Pretty Little Liars: 03×24: Hope Breeds Eternal Misery

In the season finale entitled ‘A Dangerous gAme’ we see surprise returns and the dead coming back to life, as well as the answers to a few burning questions. Here’s how it went down:

Better Late Than Never

Spencer is officially out of Radley and her family is throwing her a party to let everyone know she’s fine and was only suffering from exhaustion.

Jenna’s back in Rosewood after quite a long leave of absence. Unfortunately for poor Jenna, her eyesight will see good and bad days, but will end up with her
going blind again. I thought she was way more fun blind anyway. Apparently, Shana (Paige’s friend from the costume shop) is her girlfriend (yea I’m confused too). Later on, Emily sees Melissa meeting up with Jenna & Shana plotting against the Liars (as usual).


Substitute Teacher

Ezra finally gets a job at Rosewood High but unfortunately lies to Aria about it. Aria’s dad ends up asking her about it resulting in her confronting Ezra about it. He admits that he didn’t tell her because he himself doesn’t know if he’s going to take the job and he doesn’t want to burden her with that decision.

Ezra unsurprisingly decides to take the job and becomes Aria’s substitute teacher. Awkward much?

Seek & You Shall Find

Toby is actually alive and well and meets a cloaked member of the ‘A’ team in a diner. The ‘A’ teamer meeting him turns out to be Spencer. They talk briefly at the diner and Toby tells her that he’s on her side and everything he’s done has been to protect her. Aww, how sweet. They go back to his motel room and end up having sex. I bet Spencer missed that dick.


Hanna is adamant she wants to know which member of the ‘A’ team kidnapped Malcolm  and decides to take a babysitting job to get answers. She goes through a slideshow of ‘A’ suspects to which Malcolm recognises none of them. He later points out Spencer and says that she’s the ‘Alison’ that picked him up from school.


Aria, Emily & Hanna refuse to believe Spencer would betray them like this and join the ‘A’ team and set her up by having Hanna dress as the Lady in Red to lure her into a group meeting where Spencer confesses everything about her involvement with the ‘A’ team.

Playing With Fire

Mona is plotting with a cloaked member of the ‘A’ team against the Liars. Mona’s plan involves getting the Liars all together in some house with the help of Toby for the mysterious Lady in Red who is officially dubbed the leader of the ‘A’ team. Due to Spencer & Toby playing double agent, Mona’s plans are foiled and they beat her at her own game. The Liars win against Mona is shortlived as they end up being locked inside the house while it’s set on fire. In the heat of moment, a very pressed Mona is disappointed she won’t be able to unmask the Lady in Red  to the Liars’ surprise.

The Liars and Mona are magically saved by none other than the Lady in Red. Hanna waking up, sees Alison as the Lady in Red. Her thoughts are confirmed when Spencer and Mona both agree to having seen Alison.


The Liars and Mona find Wilden’s previously sunken car. Inside the car they see the video of Ashley running over Wilden, but this video happens to be the extended version showing Jenna & Shana move Wilden from the scene of the crime. They also notice something in the trunk, they open and in true PLL fashion, gasp.


The episode ends with a flashback of a hand coming out of the ground and this time, someone’s there to help the hand get out of the soil.

Zombie Thoughts:

  • The Aria – Ezra breakup was really blah.
  • Isn’t Hanna the best babysitter ever?
  • Can someone explain to me why Shana was featured so heavily in this episode?
  • Did I miss the memo when it was revealed Jenna was a lesbian?
  • I knew Toby wasn’t dead! But I wasn’t 100% sure if he was fully ‘A’ team or not, good that he wasn’t.
  • I’ve been saying this all season, but it felt good hearing Mona say it “she’s everywhere but nowhere” (talking about Lady in Red).
  • I don’t get how Lady in Red managed to pull 4 adult girls out of a burning house by herself…
  • So is Mona now a part of Team Liars?
  • I’m assuming it’s either Jason or CeCe in Wilden’s car trunk.
  • I don’t think the Lady in Red is really Alison, I think it’s her twin sister.
  • Well the season ended with more questions than answers in usual PLL fashion. Bring on season 4!


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