Glee: 04×18: The Catfish Shooter

In this week’s episode entitled “Shooting Star” we see the truth behind Ryder’s online dating life, an interesting new relationship proposal, the loss of a job and gunshots. Here’s what happened:

Astronomical Meltdown

Brittany thinks there’s an astroid heading for Earth and wants to make things right with someone she loves so much, but has neglected lately, yep Santana Lord Tubbington (I can hear the cries of Brittana fans miles away). Sam suggests the best way to do it, is in true glee club fashion by singing to him. The glee club sing to Lord Tubbington and all’s right with the world, sorta.


Brittany later realises that her telescope is actually not a telescope and that there was some dirt stuck to the end of it, resulting in no astroid killing everyone (surprise, surprise). Later, Sam admits that he was a jerk about the whole Lord Tubbington situation and decides to get LT a new friend, Lady Tubbington, which makes everything all better.

Ryder tells Jake about the amazing girl he’s been talking to online, Katie. He tells him how eager he is to meet up with her and is thinking of going class to class looking for her because he thinks he’s in love. Jake deters him from doing this and tells him he needs to do it the right way.


Ryder finally meets Katie and serenades her in song. Katie admits that she doesn’t know about any online chats and tells him that her name is actually Marissa and that he’s been catfished. Ryder is immediately pissed off and accuses Marley & Jake for tricking and admits that they have motive and know him the best. They both deny it and he runs off.

While stuck in the choir room, Ryder was supposed to meet Katie and despite her having lied to him, he’s worried about her in the light of the gunshot sounds and calls her. A phone in the choir room starts ringing and he tries to pinpoint where it’s coming from, but can’t make it out. Poor Ryder, he tried it with Marley and failed and now his internet lover is nothing more than junk mail.

Coach Beiste makes a Lady & the Tramp themed dinner for her and Will in the locker room. She tells him how special he is to her  (giving her her first kiss and all) and that now they’re both single she really wants him. Will breaks the bittersweet news that he and Emma are actually back together, throwing a wrench into poor Beiste’s chicken filled heart.

Later on, Will shows Beiste the online dating profile he made for her, to which she thanks him.


In the middle of glee club rehearsal, the kids hear gunshots fired. Will and Beiste tell them all to run and hide and stay quiet. While there, Sam realises Brittany is in the bathroom and wants to go out to get her, but Will stops him and says no. He tries to fight past them but he stops when they remind him that he’s going to be putting everyone in danger.


Marley is worried about her mum as she’s not replying to her texts. Little does Marley know that her mum is hiding and her phone is on the other side of the room. Kitty uses this prime opportunity to confess she altered her costumes during Grease so she thought she was gaining weight. They hug it out and let bygones be bygones at the moment of their could be deaths.

Artie decides to record everyone’s final last words in the event they don’t survive. Blaine also notes that Tina isn’t with them either. We later see Tina outside, begging Figgins to let her go to the choir room to be with her friends, but he refuses her request and tells her to leave.


Will finally goes to find Brittany in the bathroom and brings everyone to the choir room where they all hug and are extremely grateful that they survived the shooting. I’m not gonna lie, I was there hugging you guys too, that was some seriously emotional stuff.


Sue confesses to Figgins that the gun was hers and she was checking it in her draw and it went off. She recants that it’s sad that after all the winning she’s done in her career, this is going to be the thing that now defines her.

Later we see that it wasn’t actually Sue and her gun, but it was Becky who was very nervous and upset about having to graduate and leave the safe walls of Mckinley and enter the real world. In her moment of grief she drops the gun and it goes off. Poor Sue promises to take care of it.

The incident results in Sue losing her job, and she packs up and leaves (quietly too). Sue, seems like you really do have a heart in that insult infested chested of yours.


Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Kitty to Ryder about catfish accusations “Just thinking about me you dating is making me drier than the cast of Hot in Cleveland.”
  • As usual New Directions are the only ones at Regionals with a normal name for their show choir.
  • Am I the only one that found Coach Beiste’s sudden interest in Will weird?
  • How sweet was that Brittany & Becky scene? It was so nice seeing Becky not being a bitch for once!
  • The love Sue has for Becky is just so incredible. I have a new found love for their relationship.
  • So they’re just gonna leave it like this and not tell us who catfished Ryder?
  • How hilarious was it that Ken Tenaka replied to Beiste’s online profile?
  • Can I get a round of applause to how amazing Heather Morris (Brittany) was in this episode?
  • Lol at no mention of Joe Hart any at all, but everyone else was accounted for, even Sugar.
  • Well, as usual, Glee really shows they know how to tug on people’s heart strings.
  • This must have been the least amount of songs ever in a Glee episode.


Next time: 

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