Pretty Little Liars: 03×23: I’m In.

In this week’s episode entitled ‘I’m Your Puppet’ we see ‘A’ manipulating the girls as usual but this time at the cost of a few relationships. Here’s what happened:

Follow The Map

The episode begins with the Liars visiting Spencer at Radley. They try to convince her to come home now with Hanna even telling her that they found the body and it isn’t Toby. Spencer, still adamant that the body she saw in the woods was Toby’s confesses that she feels safe at Radley.


Spencer starts putting clues together by little hints that Eddy gives her. She uses Mona’s old board game to find a room with a bag and CeCe Drake’s name tag. Wren comes in and finds her and asks what she was doing, and she shows him the name tag and he explains that he thought it would be good for CeCe to see Mona. He explained that CeCe got kicked out of university because of Alison.

It is later revealed that Spencer retrieved a black hoodie from Mona’s map’s hideaway and that she agreed to join the ‘A’ team. Finally Spencer did the right thing, now she can play double agent! (Hopefully).

Bell Thief

Caleb returns from visiting his dad, Jaime. He comes back really happy having enjoyed the time he spent with him. Later on, Ella tells Hanna she needs to speak to her mum about Jaime.  She tells her about an incident with Jaime having to clean some bell and he returned a counterfeit one of a way lesser quality.


The incident results in Jaime being fired from the church and results in Hanna confessing to Caleb about Jaime’s antics involving the dice dollar from the church and the bell incident that Caleb was baffled about. Caleb then confronts his dad and cusses him out and tells him to leave. Hanna later receives a text from ‘A’ revealing that ‘A’ was the one that took the bell and framed Jaime. Unknowing to Hanna, Caleb read the message. Poor Jaime, guy tries to turn over a new leaf and gets framed by his son’s girlfriend’s stalker. Rough life huh?

Babysitting Problems

Aria gets tasked with picking up Malcolm from school due to his parents being busy. With her usual, unsurprising bad luck, Aria gets to Malcolm’s class and he isn’t there, apparently he was already picked up by an ‘Aria Montgomery’ who takes him to the circus.

Aria begins her frantic chase for her lover’s child, and chases him through the thick crowd at the circus. She finally finds him in a tent waiting for a puppet show. Malcolm tells her that her friend Alison will be coming back soon. Good choice of name ‘A’.

Later while out with Ezra, Aria decides “she can’t do this anymore” and tries to break up with Ezra. He shrugs it off as her having a bad day making her attempt a complete fail. Poor Aria.

Morgue Patrol

The Liars bar Spencer decide that they need to confirm that the John Doe found in the woods is not Toby so they can take a photo and convince Spencer that he’s not dead. While there, Aria runs into the infamous Lady in Red who seems to be everywhere but nowhere at the same time. They finally unmask the body and see for themselves it isn’t Toby, but have to leave in a hurry due to the risk of getting caught.


Later on, Emily’s mum tells her that they found another body in the woods at the same location Spencer described and even found her purse there. She also tells her that the body has suffered trauma and that they don’t know who it is yet. Toby, is that you?


  • How did Maggie cope with Malcolm before Aria came into the picture? She always seems to busy to babysit/pick him up.
  • I just realised it was Spencer that took Malcolm.
  • Poor Hanna constantly on the look out for her stalker, Wilden.
  • I don’t know if Ezra didn’t understand that Aria was trying to break up with him, or he just wasn’t having it.
  • Do you guys really really think Toby is dead? I don’t.
  • How is Caleb even going to begin to explain to Jaime that ‘A’ was behind everything?
  • Do you think Spencer is 100% ‘A’ team now or just playing double agent?
  • I’m not even bothered about CeCe being expelled from school because of Alison, blah.
  • I am though even more convinced that she could be the alleged ‘Lady in Red’.


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