The Vampire Diaries: 04×16: Life Sucks When You’re Ordinary

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Bring It On’ we see Elena not being annoying and whiney for once, so refreshing. Here’s what happened:

Humanity Sucks

Elena’s humanity is still off to Stefan’s dismay. She decides to rejoin the cheerleading team to keep her out of trouble, but she ends up attacking one of the girls on the opposing team. Caroline tells her that she doesn’t want her on the team anymore, and Elena taunts her telling her to try and stop her. They compete in the competition and Elena deliberately drops Caroline. Haha, bad bitch Elena is here guys!


Stefan tries to talk her down and get her to not be so (for lack of a better word) humanity-less. He suggests that they go somewhere and have fun. The fun ends up being Elena inviting several people over and having a party. Sheriff Forbes comes over to stop the party and ends up tangoing with Elena. Elena ends up kidnapping her causing Caroline & Stefan to go chasing after her. Elena & Caroline end up fighting, with Elena surprisingly winning. Stefan and Damon come at the last minute and save her from what seems to be Elena about to stake Caroline.

Damon is still looking for the cure for Elena, but has no idea where Katherine is. He decides to ask Klaus for help, but Klaus really isn’t interested. He goes to try and find the vampire that Klaus bit as he was working with Katherine. On his search, Rebekah finds him and shows him the vial of blood from his brother that can heal the wounded vampire making him more useful.

After they finally meet the vampire, Damon recognises him as Will who I assume to be an estranged friend of Damon’s. He kills him immediately using the excuse that he was too far gone for the blood to work. Rebekah why you always gotta be so gullible?


Hayley is back and gets attacked by a vampire,Will before Damon caught up with him. Klaus pops up and saves her by biting the vampire, ensuring his death in a few hours. Hayley stays with Klaus so he can protect her from Katherine. They end up having hot, steamy sex, which brought Hayley’s birthmark to his attention. He tells her that he saw one similar many years ago in New Orleans.

Caroline still tries to keep in touch with Tyler by calling him everyday and leaving him voicemails hoping she’ll get a reply one day. She also fills him in on what’s happening with their friends too. Poor Caroline, in love with a guy on the run.

Later on, Caroline gets a text from Matt asking to come to meet him at Tyler’s house. When she arrives initially she can’t come inside the house and Matt has to invite her in. Matt tells her that Tyler left him the deed to his house, and hands her a letter from him. The letter basically tells her that he’s not coming back and he has to run for a while or else Klaus will kill him, and he’s also doing this to keep her safe. Aww aren’t you such a caring guy Tyler?

Zombie Thoughts:

  • I really do like the whole Stefan-Caroline friendship, I hope they don’t spoil it and make it sexual.
  • Am I the only one that really wanted Caroline to “wring her (Elena) skinny little neck” ?
  • I thoroughly enjoy watching Elena with her humanity off, she’s so much more fun.
  • So is Tyler written out of the show now?
  • I’m annoyed Bonnie was missing… with Tyler gone & Jeremy dead she should be in every episode.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Bonnie was the one gathering all those blood bags.
  • Elena had the best line of the whole episode “‘Look at you, your whole world revolves around me, maybe you should turn it off.'” to Stefan.
  • So with all of these kids parentless, who do they live and how do they survive?

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