Glee: 04×17: Musical Confessions

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Guilty Pleasures’ we get a taste of everyone’s guilty pleasures and a few confessions are made. Here’s what happened:

Against All Odds

Blaine confronts Sam about him stealing pasta and tells him he knows that things are hard with his dad and gives him money. Sam admits that he has been stealing pasta, but it’s for macaroni art and he shows Blaine his really good work

(even the one of Kurt). The two decide that since Will is off sick, that they should still have glee club and do a ‘Guilty Pleasures’ week., which they start off with Blaine’s guilty pleasure, Wham.

Later on, Sam confesses to Blaine that his real guilty pleasure is his love for Barry Manilow. Blaine tells him it’s cool that he likes him and he should share this with the glee club to which he is initially very reluctant to do. He eventually comes around and shares his guilty pleasure and sings to the glee club. The result? All the boys agree to also liking Barry and that he’s their guilty pleasure too.


Sam then tells Blaine it’s his turn to share his guilty pleasure with the glee club and he should be more honest than his previous Wham confession. Blaine ends up singing an emotional song which he directs at Sam, but really masquerades it as his love for Phil Colins. Sam sees right through this and later talks to Blaine about it telling him he already knows that he is his guilty pleasure and he’s known for a long time. They end up hugging it out and everything’s A-okay! That was pretty cool of Sam to be cool with Blaine’s little crush.

If You Wanna Be My Lover

Our favourite web show’s back with none other than Lord Tubbington! Yes, Fondue for Two is back and Brittany’s guest this time is Kitty. Like any other interviewer, Britt asks all the hard hitting questions, all revolving around this week’s glee club theme, guilty pleasures. They both end up admitting a love for all of the Bring it On series (except the last one, noting how awful it was to which I agree). Britt then asks her what her real guilty pleasure is, and has to whisper it in Britt’s ear due to being so embarrassed.


Unfortunately for Kitty, this did not sit well with Brittany’s loyal viewers and they demand to know what Kitty’s guilty pleasure is. Britt ends up spilling the beans telling them it’s the Spice Girls to which all the girls scream with excitement. Cue the girls in their Spice Girl best singing Wannabe taking us right back to the 90s.

My Prerogative

Marley (and the glee girls) end up freaking out when they hear that Jake is going to do a Chris Brown song for this week’s assignment. They all lament on how bad of a role model he is and each bring one of his flaws to the table. Jake retorts that yes he does like some of Chris’ music but he does feel guilty for it. He also compares Chris to Whitney, Britney and Rihanna saying that they aren’t any better role models.

Jake ends up singing a Brown number, but not Chris, a Bobby Brown song. The response isn’t much better than his previously announced song choice as Artie fills him in that Bobby was allegedly the one that introduced Whitney to drugs. Jake pleads ignorance to Marley and she’s okay with it after admitting that her guilty pleasure is anything with Jessica Simpson in it, and of course Jake.

Hey, Meet Bruce, My Boyfriend

Over in NY, Kurt’s guilty pleasure happens to be his boyfriend arm called Bruce. It’s not long before his roommates find out and he admits that he fell for the ads on tv due to him lacking companionship. He ends up getting them their own boyfriend arms in the end.


Brody left Rachel without an excuse just saying he hopes they can still be friends. Kurt wants to keep the truth from Rachel and tells Santana not to tell her yet. Santana can’t resist any longer and ends up blurting it out to Rachel to which she storms off hurt.

She goes to NYADA and gives him money and asks to go out for dinner, and they end up arguing about him lying to her. He tells her that he knows that she lied about not sleeping with Finn at the wedding and that he’s the one that beat him up. She admits that she was using the relationship to make Finn jealous and to fill the heartache. They end the relationship cordially, with Brody commenting that it’s gonna suck seeing her around. Aww, I feel sorry for Brody more than Rachel, seems like his feelings for her were actually real.


Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Kitty to Unique: “Nothing scarier than a girl with a penis.”
  • Brochel is officially over, Finchel fans rejoice!
  • So does this mean that Brody’s gone for good?
  • Was I the only one that found it funny seeing all the glee girls drag Chris Brown?
  • Did you guys notice that little hint that Artie may like Kitty?
  • So no guys, Sam and Blaine are not getting together nor is Sam bisexual.
  • Again, Santana offered some Lima Heights realness that was appreciated for once.
  • If there’s a lesson to take away from this episode, it has to be to never doubt Santana’s Mexican Third Eye. tumblr_mk1xrchEtu1rhmy8jo1_250

Next time:

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