The Vampire Diaries: 04×15: I’m Not In Denial

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Stand By Me’, we see Elena and the gang coping with Jeremy’s death and the aftermath of Silas now being partially free. Here’s what happened:

Goodbye My Brother, Goodbye My Friend

The episode begins right where last where week’s left off. We see Elena holding Jeremy and crying hoping he’ll be resurrected with the Gilbert ring, but Stefan & Damon deduce that Jeremy was a Hunter so that means he’s supernatural so the ring won’t work.

Stefan and Elena bring Jeremy back to Elena’s house where Caroline is. They call Dr Felts where she tells Elena that he’s dead and that he’s starting to decay. She also advises her to release his body to her so they can plan a funeral. Elena babbles on about Alaric’s time with the ring and hopes that Jeremy will come back alive and not go crazy. Denial is a hell of a thing isn’t it Elena?

Our usual damsel in distress, Matt comes and starts crying seeing Jeremy dead. He decides to take Elena to a place where he & Jeremy used to hang out and reminisce about the good times.

Elena snaps back to reality and comes to terms with Jeremy’s death and decides the best way to do it is impulsively burn down her house. She tries to convince her friends that she’s so tired of all the memories of all her family members that have died, from Jeremy to her parents to Jenna. She has an emotional break down resulting in Damon exercising the sire bond and telling her to turn off her humanity.


With her humanity now off, Elena still believes the best cover story for Jeremy’s death is to burn the house down, to which she does, with her dead brother inside.


O Where Art Thou Bonnie?

We see Bonnie wake up to find she’s with Shane and his leg is healed. He breaks the news to her about Jeremy’s death and claims that Silas healed him and can bring Jeremy back to life.

Damon and Rebekah are left on the island to look for Bonnie. While searching for her they run into the other Hunter, he tries to attack them, but Damon captures him. They threaten to torture him until he talks seeing they can’t kill him due to the Hunter’s curse.


The Hunter finally admits that he was working with Katherine and that she had an inside source, Hayley. Damon leaves Rebekah with the Hunter to continue looking for Bonnie, while Rebekah leaves the Hunter back in the cave.

Wandering the beach shore, Damon finds Bonnie and they return to Mystic Falls together. Bonnie seems to be brainwashed by Silas and sees him as hallucinations of Shane. Silas wants to break the veil which will mean all Supernatural beings will be back to life. Bonnie pitches the story to her friends, but they all shut her down tell her she’s crazy and that they refuse to kill 12 people, especially to bring back all the horrible people that died.


  • Rebekah’s in-depth description of the torture waiting the Hunter if he didn’t fess up was gold.
  • As soon as I thought we got rid of Shane, Silas takes his form. Ugh.
  • It was kinda sweet that Caroline kept trying to get in touch with Tyler to give him the scoop.
  • So Bonnie’s moved from bad bitch to a member or crazy down all in the space of 2 minutes. Wow.
  • Why was Rebekah left on the island all alone?
  • So Matt’s back, did you notice? I did, only because I was drowning in his tears.
  • Has Klaus really gone hunting for Tyler?
  • So I guess Jeremy really is dead then… RIP… no one deserves to have Elena as a sister.
  • I wonder where Katherine’s hiding, she needs to come back!
  • I bet Bonnie wish she had some Jeremy dick before he died, no wonder she’s willing to do everything to get him back.
  • Oh Jeremy, you were so right.


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