Glee: 04×15: The Truth Will Set You Free

In this week’s episode entitle “Girls (And Boys) on Film” we see the glee club compete in their annual mash up competition, and the runaway bride’s return. Here’s how it went down”

Wemma: The Reunion

The episode opens with Will waking up from a dream performance with the still missing, runaway bride, Emma. Due to his movie sequence dream, he decides to have movie week and had his annual boys vs girls mashup competition just in time for Regionals. The winner gets a spot in Artie’s new movie (oh yay!).


Finn keeps pushing Will to find Emma, but Will just wants to give her some space, and also because he tried finding her but came back empty handed. Finn decides to take matters into his own hands and enlists the help of Artie. They decide to speak to Emma’s parents and do so by posing as ginger students asking for help proof reading an essay. After having their doubts about the two impostors for not smelling penny enough for their liking, they eventually give them Emma’s location, which turns out to be her sister’s house.

Finn gives Will the address and pushes him to go see Emma. Will does what he knows how to do best and sings outside her window (kind of reminded me of Romeo & Juliet), with the glee club magically popping up and disappearing at the final note. Emma admits she was scared and felt like she doesn’t know Will anymore, and he replies that all she had to was tell him and not leave him at the alter. They both agree to start over again, and just like that Wemma is back on folks!


Will thanks Finn for his hard work, and for pushing him to go see Emma and being such a good best man. Finn unable to bare the guilt anymore, tells Will about his sneaky kiss with Emma and apologises profusely. Will in absolute shock, just walks away in silence. How does it feel to do the right thing for once Finn?

Kissy Kissy Goo Goo

Out of all people in the world, Marley decides to confide about her Ryder kiss to Kitty. Just because homegirl apologised for chatting smack about you behind your back doesn’t mean you’re now besties Marley.


Later on, Jake confesses to Marley that he lied on Valentine’s Day and that the gift ideas were all Ryder’s and it was because he was nervous. He does a little redo with his own idea of a private pottery moulding session where he sings her her second favourite movie song. Unfortunately for Jake, while he’s singing to her all poor Marley can think about is her kiss with Ryder. She finally realises the truth will set her free and confesses she knew all about Ryder’s help and that he kissed her and she let him. I don’t even know if Jake looked pissed, shocked or hurt, but it wasn’t a good look. Poor kid, trying to do the right thing for once and gets hurt.


Snow Day

After being snowed into their apartment, Santana’s getting annoyed by being stranded with Kurt, Adam & Rachel. She suggests a movie day and they seem to choose several baby themed movies, to which Rachel rejects them all. They end up watching Moulin Rouge to poor Santana’s dismay.


With a little too much free time on her hands, Santana went through all the draws in the apartment going through everyone’s stuff. The results of her search were a pager and wad of cash from Brody. She deduces (with the help of her very colourful and descriptive vocabulary) that Brody is a drug dealer. Dun dun dun… I personally was thinking he’s an escort, but hey, drug dealer works too.


Later on, Santana confronts Rachel about a little stick she found in Rachel’s trash can. Rachel tries to deny it, but Santana reassures her that she can trust her and they’re friends. Rachel breaks down and starts crying and Santana hugs her telling her everything’s going to be okay. See, what would Rachel do if the amazing Santana wasn’t such a nosey bitch?

After that long snow in at Kurt’s apartment, Adam finally confronts Kurt about Blaine asking him if he’s still in love with him and if he’s just his rebound. Kurt admits that he’s trying to get over him but it’s hard. So the ever so understanding Adam decides that he and Kurt should to go to the movies so they can have their own sappy film. Isn’t Adam so sweet and understanding? It’s a shame it’ll never workout though.



  • I really loved that Wemma opening number, it’s always good seeing Emma sing.
  • Wasn’t ‘Shout’ such a fun number? I see the glee club still think it’s okay to disturb people’s lunch and stand on the lunch tables.
  • That Klaine duet though… so beautiful. Too bad it was only just a fantasy.
  • I have fallen in love with Santana all over again, she was amazing in this episode!
  • Did you know that Gingers smell like pennies?
  • Was I the only one that noticed how effortlessly Adam fitted in with the NY bunch? Loved it!
  • Why isn’t Sugar in every episode? Her random lines are so funny!
  • Was it just me? Or was there a bit too much singing in this episode?
  • If Valentine’s Day was only a week ago that means that the baby has to be Brody’s… right?
  • Fave line: “You don’t get dibs on Les Mis just because you are the poster” by Kitty to Unique.

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3 thoughts on “Glee: 04×15: The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Remember she slept with Finn too on the night that was suppose to be Wemma’s (love that portmanteau, btw) anniversary so there’s a strong possibility that it could be Finn’s too. I severly hope not. I want that Finchel relationship to die and never resurrect. I like New-York Rachel and small town Finn’s gonna ruin that for me. And when’s fucking Klaine coming back? I’m mad. Adam’s cute with his adorable accent but…no. Hsst.

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