The Vampire Diaries: 04×17: Don’t Underestimate The Allure of Darkness

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Because The Night’ we see more death and more blood sucking confusion. Here’s what happened:


The episode begins with a flashback of Damon circa 1977, an era where he lived recklessly with his humanity off. His reckless behaviour prompts Lexie, Stefan’s bestie to visit him and try to get him to turn his humanity back on. They hang out together for months and end up drinking and partying and drinking blood from fellow party goers. The two even have   a counselling session on top of a bar counter. Lexie starts asking him about Katherine and that he should deal with his love for her because love’s the most powerful emotion. Damon uses the opportunity to fake his affection for Lexie prompting the two to have sex all over the house bar and he tricks her by locking her on top of the roof and stealing her ring. Damon why you always gotta do Lexie so bad?

Viva New York!

In present day New York, Damon takes Elena back to his old stomping grounds where he hung out with Lexie. Their little party is later crushed by Rebekah, who ousts Damon’s hidden agenda regarding the cure. He denies it and pretends as if he’s only there to show Elena a good time.

After Damon leaves the two lovely ladies, Elena admits she knows what he’s up to, but she’s going to let him do it, then take the cure from him as she no longer wants it. Rebekah offers a team up since she wants the cure, but Elena rejects her proposal calling her weak.


Elena later tries to trick Damon into sex but he sees right through her plan. Luckily, Rebekah was around to snap his neck, allowing the two to make a getaway with his car. I like this Rebekah-Elena duo, let’s hope the ladies can keep their claws freshly manicured and not at each other’s throats.

Expression Triangle

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Caroline is still bitter about the whole Tyler leaving Mystic Falls for good thing and Stefan requesting Klaus’ help due to his suspicion that Silas is in Mystic Falls doesn’t help her cause at all.

Elsewhere, Bonnie is seen with Silas who manifests himself as Shane. He’s apparently helping her to control her expression magic, and admits he’s not controlling her and only helping her do things she personally wants to do. Yeah right. He tells her about the final masacre which involves killing 12 witches. Bonnie is initially very apprehensive and questions her own strength to do this, but eventually tells her dad to call her mum.


Bonnie goes to the meeting place and meets a witch. She tells Bonnie she’s there to cleanse her from the dark magic and she brought a coven of 11 other witches to help her (coincidence that she needs to kill 12 for Silas’ plan to work? I think not). The witches join their powers together and try and cleanse Bonnie, with Stefan coming in the knick of time to ask what they’re doing and that they shouldn’t kill her and that it’s all because she’s being controlled by Silas. The witch tells him that if she’s been tainted by Silas it’s already too late. Caroline quickly kills one of the witches resulting in all 12 of them dying and Silas’ Expression Triangle being complete. I’m kinda disappointed in how impulsive Caroline was, she lets Klaus get under her skin too easily.


Bonnie finally wakes up after being unconcious due to the witch ritual and remembers nothing prior to her being in the cave with Jeremy.

Klaus has a little run in with Silas in the woods where he asks Klaus for the cure. Klaus tells him he doesn’t have it but Silas decides to leave him with a little gift, stabbing him with a white oak stake and breaking a piece inside of him. Don’t worry, I’m sure night nurse Caroline will be there to tend to your wound Klaus.

Zombie Rant:

  • So Elena had to go all the way to New York for a new haircut?
  • I really loved that Lexie flashback! Wish she wasn’t dead.
  • So is Shane going to permanently be the manifestation of Silas?
  • Why is everyone so stupid in this show?
  • Can Caroline & Klaus just go have sex and get rid of all this sexual tension already?
  • Not even here for Bonnie being Silas’ puppet.
  • Do you guys miss Matt? Nah, me neither.


Next time:

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