and doesn’t return due to having ‘car trouble’ yet she calls Aria from her car. While CeCe’s gone, Wesley manages to spill red wine on CeCe’s very white carpet and the two try to scrub it clean. While cleaning the rug he comes clean about his future living arrangements.

Aria invites Wesley to spend the night at her house after he admits that he’s actually going to be sleeping in his car. The two in her room discuss that they can’t sleep without reading first, and then abra, kadabra, boom, they end up kissing. Are you surprised? I’m not.


Detective Sherlock Holmes Emily Fields
Emily continues her never ending hunt for clues on Ali’s death, by asking CeCe about the camp and her involvement with Wilden. CeCe denies knowing anything and rushes off. Emily checks her handy map and decides to go to speak to Jason about Spencer’s outburst. They talk about Ali’s pregnancy and Jason tells her he has tried to contact Wilden but hasn’t heard back yet. They later head back to Jason’s house and find several bottles on his front porch.

They decide to ignore the bottles and go inside and start looking through old boxes to find a photo that Alison had sent her parents. They find the photo of not only Alison , but she’s with Wilden and CeCe at the camp. On their way out, they get stuck in the elevator (surprise!). Jason manages to pull the elevator doors open and urges Emily to jump to the floor beneath them. As expected Emily has to be all dramatic first and takes her time deciding to jump. Jason however gets stuck in the elevator and it plummets straight to the ground floor.


Later we see all the Liars gathered at the hospital as they responded to Emily’s SOS text. Surprisingly even Spencer shows up looking all raggedy and actually offers up an apology to her friends. Emily speaks to Jason inside and he admits that something is up because he lost the photo and he knows now that someone wants him dead.

The episode ends with the doctor asking the girls what happened to Jason as he’s missing and really he’s run away or maybe even kidnapped.


  • Kudos for Marcus Garvey question!
  • I saw that Aria-Wesley kiss coming from a mile away. Better yet a world away.
  • Emily again proves she’s really Dora The Explorer’s long lost cousin and doesn’t have much of a life aside from finding out who killed Alison.
  • It was nice having Melissa back but she didn’t really do anything.
  • I really wouldn’t be surprised if CeCe is the lady in red.
  • Jason had to run away, I really don’t think there’s anyone on the ‘A’ team that can lift that grown ass man.
  • I’m really not surprised that Jaime is shady. Everyone’s shady.
  • Spencer would end up playing strip quiz with the big muscular guy on her team though right?

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