Glee: 04×16: You’re Only As Good As Your Word

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Feud’ there are several confrontations and feuds within the glee club and in NY, and Brody’s secret come to light. Here’s what happened:

Will Vs Finn

Will is treating Finn like a lackey due to him kissing Emma. Finn is fed up of it and confronts him about it. He really just wants to talk it out, but Artie, Tina & Blaine suggest a better way, a sing off using feuding artists. They end up singing a really cool Backstreet Boys & N*Sync mashup but Will still can’t bring himself to forgive Finn.

Finn decides it’s time for him to move on and starts packing up. Marley sees him & thanks him for everything he’s done over the past few months. She also gives him some golden advice that he needs to grow a pair and not let Will or Mckinley define him. Finn disagrees and says Will & Mckinley do define him. The conversation comes to a head when Marley suggests he should get his teaching degree. And that’s where I imagined a little lightbulb going off over Finn’s head.

Sue Vs Blaine

Sue revisits her contract ‘signed’ by Blaine when he joined the Cheerios for literally a day. She tells him that he’s contractually obligated to compete in all competitions, but Blaine disagrees saying he didn’t sign the contract and he won’t be rejoining the Cheerios as he has no time due to glee club and Student Council. Unsurprisingly, Blaine suggests a sing off, and surprisingly Sue agrees. They decide to channel the feud of Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj, with Sue channeling the latter.


They have their sing off in the choir room where Sue goes all out to secure Blaine Warbler on her Cheerios. By a unanimous vote in the glee club, (with only Tina voting for Blaine) Sue wins the sing off and wins Blaine for her Cheerios. She tries to soften the blow by even giving him the co-captain position with Becky. Wasn’t Brittany co-captain though?

Later on, it is revealed that this was all apart of Blaine & Sam’s plan to get on the inside of the Cheerios so he can bring down Sue once and for all. Amazing twist, but can Blaine Warbler pull it off? Dun dun dun!

Ryder Vs Unique, Jake & Marley

Marley and Jake finally talk it out after Marley came clean about Ryder kissing her. Jake does forgive Marley, but does not forgive Ryder and tells Marley to ice him out. Marley can’t do that to Ryder and tells Jake that he should just trust her.


Unique confronts Ryder about him kissing Marley and goes all off on him. Ryder tells her it’s not her business, and also refuses to acknowledge that Unique identifies as a girl and calls her a boy. This little incident results in them having a feud and duking it out in glee club. Ryder admits that he doesn’t understand what’s going on with Unique and that everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be and he apologizes for judging him. He also apologizes to Marley & Jake, and Jake accepts and he admits over time they’ll be cool.


Ryder has an online relationship with some girl called Katie. The conversation between them seems to be going well with Katie offering up some good advice to Ryder through the course of the episode. They admit that they feel like they know each other so well, so much that Ryder asks if they can meet. He notices typing in the library and looks around to see who it is, and  Katie signs out. Ryder dude, I think you just got catfished.

Santana Vs Brody

Santana accompanies Rachel to the doctor to find out that she is NOT pregnant. I figured she wouldn’t be pregnant anyway.  Santana also tells her she needs to step back and look at her life, because this isn’t the Rachel Berry that she knew before.

Later on we see Brody at ‘work’, where we get confirmation that he’s actually a gigolo and not a drug dealer. Santana still doesn’t know that he’s a gigolo yet, but she still doesn’t trust him and keeps criticises him to Rachel forcing Rachel to defend her shady beau every single time, even vouching for him as a cater-waiter. Pssht Rachel, cater-waiter my ass.



Santana decides to pay Brody a visit and confronts him about his shady activities and that Kurt & Rachel are her family and she won’t allow him to mess with them so he should pack his bags and leave. Unfortunately for Santana, her confrontation with Brody backfires leading her roommates to have a ‘family discussion’ with her and they give her an ultimatum, to either drop the Brody suspicion or to move out, to which Santana does the latter. Go Santana, go move in with Lena Dunham and go get a cameo on ‘Girls’!

In true Santana fashion, she sets up Brody posing as a client and makes Brody turn up and confirms her suspicions. The twist is that she isn’t there alone, she brought Finn, who tells Brody to leave Rachel alone. The two end up fist fighting it out (and destroying such a nice hotel room) with Finn reigning as victor of this round.



  • How amazing and hot was Santana this episode!?
  • Jane Lynch totally owned her imitate of Nicki Minaj, it was hilarious!
  • It was kinda sweet when Finn told Brody to stay away from his bride to be.
  • Finally Finn actually looks like he has some kind of future, I could see him being a teacher.
  • Has Finn now moved to NY or was is just a beat up call?
  • Who do you guys think Ryder’s mysterious online lover, Katie is? My money is on Jake.
  • What would Rachel do without Santana? She’s just amazing.
  • So is Brittany not co-captain of the Cheerios anymore?
  • How do these kids hop from NY to Lima every 5 seconds? They got too much money.
  • So Kitty does have a heart after all… was nice seeing all the new kids stand up for Unique.
  • Why does Tina always get the short end of the stick?


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