Scandal: 02×17: You Don’t Have A Good Side

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Snake in the Garden’ we see Scandal once again fool us into a thinking we know something, when we clearly know nothing. Here’s what happened:


Olivia gets an interesting new client, one that upsets quite a few Gladiators. Any guesses? Yep, Hollis Doyle himself! Hollis’ daughter Maybelle has been kidnapped and is being held for a ransom of $20million. Hollis is initally reluctant to help her as he thinks she’s lying and set the whole thing up. Which in the end turns out to be true. Her whole semantics involved her actually cutting off her ear, to faking videos and tying herself up all for money.


In the end, Hollis gave her an ultimatum to either pick her family or the 20million, to which she chose the money. In Liv’s words, she’s really just pathetic.

The Truth Hurts

Cyrus decides to conduct an investigation into who his new competition for Fitz’s love and affection attention is. Mellie is also heavily on Cyrus’ case about the investigation as she’s worried that Jake could be a big potential threat to both of their powers in the White House.

Later on, Cyrus uses some of the dirt he found about Fitz to push his argument and compares Fitz’s national security duty to his personal Defiance duty and the result ends up with him getting back in Fitz’s good books.


Mellie on the other hand takes a more direct route and gives him a well deserved reality check stating that although she may be a ‘horrible person’, he’s changed and his children see it, and so does everyone else, hence why she cancelled the children coming to visit.


Elsewhere, Huck & Quinn are tailing Director Osbourne. Huck deduces they are made as the CIA are heading to Olivia’s apartment. Olivia & Osbourne have a heated confrontation where he asks her why she’s looking into him. Olivia refreshes his memory as to who she is and the powerful people she knows and demands he gets out of her apartment. You go girl!


Fitz has another meeting with Jake about the intel he gave him. Jake ensures him it’s from a valuable source and even reminds Fitz about his source’s info about the hostages.

Later on we see Jake breaking into Olivia’s house and copying the flash drive she hid in a vase when Osbourne came to see her. He also makes sure he reactivates his surveillance cameras before he goes too. Jake then presents all the information on Osbourne from the flash drive to Fitz, trying to persuade him that Osbourne is the mole.

Fitz orders his team to clear Osbourne’s desk and house as he’s fired. Osbourne even goes to see Cyrus to try and plead his case, but everyone’s mind is already made up that he’s the mole, so they send him packing.

The episode ends with the Gladiators seeing Osbourne’s ‘suicide’ on the news. We then see Jake sitting with an unfamiliar person talking about how their plan went perfectly and it’s revealed that Osbourne was actually NOT the mole. Why you gotta play with us like this Scandal?

Zombie Rant:

  • Shout out to Julie (Maybelle Doyle) from Desperate Housewives in this episode!
  • Olivia can definitely put on a brave face when dealt with confrontation, she handled Osbourne well. I bet she pissed herself a little though.
  • I find it so funny that Mellie is usually the one who ends up referencing the title of the episode, eg. referring to Jake as the ‘snake in the garden’.
  • And the Mellie-Cyrus cat fight rages on!
  • Yes! Mellie is the only one who can slap Fitz with her brutal honesty and just storm off. That reality check was very needed.
  • How cute was Liv all up in her feelings about Fitz to Jake?
  • Just when I was starting to like Jake, he’s all super shady again. Sigh.
  • Every single time we think we know something on Scandal, the next episode our theories are thrown out the window. I don’t even know why I even bother anymore.
  • It was so sweet that Huck got Quinn her own ‘family’.
  • So umm, what happened to finding out who broke into David’s apartment?
  • David would make a good addition to the Gladiators, he kinda fit right in.
  • tumblr_mkf4hiIMxu1s5v7cyo3_250

Next time:


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