Revenge: 02×18: Certain Ghosts Are Best Left Outside

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Masquerade’ we see that wearing masks don’t always conceal secrets, and what you do in the dark always comes to light. Here’s what happened:

Haunting Words

Nolan hires a detective to find Padma, but his detective suspects Nolan might have something to do with Padma being missing. If only this guy knew that Nolan’s an absolute mess. Emily tells him she’s worried about him and that she has a plan to try and get her back. Nolan also gets a text from Jack saying he wants to have a word with him.

Jack tells Nolan about Nate’s recordings he got from Kenny. Jack also tells him that he’s only playing nice with Conrad so he can get close enough to sabotage him. Nolan & Jack end up using the recordings against Conrad at his press conference by playing them in his ear as he answers questions from the public. Jack also plants a question about David Clark which catches Conrad off guard, but he bounces back in true Grayson fashion and comes out on his white horse. Gotta try harder Jack.


Jack decides to he’s going to need more recruits to exact his revenge on the Graysons and decides to recruit none other than the Grayson’s personal lacky, Ashley. Interesting move Mr Porter.

All The Right Moves

Aiden and Emily put their plan in motion for the initiative. Aiden makes a ‘bad’ business decision resulting in Daniel freaking out & Trask making a personal office call. Trask liquidates his stock and leaves Grayson Global right into Aiden’s ambush.

Aiden makes Trask take him to where Padma is and finds out that she’s been dead for over 6 weeks, and that she got what she wanted, she’s now with her father (he did keep his end of the bargain). Trask taunts Aiden about his sister and tells him the police are on their way so it’s his move. Aiden breaks his neck and kills him (yay!), just in time for the Masquerade Ball.


They break the news to Nolan who breaks down crying and blames himself, Emily and everyone that was involved for Padma’s death. Emily tries her best to comfort him, but she’s unable to do much and let’s him go. Poor Nolan, he always finds love in a hopeless place.

16 & Pregnant

Victoria is throwing her annual Masquerade Ball. While planning the extravagant event, she gets an invitation from Ashley, questioning who it’s from as it’s dated 40 years ago. Victoria takes the invitation and shrugs it off to Ashley, but we can see it has her thinking.


Emily comes to visit Victoria, curious if her invitation to the ball got lost in the mail to which Victoria reassures her that she is not invited. Emily, girl, can’t you take a hint, Victoria isn’t here for you at all. This development doesn’t stop Emily from continuing her torture by sending Victoria a bouquet of black roses, again from her ‘son’.

At the ball, Victoria tries searching out her tormenter and ends up chasing one, who leads her to Aiden where she dramatically faints. Conrad questions her fainting to her not telling him the whole truth about her aborting the child. She asks if he wants proof and he does.

Victoria goes to visit Sister at the church where she gave away her (not aborted) son. She enquires about him and is told that he came asking about his mother years ago and hasn’t been back since. After Victoria leaves, we see Emily talking to sister telling her she’s pregnant with nowhere to go. Girl, what are you up to now!?

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Daniel to Victoria: “Feel free to use one for each of your two faces.”
  • I LOL’d when Victoria slyly referenced Ashley in Daniel’s poor choice of women.
  • Well, bring on the new love interest for Nolan! One a little less shady please.
  • Yes! Charlotte slapped a bitch! I see she does take after her mother in some regards after all.
  • I don’t think Emily’s pregnant, I think she want to get on the inside and get info about Victoria’s son.
  • So Jack is forming his own Revenge team, he picked well, Ashley knows everyone’s dirty laundry.
  • But, do you guys think Ashley is 100% Team Jack?
  • Daniel’s playing the game well, sending stories to Page Six about him & Emily. Shady.
  • I think Aiden is jealous that he’s sharing his mistress with his boss, Daniel.
  • Victoria couldn’t throw a party without being the centre of attention could she?
  • So if Victoria’s son is 40 years old and she had him at 16, that makes her 56 right?
  • As annoying as you were, out of courtesy for Nolan, I’ll give you a bullet point. RIP Padma & Father.
  • No Trask, you won’t be getting a RIP from me.


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