Revenge: 02×15: An Act Of Retribution Provides Symmetry

  In this week’s episode entitled ‘Retribution’ we see the aftermath of a honeymoon on the high seas. Here’s how it went down:

Blood On My Hands

The episode basically continues where last episode’s left off with Emily still covered in Amanda’s blood and furious that the Graysons did this to both Amanda and Jack. Nolan tries to calm her down, but Emily is adamant that the Graysons are going to pay for what they did. Girl do you need some tissues, cause I’ve never seen you cry like this.


Emily & Nolan hear about Helen’s death and they instantly deduce that the Graysons set up Amanda to take the fall for it due to Victoria’s every so shady actions.

Workplace Drama

Daniel is (surprisingly) still in shock that his family is still scheming and being so manipulative. He hears about Helen’s replacement, Trask and he’s adamant he’s going to “shut these barbarians down'”. Yes Daniel, we all know it will really be Victoria shutting them down, so kill the dramatics son.

After hearing about Conrad’s plans to run for Governor, Aiden decides to try and get on the Graysons Global board members list again. Daniel doesn’t seem to interested in his proposal at first, basically dismissing him, but who can blame him for having trust issues. Daniel consults his mother about Aiden’s new proposition and they assign him a task to test his loyalty, to which Aiden passes with flying colours.

Ashley proves she’s not just a black filler character by figuring out Conrad’s plan to use his Governor’s announcement as an alibi for the murder of Amanda. All the dirt this girl has on the family, she could be a billionaire with her own tell-all book series, but yet she stays kissing ass… anyway.

Honeymoon Blues

Jack finally wakes up in the hospital after his near death encounter on The Amanda last episode. He immediately asks about Amanda’s whereabouts, but Emily sadly tells him that she’s gone. Jack wants to leave the hospital to continue his wife’s mission to destroy the Graysons. Emily and Nolan offer to help him and get him out and back at home at the Stowaway. While in a fit of rage, Jack conveniently finds a key to a locker which holds Emily’s laptop.


Later on Emily goes to see Jack before the funeral. Jack who is now super pissed off with Emily due to extra information found in Amanda’s locker, he reads Emily down asking her why she didn’t stop her from doing all of this and that he always wondered how she got so close so quick. Jack if you only knew that these girls are more than sisters, heh. After their heated confrontation, he asks her to leave. How many more men you gonna push away though Emily?

At the smallest funeral ever funeral, Emily reads a lovely eulogy (as she does know her best) and everyone gets all teary eyed. Even Victoria commends her and even says no one deserves to lose a child like this and she’s grateful her father wasn’t alive to see this.


The episode ends with Emily standing in the rain at Amanda’s grave where she’s joined by Amanda’s foster brother.


  • I find it so hilarious the way the Grayson’s treat Ashley like nothing more than shit.
  • Even with the biggest of threats posed against him, Nolan still finds time to be hilarious.
  • Is Jack the newest addition to the ‘Revenge’ team?
  • Oh Jack, there’s no one better to read the eulogy than one Ms Emily Thorne.
  • If only poor Aiden knew how much Emily loves Jack.
  • Charlotte would be the one to go digging for buried skeletons, ie. Amanda’s foster brother.
  • Why is Charlotte’s life so depressing? Can the girl get an uplifting storyline for once?
  • Am I the only one that thinks Padma’s cause is a lost one due to her father more than likely being dead?
  • All that work to find the laptop just to throw it away though Emily?
  • I’m not even going to bother commenting on Declan.


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