The Vampire Diaries: 04×14: One Stop Shop

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ our favourite characters are in a bigger pickle than we left them in last episode, here’s how it went down:

Klaus The Sword Whisperer

Elena calls Caroline and fills her in about what’s happening and asks her to get the sword from Klaus. Tyler finds the sword and Caroline prints the photos of Jeremy’s tattoo and they try to deciph

er the text on the sword. Klaus tells them the text is written in Aramaic, and that it will take them days to weeks to decipher it without his help.

Klaus eventually helps and reads the text to them and they find out that the cure is only one dose. Now this is the funniest development on this show ever. You have all these bitter vampires that want to be human and only one of them can take it. Sad times. Klaus manages to tell Rebekah about the cure being only for one person and she tells Stefan. She asks Stefan what he would do and before he can answer, snaps his neck because she already knows that he will give it to Elena.


Tyler is secretly shitting himself for the moment that Klaus is freed because he knows that he’s a dead Hybrid then. Caroline tries to reassure him that she won’t let it happen and goes to speak to Klaus. Klaus tells her that he has to do it, because that’s who he is, but Caroline begs him not to. He decides to give Tyler a chance and tells Caroline to tell him to leave town immediately and that he should run and hide and basically treat this as a head start. Caroline thanks him profusely and goes to give Tyler the bittersweet news.

Tyler and Caroline have a very emotional scene about not forgetting each other and all that jazz. Tyler needs to pack his bags and go before he drowns like his mom. Kinda sad though, I wonder if they need tissues.

Klaus gets freed due to Bonnie being stabbed, and admits to Caroline that he shows pity and kindness all because of her. Caroline really does bring out the best in him.


Hunter Problems

Damon is seen tied up by the Hunter who knocked him out last episode. Apparently this Hunter wants to resurrect Silas as well, but only so he can get the cure and kill Silas for good.

Elena sees Rebekah snap Stefans neck from above and rushes to his rescue and feeds him blood bags. Stefan tells her all about the one dose of the cure, and Elena finally realises she isn’t God’s gift to the world and admits that she doesn’t deserve it over everyone else.

The Hunter takes Damon with him and ties him up inside the cave. Damon manages to break out and he attacks the Hunter but is easily beaten. Rebekah comes to his aid but is also easily beaten. The Hunter manages to escape when he hears Stefan call out for Elena. Stefan frees Damon from the Hunters confinement and Damon tells him to go get the cure. Elsewhere, Elena is by herself wandering around, looking for Stefan and gets ambushed by a mystery person, only commenting “not you!”.


Walls Come Crumbling Down

We later see that Bonnie and Jeremy are still with Shane on their way to get to Silas. They make their way to the cave and Shane pays off his bodyguard with the tombstone. A nervous Jeremy is worried about their outcome, but bad bitch Bonnie reassures him that if Shane lays a finger on either of them, he’s dead.

Bonnie starts her spell to find the location of Silas, rubbing Jeremy’s chest tattoo. The tattoos start disappearing and the cave starts to crumble. They manage to survive the cave crumbling, but Shane’s leg is broken and he’s stuck underneath the rubble. He begs Jeremy and Bonnie for help, but they carry on without him, which has to be their smartest decision to date to be honest.

They continue on through the cave and Bonnie sees her Grams. Grams urges Bonnie to resurrect Silas so they can be reunited but luckily Jeremy snaps her out of it and tells her that she’s only hallucinating. They finally make their way to Silas, but realize he’s been frozen for 2000 years. They deduce that the only way to get the cure from him is to feed him their blood and resurrect him.

While contemplating how they’re going to retrieve the cure, the other Hunter comes and stabs Bonnie in the back. Jeremy unsuccessfully tries to fight him off, but loses. As soon as the Hunter’s about to get the cure, Katherine comes and knocks him out, posing as Elena. Jeremy tells her to save Bonnie so that they can go and deal with Silas, but Katherine gives herself away when she slices Jeremy’s wrist and feeds it to Silas. Impatient as always, she bites Jeremy’s neck giving Silas an even better blood supply. She gets the cure and disappears in usual Katherine fashion, leaving Jeremy with Silas. Silas eventually drinks enough of Jeremy’s blood and then he falls to the ground leaving him seemingly dead.



  • I kinda want to see Bonnie & Jeremy back together.
  • So now that Tyler’s on the run does that mean Klaus and Caroline can finally be together? 😀
  • I’m so happy Katherine came back and just destroyed everyone’s plans. About time girl, we missed you!
  • I really hope they let Shane stay and rot in that cave.
  • At least the other Hunter had a solid agenda, get the cure, kill Silas, the end.
  • I’m sure Jeremy isn’t dead and he’s wearing his Gilbert ring.
  • It’s about time Elena paid for selfishness, she paid with her brother’s life.
  • That scene when Shane saw his wife and admits failure was too sweet. Poor dude. Not really.
  • Stefan admits to Elena that he too wants to take the cure. Surprise, surprise, more whiney behaviour from Stefan. He only wants it so he can be with Elena.
  • Another episode no Matt, did you even notice? I didn’t either.

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