Pretty Little Liars: 03×22: What Do You Have To Change Inside To Survive?

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken?’ we see missing people being found and identified plus an interesting proposal.

Radley Issues   

The Liars haven’t seen or heard from Spencer in a while and are concerned. They see Melissa at school and she asks them if they have seen her, to which they deny. She begs them to tell her if they get any information about her whereabouts to which they all agree.


Little do they know, but Spencer is still at Radley under the name Jane Doe. Unfortunately for Spencer, Dr Sullivan sees her and identifies her, putting a stop to Spencer avoiding her name and life. She tells Sullivan all about what she saw in the woods and that she thinks Toby is dead. Sullivan asks her why she didn’t tell the park ranger and Spencer blames herself for his death and says it wouldn’t bring him back anyway. Does anyone have any tissues for poor Spencer?

Spencer notices her nurse’s name badge and it says ‘E. Lamb’ which is the same name on the Radley ID card Toby used to get in and out of the institute. She tries to get info out of him, but doesn’t really get much. He does tell her though that he knew one Toby and that Toby used to come to Radley to visit his mum when she was a patient.


Later, on Mona comes to visit one of the nurses Spencer. Mona reminisces about her offer to Spencer about joining the ‘A’ team but Spencer dismisses her and tells her to leave. Mona taunts Spencer with Alison’s diaries that she conveniently has and also dismissed the rumour that Alison was pregnant at the time she died. She offers again for Spencer to join her ‘A’ team and they can solve the mysteries together, but Spencer denies, again. Mona’s final parting words were her most interesting, she said “You’re not crazy, you’re as sane as I am”.

Dead Man Walking

Ashley is still worried about the whole Wilden incident and checks the newspaper to see if there are any articles reporting him missing. We later see Wilden alive and well at the church talking to Ted, and Ashley & Hanna look more shocked and scared than relieved that he’s actually alive.

Hanna and Ashley contemplate moving away from Rosewood to New York. Ashley tells Hanna it isn’t that easy and they can’t just runaway, but Hanna seems all for it, even calling it the easy way. With a big nudge from Hanna, Ashley decides to go to the seminar in New York, leaving Hanna in the trusted hands of Emily.


After being dropped off at Emily’s, Hanna sees Wilden and approaches him and asks him if he’s following her and her mother to which he denies. Wilden admits that the three of them have a complicated relationship in which they haven’t been honest with each other and asks for one thing, his car. So you really mean to tell me that Wilden survived being run over and ran away and left his car and then he’s gonna come back asking for it? No one told you to leave it on the side of the road.

Job Hunt – Ezra Edition

Ezra’s getting frustrated with his ghost writing job and wants a new job and considers going back to teaching. Aria decides to help her lover by asking the man who made Ezra lose his job in the first place, her dad. Byron seems kind of reluctant to help but decides to mull the decision over with Ella who both contemplate the pros and cons of having Ezra back at Rosewood High.

Byron goes to visit Ezra to tell him he tried to get him a job, but there’s no space in the department for him. Ezra apologises profusely and tells Byron straight that he didn’t send Aria to ask him for help, but Byron says he knows and that he shouldn’t be upset with Aria, right before he enquires about Ezra’s son. So Byron really gonna just not get Ezra his job then ask about his son as if they’re besties? Really though?


  • Oddly enough Spencer looks like she fits right into Radley, she’s totally rocking the whole crazy look.
  • What a coincidence that Spencer’s nurse was E. Lamb. Hmm.
  • Why does it always seem like Emily is the only one running around like a headless chicken trying to find all the answers?
  • Isn’t it sad one of the motives Byron has to help Ezra get a job is that his relationship with Aria will end?
  • The irony of Spencer ending up in Mona’s room in Radley.
  • Was I the only one who found it hilarious seeing the flash of Mona in church singing and rocking away?
  • So ‘A’ now works from a van instead of a room now, that’s a smart move.
  • Was I the only one hoping Spencer would accept Mona’s offer and be a double agent?


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