Revenge: 02×14: True Sacrifice Demands Unspeakable Loss

In this week’s episode entitled “Sacrifice” we see death, and big repercussions. Here’s what went down:

Honeymoon Time

The episode begins with Jack & Amanda in bed, probably enjoying hot, steamy honeymoon sex. Little do they know, Nate is hiding in the closet. He’s such a perv.

Jack wakes to find Amanda held at gunpoint by Nate. Nate asks them about the dirt they have on Conrad, and they both plead ignorance. Amanda later confesses that it’s on a laptop and she has hidden it in Montauk. Nate gets all pressed about it and decides they’re going to get it.

Jack decides to buy them some time by lying to Nate about Amanda having brought a computer on the boat. Nate goes searching for it while Jack & Amanda try to make an escape. Nate ends up shooting Jack, and Amanda saves him by letting him escape while she deals with Nate. Nate easily knocks her out and locks her downstairs.

Amanda wakes up and starts to flood out the boat. Nate goes downstairs and the two exchange blows. Lucky for Amanda, Emily finds them and starts fighting Nate trying to save her. Nate’s gun goes off a few times, and ends up hitting the propane gas supply. After being shot by Amanda resulting in an obvious loss on Nate’s part, he decides to not be the only one going down and sets the boat on fire, causing an explosion sending Amanda flying. Emily finds her and the two exchange their final words where Amanda makes Emily promise to take care of Jack & Karl. Amanda also thanks her for giving her the one thing she thought she’d never have: a family. Aww, how touching. Tissues anyone?


Picking The Wrong Enemy

Victoria starts putting her plan in motion to clear herself of all suspicion that she had anything to do with Helen’s disappearance. Her first point of duty is to pose as Helen so that her driver doesn’t suspect something is wrong.

Her second step, is a joint decision between her and Conrad in the framing of Amanda as Helen’s killer. Victoria goes to the Stowaway to see Charlotte and begs her to come to some function they’re having and as expected, Charlotte declines. Victoria plants Helen’s phone wrapped up in her scarf underneath Amanda’s bed as all the evidence needed to pin Helen’s death on her.

Helen’s replacement, Trask, comes to the Grayon’s event where Conrad announces he’s running for governor. Trask asks Victoria & Conrad what happened to Helen, and they set the bait leading to Amanda. Like any good dog, Trask takes the bait and goes to Amanda’s and finds Helen’s phone, promptly reporting back to HQ telling them that Helen has been compromised.


Team Nol-Em-Den

Nolan holds a conference call with Emily and Aiden and they discuss how they’re going to help Padma escape the Initiative’s clutches.

Ashley visits Emily telling her what Amanda’s been up to. Ashley tries to beg it by apologising too many times, but Emily dismisses her. Emily checks her cupboard and realises that her laptop’s missing and Amanda took it. She later goes to the Stowaway to check if it’s there and sees a photo of Amanda & Jack from the wedding with Nate lurking in the background on the boat.

Emily meets up with Nolan and fills him in about what she saw on Charlotte’s computer, the two decide to go and save Jack and Amanda. They later find Jack and Emily tells Nolan to bring him to safety while she goes to save Amanda.


Padma later on asks Helen for proof that her father’s still alive acting on Aiden’s advice. Trask returns her call and sends her a package of what assumed to be her father’s finger.


  • The moment The Amanda got set on fire I’ve been singing Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’.
  • So I see Charlotte has tendered her resignation to the Hamptons lifestyle and has now taken up the fulltime job of being Karl’s nanny and Declan’s mistress.
  • I really hope faux Amanda’s death sets Emily back on track to her revenge agenda.
  • The irony of faux Amanda dying on The Amanda.
  • So is Ashley’s sole role now to be Conrad’s lackey?
  • RIP Amanda, you were annoying at times, but you will be truly missed.
  • I won’t even say RIP to you Nate, you should die.
  • Will the Grayson’s ever pay for the crimes they commit?
  • Victoria proves time and time again that she wears the pants in the Grayson household and is the ultimate bad bitch.

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