The Vampire Diaries: 04×18: Trick or Treat?

In this week’s episode entitled ‘American Gothic’ we see the return of a few familiar faces, and a hybrid suffering. Here’s how it went down:

A Game of Cat & Mouse

Elena & Rebekah are still on the road looking for Katherine. They stumble up a little town and Elena gets hungry, she’s about to drink from this lady when the lady mistakes her for Katherine, bingo, they’re in    Katherine territory. They look around town for her and eventually find her at the post office.

The threesome end up going to a local diner where Rebekah & Elena try to get the location of the cure out of Katherine. She’s reluctant and doesn’t offer any info up until they take her phone and see that she’s scheduled to meet someone. Elena decides to go meet the person in her place (as she’s a doppleganger) but Katherine tells her she’ll never be able to fool him, but that doesn’t stop Elena from trying.

Elsewhere Damon meets up with Stefan so they can try and catch up with the girls and get the cure before they do. They finally make it to the diner and ask Katherine & Rebekah where Elena is.


Rebekah and Damon take Katherine back to her house to retrieve the cure, but not without some trickery on Katherine’s part. She burns Damon’s face and trades the cure for her freedom and escapes. Rebekah, elated that she now has the cure, takes it immediately and passes out. She wakes up, so happy she’s finally human and Damon tries to kill her but Rebekah stops his attempt realising she’s still a vampire and that Katherine tricked her. Really sucks to be you Rebekah, you always get the short end of the stick.


Elena meets up with Katherine’s mysterious contact, which turns out to be Elijah. He figures her out very easily and asks for Katherine’s whereabouts. Elena is surprised and seemingly disgusted that Elijah would have a relationship with Katherine. He explains that she’s changed and stuff but Elena blasts back that she killed Jeremy, to which Elijah didn’t know. Katherine eventually shows up and breaks Elena’s neck and shares a heated discussion with Elijah.


After losing the cure (yet again), Stefan tells Damon he just wants to get this cure for Elena and he’s getting her out of his life and getting one of his own. Elena calls the boys together to tell them that she doesn’t want the cure and that they should accept her for how she is now or there will be consequences, as she demonstrates by killing an innocent waitress.

Elsewhere, Katherine gives Elijah the cure telling him that she really cares for him and that he should trust her. With the cure in tow, Elijah & Rebekah make their way back to Mystic Falls to go see their good old brother, Klaus.

Mind Games

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is still suffering from his white oak stab from Silas. He calls Caroline for help but ends up getting Silas in the form of Caroline taunting him. Silas warns him again that he wants the cure and he won’t stop until he gets it. Uh oh!


The real Caroline finally shows up complaining that Klaus pulled her away from all her prom duties. Klaus tells her about the stab and that he’s in excruciating pain and that he needs her help to get it out. Caroline reluctantly helps but can’t seem to find anything, she eventually gets fed up and tells him that she won’t help him unless he allows Tyler to come back to Mystic Falls and he won’t kill him, Klaus refuses and reminds her that Tyler tried to kill him.


The two continue going back and forth until Klaus notices that the pain is gone and he can’t feel the stake anymore. He pieces the puzzle together and realises that it was simply all in his mind, planted by Silas. He thanks Caroline for distracting him from his pain allowing him to be freed.

As they part ways, Klaus asks if their friends, to which Caroline retorts her question about Tyler’s freedom. He responds by saying he really isn’t scouring the earth for him, to which Caroline smiles. Aww, Klaus finally has one friend in the world. Let’s see how long it’ll last for.


Zombie Rant:

  • I kinda feel sorry for Klaus, he’s there suffering and has to call someone who hates him for help.
  • Did you guys spot that flicker of hope sexual tension between Klaus & Caroline?
  • So Katherine went through all this trouble to steal a cure to buy her freedom from Klaus. Girl you got time.
  • Do you guys think Katherine’s feelings for Elijah are legit? I kinda, sorta do.
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying humanity-less Elena, she’s so much fun!
  • I don’t get why Damon & Stefan find it so hard to understand that people change.
  • Am I the only one that LOL’d at Rebekah’s face when she woke up thinking she was human?
  • It was nice to see Elijah back.
  • Another episode, no Bonnie, no Matt.

Next time:

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