Pretty Little Liars: 03×21: Somebody That I Used To Know

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ we see a sinking ship car, new potential Rosewood residents and a new addition to Radley. Here’s how it went down:

Detective Emily Fields

The episode begins with Spencer finally coming clean to Aria & Emily that Toby is apart of the ‘A’ team. Aria & Emily initially seem really shocked, and Emily is actually in denial. The three continue to debate how it’s possible and what his motive is, but can’t seem to come to a mutual answer.

Emily, super pressed by this news decides that since she was Toby’s friend, that she wants answers from him herself, so she tries tracking him down by calling and leaving voicemails and texting him. She also decides to visit Toby’s work to see if anyone there has seen him, but one of his colleagues tells her that he said he was going out of town and he hasn’t seen him in a few weeks.

Later on, Emily finally gets a reply text from Toby saying he agrees to meet her, but alone. Emily obviously not having a life, sits and waits in her car for 2 hours and still no sign of Toby. She decides to go inside their meeting place and sees the guy she spoke to earlier from his work. He asks what she’s doing there and she tells him she’s meeting Toby. He calls Emily by her name, but Emily says she never told him her name.

Emily returns to her car to find it broken into, and a note is left saying “Toby is no more – A”. Hmm.

Am I Seeing Things?

Hanna and her mum, Ashley are still shaken up by the whole running over Wilden incident. While Ashley was out, she actually sees Wilden in the distance, but he disappears in the blink of an eye. Why are you playing hide and seek Wilden?

Later Hanna goes home to find Wilden’s car in her garage. She approaches the car and sees a video of her mum and Wilden’s meeting, including when she ran him over. Conveniently, the video is shot at an angle that hides Wilden’s actions (going for his gun). Hanna tells Aria what happened and they decide to get rid of the evidence the best way they know how, by pushing the car into the river. I don’t really think that was the best idea ladies, but let’s see what happens.


Third Wheel

Maggie and Malcolm are staying with Ezra now that his mum has decided to sell the apartment she had them staying in due to her argument with Ezra last episode. Ezra tells Aria that Maggie wants to move to Rosewood and she’s looking at places and looking for a job as this would make things easier if they lived closer to each other.

Aria ends up baby sitting Malcolm while Maggie and Ezra are out. Poor Aria turns her back for a few minutes and Malcolm starts jumping on the bed and falls off and hits his chin. Aria & Ezra take him to the hospital and he gets some stitches. Aria feels really guilty and apologises profusely to Ezra, but he ensures her it’s alright and they both admit that they know nothing about being parents. Aww, how sweet. Maggie should have Parenting 101 classes for them.

R.I.P To The Girl That You Used To Know

Spencer gets a mysterious wreath of flowers, with a threat from ‘A’ about her spilling the beans about Toby to her friends. She later sees Mona at the coffee shop and confronts her about the flowers. As expected, Mona denies having sent them but doesn’t leave without winding Spencer up again. Spencer threatens Mona and tells her if she ever hurts any of her friends that she won’t like what’ll be coming to her. Yes, bad bitch Spencer is in the building!

Later on, Spencer overhears a conversation Mona’s having on the phone and decides to follow her. She follows her to the woods and Mona leads her straight to a body. The body is seemingly dead but has a helmet on. Spencer bursts into tears after seeing a tattoo that resembles the one that Toby has. Mona shouts from a distance that he’s dead. Spencer chases Mona through the woods and seems to get lost. She is later found by the park ranger and labelled as a Jane Doe where she looks completely out of it. The last thing we see of poor Spencer, is her in her brand new room at what is assumed to be Radley, Mona’s old stomping ground. Oh how the tables have turned.

Yes Emily, Toby is dead because you felt the need to be unnecessarily nosey as usual.tumblr_mixuhxGqhY1reuuefo1_250 Conclusion:

  • Was Ashley seeing things or did she actually see Wilden? Paranoia can really mess with a girl.
  • I really think that Emily should enlist the help of her cousin, the best explorer in the world, Dora the Explorer. She’d find Toby in minutes.
  • Why does it always seem like all the other Liars have something going on in their lives but Emily?
  • It was cool that Ezra wasn’t pissed off with Aria about Malcolm hurting himself.
  • Ella gave Aria some solid advice that we all know she won’t take, but could it lead to the end of Ezria?
  • More Lady in Red mystery appearances.
  • When will Emily learn that she should stop going out and meeting people alone at night, especially ones that can have her killed.
  • I fail to believe Aria & Hanna were able to push a car from her house to the river all on their own.
  • The irony of Spencer ending up in Radley due to Mona’s antics.
  • Another brilliant performance by Troian Bellisario (Spencer).
  • Do you really think Toby is dead? I don’t.

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