Pretty Little Liars: 03×20: No Company Is Better Than Bad Company

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Hot Water’ we actually see the Liars in hot water, and battle cowboys, well really just a shady detective. Here’s how it went down:

Baby I’m Home!

Aria goes to Ezra’s house to do her daily checks and finds him there (surprise!). Aria asks why she didn’t hear from him all that time, and Ezra apologises for shutting her out and tells her

he wants her to be in his life. Aria accepts the challenge of dealing with her boyfriend, plus his son, plus his baby momma. Girl you’re too good.

Later on, Ezra’s mum pays Aria a visit. She thanks her for everything and tells her that Wesley is now back home and going to school again. She also commends her on how brave she is taking on Ezra’s new challenge of being a dad, and adds other little comments to try and frazzle Aria.

Aria later walks in on Ezra and his mum having an argument where she unapologetically defends her decision of paying off his baby momma and keeping them apart because he was so young. She tries to let it sound better by admitting that his son wanted for nothing and that he was well taken care of, but Ezra doesn’t want to hear any of it and shuts her down.


Cowboys & Indians

Detective Wilden pays our favourite Liars a little visit basically warning them to stop spreading the Alison baby daddy rumour, but not in so many words. Later on, Hanna sees Wilden forcing CeCe into his car, the two share a very icy glance. Ashley suspects something’s up.

Ashley decides to have a lonely dinner for one, but her quiet meal is crashed by Wilden. He tries to make nice and nicely asks her to get Hanna to shut up about the Alison story, but Ashley dismisses him. When Ashley leaves the restaurant, he follows her and then pulls her over trying to get her for DUI. He continues pleading to her to get Hanna to shut up, and even threatens her that if she doesn’t shut Hanna up, he will. Yes mister detective, make all the threats. Wilden seems to be going for his gun, and Ashley panics and runs him over, which was really well deserved.


Hanna wakes up and goes to the fridge for a drink and is startled by her mother sitting at the table in shock and fear that she may have actually killed Wilden. The two decide to revisit the crime scene and see his car, but not his body. Uh oh.

Emily goes to see CeCe and sees her packing her suitcase. CeCe tells her that she’s leaving town because of Wilden and she’s disappointed that Emily couldn’t keep a secret. Emily asks her who took the photo of her, Alison and Wilden and she tells her it was Melissa Hastings. And the plot thickens!

Silent Treatment

Spencer’s been skipping school due to her post breakup blues and Melissa’s been covering for her with her parents but lets her know she won’t be doing it anymore. When Spencer does finally go to school, Ella confronts her about her mood and somber disposition and that she knows something’s wrong because she’s never seen her this down before. Ella girl, if you only knew.

Wren decides to check up on Spencer after her whole Mona incident. He apologises because he didn’t only come to see her last time for medical reasons, but because he heard that she had broken up with Toby. He continues confessing all his sins and then asks Spencer out on a real date. She agrees. The two seem to have a really good time and even share a kiss. Poor Wren, if only you knew you’re nothing but the rebound.


Spencer all stressed out, decides to relax in the sauna. Little does she know, that ‘A’ is in her house meddling as usual. ‘A’ messes up her sauna settings and locks her inside. With the temperature increased to over 100 degrees and Spencer seemingly on the verge of death when BAM, Aria busts open the door (very conveniently) and saves her.


Spencer tells Aria to call the other Liars because she knows who’s been helping Mona. Is it just me or does Aria actually look nervous? Hmm.


  • Paige brought the wifey to meet the side chick/ex, why’s she so messy though.
  • I love how Melissa just dropped it to Spencer that, ‘yes I know you were with Wren bitch’.
  • Emily was spot on when she called CeCe a ‘One Woman Rumour Factory’, that girl literally chats shit for a living.
  • Aria looked awfully suspicious with that whole Spencer-Sauna incident.
  • See! I knew the writers were reading my blog! The Liars even suspect CeCe to be the Lady in Red.
  • I doubt Wilden is dead, he’s probably trying to make Ashley sweat a little.
  • Wren really does want Spencer so bad, too bad she doesn’t want him.
  • Where’s Toby hiding? Did Mona lock him in the closet along with Jenna?
  • For some reason I don’t really think everything is all well with Aria & Ezra.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars: 03×20: No Company Is Better Than Bad Company

  1. haha love this .. am i the only one who noticed the red article of clothing that looks like the red coat in CeCe’s suitcase when she was packing

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