Scandal: 02×16: Learn To Forgive Yourself

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Top Of The Hour’  we see the repercussions of living a lie and the outcome of such actions. Here’s what happened:

Affairs of the Heart

Olivia’s newest client, Sara, is accused of having an affair with the new Supreme Court Justice candidate, Judge Randall. Olivia asks for nothing but the truth and asks if the affair is true, to which Sara confirms it was. Cyrus is on the other side of this scandal representing Judge Randall trying to make it go away and not surpass one news cycle. He calls Liv and asks her to drop it, but she tells him firmly that Sara is her client and not Randall or the President.

Additional evidence comes out that the affair was continued two years prior to their initial affair. Unfortunately for Sara that two year time skip coincides with the birth of her child, causing her husband to question if he’s the real father and demands a paternity test. Olivia hands them the paternity test, to which Phil rips up saying he doesn’t care.


True Morality

Sara’s job, Riocorp, where she sits as CEO is asking her to resign with immediate effect due to a breach in their morality clause. Liv ends up sending her best smooth talker to do the job, Harrison. The board representative, Samantha even comments that “you’re pretty and talk real fast…” to which Harrison continues his verbal assault as to why they don’t want to fire Sara on such grounds.

While working on a way to save Sara’s job, Abby ends up referencing how Harrison tanked her relationship with David. He apologizes profusely, but she admits she’s fine. She even goes as far as saying that she now knows that they’re Gladiators first and people second. A bit harsh Abby, but so true.

They end up going to Riocorps board meeting and bluff them into dropping the case against Sara by threatening to reveal their dirty secrets, but little do the board know, but the box is actually empty. Well played Gladiators!

Laundromat Stakeout

Elsewhere, Quinn & Huck are on a stakeout of the Whitehouse mole, Director Osbourne at a local laundromat. Quinn decides to tail the mole to the laundromat but is unprepared when they ask her if she’s picking up or dropping off and ends up giving up the shirt she’s wearing.

Quinn deduces that drops happen in plain sight and takes the mole’s laundry. They find a stash of cash of at least $20 grand, and because they can’t let him know that they’re on to him, she returns the clothes to laundromat. Quinn, I admire you wanting to learn, but you gotta think it through some more.

Later on we see CIA Director Osbourne, the mole getting photos from the laundromat owner of Quinn. Girl, you messed up big time!

Hostage No More

Olivia gives Jake the information she retrieved from Wendy’s flashdrive about the hostages. She promises it’s all legit and that it will help their cause. After realising the gravity the documents Liv game him holds, he sees her again and asks her who gave her this information and why she doesn’t hand it in herself. She admits that she can’t go that route and that the information is definitely legit. While talking a photographer snaps a photo of the two. Jake wants to go after him but Olivia stops him and shrugs it off.

Jake takes the information he got from Olivia to Fitz. Fitz tells him to keep it quiet for now. They send a team in based on the information and are able to retrieve the hostages successfully. Later on, Fitz calls him to congratulate him on his hard work, but little does he know, Jake has just finished beating up a photographer for the photos he took of him and Liv. Is the photographer dead?


Jake shows up at Olivia’s house all beaten up saying he got mugged, she invites him in to tend to his wounds and he sits on the couch right in front of the camera. Say cheese!

 tumblr_mk3hy9YnXv1r30exgo1_250  Zombie Rant:

  • I’m really loving the Huck-Quinn dynamic. 
  • How funny was it when Sara assumed that Abby was Olivia Pope?
  • So Jake just attacked paparazzi for taking his photo, Justin Bieber is that you?
  • It’s sad that Fitz just wants Olivia to be as miserable as he is.
  • Every episode I love Olivia’s hair even more, so freshly laid!
  • I’m still laughing at how Mellie just got the door slammed in her face!
  • Harrison is so slick with his lines!
  • It’s pretty funny that Olivia ends up learning a lot of life lessons vicariously from her clients.

Next time:

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