Scandal: 02×18: I Wish You Lied

In this week’s episode entitled ‘Molly, You In Danger, Girl’ we see Molly actually in danger, but also a few Gladiators too. Here’s what happened:

Pop A Molly

President Fitz addresses the nation about Osbourne stating he was a mole and that he betrayed his country. Osbourne’s wife on the other hand doesn’t buy the story at all and goes to Liv for help. She’s adamant that Osbourne was murdered and that he did not commit suicide.


Liv takes the case and finds out that Molly was set up and planted to blame Osbourne as the mole. With the help of David they ground her preventing her from fleeing the country. They question her and find out her life was threatened and that’s why she did it.

Later on, Harrison gets a call to ID a body. The body turns out to be Molly. I wonder if she popped a molly before she died. Ha.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Jake tells his superior that Olivia knows that Osbourne was not the mole, and he’s told to take care of it.

Liv shows up at Jake’s house baring dinner. While she gets the plates, Jake turns her phone off. The two end up having sex all over the house . I hope you used a condom Liv, you’re too messy sometimes.

Liv is really parched after her thirsty romp with Jake and gets up for some water. She turns on the TV and see her house. Jake tries to explain, but Olivia starts fighting him and demands that he stays away from her. He tells her he’s protecting her from a mystery man in her house, but she hits her head and gets knocked out.

Later on we see Liv in the hospital where Jake debriefs her on what she should say if anyone asks questions. Fitz strolls in and thanks Jake for telling him. Fitz gets in bed and hugs her. So I guess everything’s all good in the hood, ay Fitz?


Defiant Relationship

Cyrus is having big relationship problems post the big Defiance reveal to James. Things are so bad between them that Cyrus is actually staying at a hotel. They constantly argue with each other, and James tells him he can’t trust him and he needs time.

Fitz finds outs that Cyrus and James aren’t doing well and offers some good advice that if he loves him he should fight for him. Cyrus takes the presidential advice and moves back home where he & James have it out. James is still pissed he lied and purged himself in court for. Cyrus reminds him that he didn’t force him to do this and that he chose to do it so it shouldn’t be like this. James ends it by saying he really wished Cyrus just lied to him. James if you ever knew Cyrus was so close to killing your ass, you’d keep quiet.

Later on, Fitz calls Cyrus and confesses that he killed Verna and asks if Liv would forgive him. Cyrus tells him that they can’t tell them (significant other) everything, and some things need to be kept in the dark.


The Big Bad Huck

It’s sweep day at Pope & Assoc. so Quinn & Huck go to Liv’s house and check for bugs, but unfortunately for them, Jake beat them to it and disabled all his personal bugs, and then reinstalled them right after they leave.


Huck continues working with Quinn, but this time to trace the money Molly received back to the mole. The information leads them to a storage unit. Huck goes in to investigate and tells Quinn to wait in the car. The storage unit turns out to be a trap (literally) and someone locks Huck in the crate inside the unit.

Quinn realises that something’s wrong as she can’t get through to Huck and it’s been hours since he’s been gone. She goes in to investigate and talks to Zeke (the guy at the front desk) who turns out to be very unhelpful. She reads him down telling him she knows all about the different activities that go on here and all that stuff, making him comply to her checking the security feed. She realises abnormalities in the feed and goes to investigate the units. She finds Huck at the bottom of the crate all petrified.

She takes him back to Pope & Associates where he hides in a corner in a kind of foetal position. Damn, they even managed to take down Huck. No one’s safe anymore.

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Fitz talking to Mellie “There’s no snob bigger than new money, & our money stank of new” .
  • David must have been finally happy to go back home and there goes Abby telling him he’s in danger again. Can this guy ever catch a break? Home Sweet Couch!
  • Yes! I’m loving this assertive Quinn! Seems like training with Huck has brought out the best in her.
  • Who knew Ms High & Mighty Olivia Pope could fight? Girl did well against Jake.
  • It was interesting (but not surprising) to find out that Mellie and Fitz were basically set up… by Fitz’s dad.
  • So the Mellie-Cyrus intervention worked, because Fitz is back to his normal self it seems.
  • I’m more confused than ever about Jake now… is he good or bad?
  • They messed up Huck big time this time. 😦
  • Liv’s so smitten by Jake she didn’t catch when he slipped up and refer to her unused kitchen.
  • Liv looks so scared and angry seeing Fitz at the hospital. Why she playing she don’t want her boo with her?


Next time: 


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