Glee: 04×19: You Gotta Fight For Your Dreams

In this week’s episode entitled “Sweet Dreams” we see dreams coming true in the form of an apology, an audition, and original songs. Here’s what happened:

Original Song

Will announces that the theme for Regionals this year is ‘Dreams’ and already has a setlist ready. Marley decides to dust off her hidden song book and brings it to glee club practice. She suggests they do original songs like they did 2 years ago, but Will ignores her proposal and sticks to his outdated setlist dating back to the 70s and 80s.

Blaine calls a secret emergency meeting of the glee club and they all agree that Will’s setlist is very outdated and that they need to try something new and up to date. Marley suggests her original songs again, but is clawed down by Kitty denouncing her songs about her mum and bulimia.

Later on, with a smaller group of the glee club, a persistent Marley finally gets to show off her writing prowess as they agree to sing one of her songs. The other glee clubbers are very impressed by her song writing and wants to sing more and even show them to Mr Schue for Regionals, but little do they know he was there in the background.


Will finally realizes that his setlist of 20 years ago is no good anymore, and asks Marley to sing one of her original songs for everyone, to which she happily does. I don’t even know what was going with you Will, but I’m glad you came around, ain’t nobody got time for songs older than the whole glee club put together.

That College Life

Finn is now attending the University of Lima in hopes of trying to achieve a teaching degree. While there he runs into Puck who conveniently ends up being his roommate but yet he doesn’t take classes there (okay then…). The besties don’t waste anytime enjoying the full college experience with girls and partying all the time.

Will visits Finn at college apologising to him about before and telling him that he accepts his apology and that he wants him to come back to the glee club and help him lead them to a Regionals win. Finn dismisses his proposal and apology and embraces his college life of girls and partying. A bit harsh don’t you think Finn seeing you did kiss his fiancé?


After a well deserved reality check from Puck about Finn not going to his exams, he finally comes around and decides to accept Will’s proposal as long as they’re on equal terms and he’s not his coffee boy anymore. Will agrees but comes up with a better solution: a clean slate, to which they both agree and (finally) hug it out.

Funny Girl

Rachel is auditioning for her first broadway show, Funny Girl. She decides the best way to ace the audition is to channel her inner Barbara Streisand. But after a visit from Shelby, Shelby advises her against seeing a Barbara number as it may seem predictable and she needs to stand out and so she suggests a different route.


Later on, Rachel decides to call her knight in not so shining armour, Finn. He gives her advice about her song choice and tells her it should be a song that means something to her so that the producers will be wowed by her. She ends up singing a Glee classic, Don’t Stop Believing. While performing, she imagines the original 5 other glee club members, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Kurt and Finn there singing with her. The producer notices something different with her while she was performing, and Rachel laments it to her not being who she is today without her friends. It’s pretty cool that after all those years of being an overachiever in high school, she remembers that her friends are her biggest supporters and inspiration.


While at home with Kurt, pretty sure she hasn’t got a callback and contemplating her next audition, she gets a phone call from the producer and she gets a callback. Yay!

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Coach Roz to Will & Beiste : “I’m a child of the ghetto, I can’t sleep at night unless I hear 2 gunshots.”
  • So Sam’s pretending he has a twin, Tina’s goth again and Unique is on birth control for bigger boobs? Okay then.
  • I always love having Shelby back, her mother-daughter duet with Rachel at the piano was so good!
  • Did Will really expect Finn to drop out of college to help him with the glee club?
  • How ironic was it that Puck was the one to whip Finn back on to the straight and narrow path regarding his college studies.
  • So Blaine’s suspicious of why Sue left, interesting.
  • I’m so happy Coach Roz is back! She’s hilarious!
  • The lack of Santana in this episode was very disappointing.
  • So is the Ryder-Catfish story done?
  • So are Joe & Sugar gone for good?


Next time:

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