Scandal: 02×15: Living For Stolen Moments

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite’ we see why Jake’s watching Olivia, and more political lies. Here’s how it went down:

Misery Loves Company

Jake continues watching Olivia from his huge monitors in his living room. He calls her again asking her out, and after politely declining, Olivia finally accepts. Olivia uses the date to try and get answers from Jake. Jake ignores her and tells her it’s a date not a meeting, but Liv tries to fight it saying she never agreed to a date. Jake gives her 30 seconds so she finally gets to ask a question about the whole Wendy investigation.

Later on we see Captain Jake visiting President Fitz giving him a follow up one what Liv’s been up to. Jake tries to find out why Fitz is so interested in her as she seems so innocent, but Fitz tells him Liv isn’t as good as she seems. Fitz also can’t help but ask if Liv is seeing anyone else, to which Jake forgets to say he asked her out denies. Fitz needs to stop being so bitter and look in the mirror and see he isn’t little miss innocent himself.


Fitz ends up being the keynote speaker for Caldwell’s dinner. He gives a little speech telling everyone Caldwell’s a good choice for governor and all that stuff. From the podium he sees Liv and the two share a long, icy stare. At that moment, Liv seems all unhappy and miserable, so I guess Fitz was content. But later on he sees Liv on the phone laughing and smiling, and he gets all up in his feelings that she may actually be happy without him.

Due to Liv laughing and smiling on the phone to Jake, Fitz calls Jake for an emergency update. He demands to know who Liv’s seeing, to which Jake questions why. Fitz states his title and that he should be addressed as such, totally disregarding their past. Jake once again denies Liv is seeing anyone. See, Jake isn’t as much as creep as he was last episode.

A Stab In The Back

Cyrus continues to deal with the cold shoulder he’s been getting from Fitz, while Mellie continues to climb in his good graces. After commending Fitz on a move he made with the captured Americans, Fitz passes all the thanks to Mellie, who stole the idea from Cyrus. Cyrus decides he’s going to beat Mellie at her own game and edges her on to make a move behind Fitz’s back that backfires and has Fitz pissed off with her, and gets Cyrus kind of back in his good books. I feel sorry for them, constantly fighting for Fitz’s attention and love, kinda like 2 kids.

Gladiator Woes

David Rosen really can’t seem to catch a break lately can he? He now returns to Pope & Associates to complain that he’s being stalked. The Gladiators deduce that it’s probably related to Wendy, so Olivia assigns Huck to be his bodyguard. Huck follows him around until one day David is leaving school late, and he feels his stalker with him, he phones Huck, but Huck is sitting in his car, in the rain and is paralysed by his PTSD due to his previous water boarding incident. Luckily for David, his stalker turns out to be Wendy’s best friend who just wants help.


David takes her to Liv where she said that she knows who killed Wendy and that she fears for her life because she knows that he knows that he killed her. She later identifies the killer as Director Osbourne, the same guy who told Fitz there’s a mole. Huck manages to decrypt the first of the files on Wendy’s USB and it turns out that Osbourne was the one who leaked the names of the American hostages to the enemy.


  • I think Jake is curious about Liv that’s why he’s pursuing her, but just wait until Fitz finds out.
  • Poor Huck and his aquaphobia as a result of his PTSD from the water boarding, see even killers have weaknesses.
  • I so knew that Caldwell was banging his brother’s wife.
  • I found it so funny that the rest of the Gladiators were so afraid to tell Huck that he stinks!
  • About time Cyrus beat Mellie at her own game!
  • So is Fitz really going to be this bitter and miserable though?
  • How ironic is it that the person that reported there was a mole turned out to be the mole?
  • Can Harrison get a love interest please?
  • So I guess Abby & David are a thing again, even though they deny it.
  • The reveal of who hired Jake had to be the most obvious plot reveal ever in Scandal, I’m surprised it was so simple.
  • I always knew Caldwell was banging his brother’s wife, sad, but obvious.
  • Whoever’s writing Olivia’s epiphanous lines about love deserves some sort of award. Like seriously.
  • Olivia, all I wanna know is, are you gonna bang doe?


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