Scandal: 02×14: I’d Love To Forget You

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ we see a 10 month time skip since last weeks episode. We basically see how our favourite characters are dealing with life post Defiance.

The Defiant One

The episode opens with Olivia doing laps around a pool. We then see Fitz in the shower, drinking at 7am, and apparently very sleep deprived. Mellie decides to join him in the shower to cheer him and drops to her knees. As expected, Mellie knows how to please her man, or at least try to. Cyrus interrupts their shower session with news that 4 Americans have been kidnapped abroad.


Fitz and his team watch the video tape of the captured Americans. He asks why they haven’t notified the families yet and they tell him because they 4 captives are actually American CIA agents undercover.

Later on, Liv meets up with Cyrus and asks him if he was the one that set up David, he agrees the idea is smart but denies his involvement. They move and start talking about Fitz, Cyrus complains that he’s being shut out, and Liv is adamant that Fitz knows about Defiance.

Cyrus pulls Mellie away from watching Fitz play with their newborn and comments how she doesn’t know how he does it because she can’t spend all that time playing with the baby. Cyrus shares his concern that he knows that Fitz knows about Defiance and he can tell because he’s not being used anymore, and he’s being shut out. He also warns her that she needs to gain his trust because if he no longer trusts them he may go outside and end up trusting someone else.

In the car on the way to Cyrus’ daughter, Ella’s christening, Mellie asks Fitz if he knows about Defiance. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it, but she pushes the topic. She blames it all on Cyrus saying it was his plotting and scheming and he managed  to get Verna, herself and Olivia involved. She also supports his decision in shutting out Cyrus as he was the one that orchestrated the Defiance plan. Mellie’s plan works and Fitz seems to come around a little and shares information about one of his plans. She supports him and encourages him to make the right decision.


At the christening, Fitz tells Cyrus to call in the Navy Seals to rescue the Americans. Hot stuff Olivia walks in and shares a nice long glance with Fitz, which shows they’re both hurting. Hurting so much that when Olivia leaves, Fitz follows her and grabs her proceeding to have hot sex in some room. They leave the room and Liv apologizes and says it was a mistake, Fitz agrees and says it won’t happen again. But sadly, Liv wasn’t referring to their steamy session, but to Defiance. Fitz unapologetically says he can’t control his erections around her, but it won’t happen again because she betrayed him and that they’re done.


Later, Fitz plan falls through when the Seals get to the capture site and no one’s there. He later learns that there’s a mole in the Whitehouse. Dun dun dun.

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

David Rosen wakes up to find a dead body covered in blood beside him, and just to his luck, he gets knocked up by the police immediately. He lies to the police about his neighbours noise complaints and blames it on his TV.

David decides to call in the big guns, Olivia Pope & Associates. We also get some insight on David’s life in the 10 month time skip. He actually lost his job due to several embarrassing high profile failures and is now a high school teacher. Liv and co. decide that the best thing to do is move the body and clean the scene of any evidence. Quinn assists Huck with the clean up as she wants to learn, he even comments that she’s a natural. Aww Quinn’s actually good at something, how cute.


The dead body is later identified to be Wendy, a girl who targeted several men and used them to dig up dirt and expose highly classified stories. Huck monitors Wendy’s phone and they see a number call 4 times, he traces the number and reveals that it is actually from the Pentagon.

Olivia goes to the Pentagon looking for the person that was calling Wendy and it turns out to be the same guy she ran into at the coffee shop earlier. Liv asks him about Wendy and he’s very coy with his responses, only revealing that she came to him selling information that recently became of interest to him.

David is still pressed about how sad and pathetic his life is and actually accuses Olivia of setting him up so that he can be put away for good. She denies this claim and promises to help clear his name. We later see David get arrested and then gets represented by Harrison. After a very harsh session in his former office with his new replacement, David admits that the information they are holding with is null and void and urges him to stop as “only an idiot pursues cases he has no chance of winning”. And yes you did learn that the hard way David.


David still really flustered and still not trusting Olivia takes out his cheque book and asks her how much he owes her because he’s now done with her. He goes on a little rant and Olivia replies merely replies ‘you can’t afford me’. Well duh, as if a teacher’s salary can pay for THE Olivia Pope. Anyway.

Abby goes to visit David and apologises for everything, but David still isn’t interested and shuts her out. He goes back to his computer and finds a flash drive. He brings the flash drive to Olivia and they agree that it contains highly classified stories that no civilian should have access to. They both agree to work together to solve the mystery.

The episode ends with Olivia calling Jake and finally accepts his offer to take her out. Little does Olivia know, but Jake has cameras all over her house watching her every move. That’s a bit obsessive there Jake, you guys just met!


  • Am I the only one wondering what Jake’s electricity bill looks like? That was a lot of TVs.
  • I’m loving Olivia’s freshly laid new hair, straight hair, don’t care!
  • Now I’m curious if that Olivia & Fitz romp was 10 months of sexual frustration because that looked.. well.. I’m sure you saw it.
  • Mellie deserves all the awards for being the most opportunistic and manipulative person in the world.
  • I’m still annoyed that Olivia & Fitz aren’t together solely because Verna decided that she won’t die quietly.
  • Olivia shunned the black guy for another complicated white guy. Poor thing.
  • Did Fitz really need to just smash and dash on Olivia? Then crush her by saying they’re done? Harsh.
  • President or not Fitz really needs to be checked, he needs help off that high horse before he gets pushed off.

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