Revenge: 02×17: One Too Many Kids

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Victory’ we see Emily win a personal battle, but see Nolan lose his own battle. Here’s how it happened:

Headless Crusade

Padma’s back and reveals that her father is not dead and brings proof in the form of a video of her dad holding a recent newspaper sent by the Initiative. Nolan is relieved but says he has to edit the program before she can return with it. 


Emily has a plan already arranged for Padma after her father’s rescue which involves both of them running away with new identities. Neither Nolan nor Padma are very happy about this idea, but both accept that it’s the best way to ensure her survival. Nolan promises to reunite with her once the Initiative are stopped and they can live happily together. What a fairytale ending Nolan, come on, pssht.

Aiden & Nolan put their plan in motion to save Padma and her father, but Nolan causes Aiden to miss his chance to shoot Trask, resulting in them losing the program and Padma. Nolan prepared for their betrayal by putting a tracker in the flash drive, but unfortunately for him, the Initiative saw through his plan and removed the tracker. A distraught Nolan suggests that Aiden change his line of work having his plan failed miserably. Nolan you can’t blame Aiden for you being all up in your feeling for the whole mission.


Dinner Date

Daniel and Emily continue their secret meetings. This time they have dinner at a secret location, where Daniel tells Emily that Aiden will take fall for the Graysons plan against the Initiative. He also thanks her for giving him someone to confide in. Aww Daniel we know that you still have feelings for her, too bad she’s only playing you.

Later on, Daniel receives an urgent package from his assistant. He opens the package to find a photo of himself and Emily at dinner, and also two bullets. We later see that it was Victoria that sent the package. When Victoria really wants to stop something, she goes all out ay?

Phone Tag

Declan seems to still be upset about Charlotte shrugging him off at the charity event last episode. Charlotte talks to him about it and thanks him for being understanding, and also sneaks in asking him to use the Stowaway for another Amanda charity event. Declan has something else on his mind, he bumps into Trey and steals his phone allowing him and Jack access to Kenny Ryan who’s been ignoring them for some time.

Jack & Declan text him so they can meet up. Kenny agrees to meet ‘Trey’ but meets Jack instead. Kenny admits that he wasn’t involved with Nate and the Graysons and that he wasn’t the one who saved him. He does however offer some helpful info for Jack that Nate recorded all his conversations with Conrad as a security measure. Jack gets the tapes from Kenny and starts plotting his next move.

My Sweet Foster Family

Emily still wants to get rid of Eli, but can’t bring herself to hurt him. Eli enlists Emily’s help for the charity, exercising his co-chair powers. He decides to invite his foster mum Meredith Hayward, and even plots with her about the money from the foundation. While there Emily snoops around for her letters even visiting her old torture chamber where Hayward use to lock her in. Poor Emily, been through so much.

At the press conference, Eli ends up backstabbing Hayward and telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his horrible time under her foster care. Hayward tries to deny it all, but only ends up muttering one bit of truth, that Eli was the one that actually burned down their foster home.

Victoria obviously horrified and embarrassed by this outburst, kicks Eli off the charity and out of her house. Eli later admits that he did this all for Emily and he’s honestly there to help her. He does one final act in Emily’s aid by revisiting his former foster mother and torturing her for the whereabouts of Emily’s letters from her father. All he ended up getting out of her is that she sold them a long time ago. Emily quickly deduces that her convicted friend Tredwell has the letters, and he reluctantly shares with her the juiciest info, that Victoria has another son. Dun dun dun!


  Zombie Rant:

  • Do you guys believe that Padma really loves Nolan?
  • Revenge really isn’t fun without Victoria-Ashley lines.
  • Declan actually did something useful after 40 episodes, yay!
  • Ashley just looks like Conrad’s bitch that follows him around all day, everyday.
  • Do you think Conrad’s going to make it to that Governor’s seat? I don’t.
  • Am I the only one happy to see Eli gone, even if it is for a hot minute.
  • So Victoria… has another son… this girl has been around the block though.
  • Am I the only one that’s sitting and waiting for Jack’s plan to fail royally?

Next time:

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