Revenge: 02×16: To Carry A Secret Is To Play With Fire

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Illumination’ we see Emily’s past catch up with her and the Grayson’s plot thickens. Here’s how it went down:

Grayson Problems   

Daniel is still guilt ridden by Amanda’s death and isn’t sleeping well. He again says that he won’t be a part of his parents plan to destroy another life (Aiden) by the hands of the Initiative. In his new state, Daniel’s best friend has become alcohol, poor kid. He gets into a bar brawl which Aiden saves him from, as he’s trying to get Conrad’s seat on the Grayson Global board of directors.

He ends up being a mess and continues lashing out at people, including Aiden. Aiden manipulates Daniel into confiding in Emily. He pours his heart out to her, tell her all about his parents’ dastardly plan for the new charity. Little does he know that this information is golden to Emily’s new plan. Why is Daniel always so easily manipulated, he’s like that pawn that everyone uses to gain their next move.


The Graysons decide their next move against the Initiative, and this time, it’s a charity in Amanda’s memory. Charlotte is ever so pleased that her parents are doing this, but little does she know it’s really all a scheme (as usual). They start planning the event and Emily offers a donation. Their conversation is interrupted by none other than Eli James, Amanda’s foster brother. Victoria grabs the opportunity to invite him to her event, and enquire about his life.

It is later revealed that the charity is actually a cover for the Graysons to hide their assets in, and appointing Aiden as treasurer of Grayson Global is apart of their plan making him take the fall for the missing money. Well Aiden you begged to get in, let’s hope you can get out alive.

Brother Dearest

Emily is suspicious about her long lost brother who popped up in town. After formally meeting at the Graysons’ they run into each other again at the Stowaway, where Eli was speaking to Jack, telling him stories about Amanda. On his way out, he drops the bomb that he knows she’s the real Amanda.


Eli & Emily finally speak and he tells her he’s been searching for her all this time and even ran into Amanda when she was still a stripper, but he knew she wasn’t the real Amanda. He continued his search until Charlotte reached out to him since Amanda’s death. Emily offers him money and a new start so he can disappear, but he tells her he has 3 warrants out. She tells him she can make it all go away and that the Graysons will realise he’s a fraud soon, resulting in him agreeing to her offer.


Eli meets up with Emily & Nolan at Victoria’s charity event where Nolan wipes his record clean and Emily gives him a tidy sum of $100,000. Unfortunately for Emily, he doesn’t seem to keen on honouring his word and ends up donating the cheque to the charity. Victoria names him co-chair of the charity, a position poor Emily coveted.


The Grieving Widower?

Jack goes digging for more answers about the night his wife died. He goes to the pier where his boat turned up and asks the previous owner of the boat about the incident. He’s initially reluctant to help as he was paid off to keep quiet, but Jack manages to pull a description out of him that matches Nolan’s.

Later on, Jack arrives at the Grayson’s charity event dedicated to Amanda and heads straight for the mic. He proceeds by saying that he can count his friends on one hand, and he’s happy to say that the Graysons are among them. After his gracious speech, Nolan confronts him asking him what he’s doing, and Jack merely says he’s only practicing lying through his teeth like he and Emily does. He also goes on further to tell him he knows he’s the one that saved him the night Amanda died and is upset they lied to him again.

Nolan tries to do some damage control later by visiting Jack. Jack immediately tells him to get out or he’s going to call the police. But Nolan tells him (with forged proof) that Kenny was the one that bought the boat that saved him. Jack hugs him and says thank you. Jack why you gotta be so pressed? Keep calm and carry on.

Zombie Thoughts:

  • Am I the only one tired of the Initiative’s long drawn out storyline?
  • OMG Charlotte & Declan actually have lives and go to school!
  • So they finally add another black character to the show and he’s a criminal.
  • I think Jack’s really learning how to lie through his teeth, I really don’t think he believed Nolan when he blamed his rescue on Kenny.
  • So David Clark really left the Infinity Box to Nolan for Emily as her future, kinda grim future for a father to leave his daughter.
  • You Revenge team better watch your backs, I think Jack could be a very dangerous adversary.
  • So Ashley’s just the resident gossiper I suppose.


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2 thoughts on “Revenge: 02×16: To Carry A Secret Is To Play With Fire

  1. It wud be real good if Ashley’s character do summ other than host party and yes I feel Jack is going to be more keen on Nolan n Emily…… The initiative needs to make a effin move already …..

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