The Vampire Diaries: 04×19: I Feel Nothing

In this week’s episode entitled “Pictures Of You” the many faces of Silas, a boring prom and the return of a few familiar faces. Here’s how it went down:


Damon and Stefan continue to plot a way to get Elena the cure, but they also commend her for going 8-9 days without killing anyone.

Meanwhile, Rebekah & Klaus both plead their cases to Elijah for the cure. Klaus begs Elijah to end his misery as Silas has already appeared in his mind and won’t stop tormenting him until he gets the cure. Rebekah on the other hand wants the cure for herself so she can be human. Elijah decides to give it to her so his little sister can be happy for once, but there’s a catch. Rebekah has to be human for a day without using her powers, strength or compulsion.

Prom Games

After Elena steals Caroline’s prom dress, she decides to turn to her new BFF Klaus for help and begs him to dig up one of his old dresses for him.

Elsewhere Rebekah is still trying to pass Elijah’s ‘be a human for a day task’ and goes to the prom dateless. She begs April Young to make her prom queen, but April warns her that she’s on vervain so her compulsion won’t work. Luckily Rebekah’s new bestie, Elena was there to threaten April in to making her prom queen. Unfortunately for Rebekah, Elena’s threat fell on deaf ears as Bonnie & Matt were announces Prom Queen & King.


Elena decides to take her frustration out on April and bites her neck making her fall unconscious and on the verge of death. Matt begs Rebekah to help save her, but Rebekah is trying to do the whole human thing to win the cure from Elijah. In the end she saves April, and Matt admits that he was a bit harsh with her and that maybe she can be good, which makes Rebekah smile like a little school girl.

Elena also deduces that since they can’t really stop Silas himself, they can stop his plan by killing his witch, Bonnie. Elena makes two attempts at trying to kill Bonnie with Bonnie easily fending off both, with the second nearly resulting in Elena’s death.


Unfortunately for Rebekah, her little act of kindness does go punished, even though no one tells on her, Elijah gives Silas the cure as he tricks him by posing as Rebekah.

Tyler returns to Mystic Falls to spend prom night with Caroline. The two have a good time with Caroline dubbing it the best prom ever. Tyler has to leave as he doesn’t want to be spotted, but runs into Klaus on his way out. Klaus gives him 5 seconds to go before he kills and poof, Tyler’s gone. I had to say for a while I thought it was Silas messing with Caroline. It’s good that it was actually Tyler.

Throughout the episode Silas makes several attempts to try and recruit Bonnie as his witch in his plan. Each time he utilizes Jeremy and tugs on their memories, but she eventually catches on rebukes him, and refuses to help him. Yes Bonnie, fight the mind games!


Bonnie goes to see Silas in his lair after finding him with her locator spell. He admits that he wants the cure so he can die, even if that means all supernatural creatures will cross over from the other side. He also tells her that his wife was a powerful witch and made it so that no other woman would love him. Bonnie demands to see his face, and we see a small glimpse of the man of many faces.


Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Elena to Bonnie: “You’re a walking reminder of all the bad things that happened to me.”
  • I’m loving that bad bitch Elena is still in full swing!
  • Hey guys, Matt’s back.
  • Rebekah just gets stabbed in the heart all day everyday. Matt was so mean to her.
  • So all this time Bonnie wanted Jeremy and decides to show it when he’s dead? Oh okay.
  • It’s kinda sweet that Rebekah thinks that Matt is everything she wants to be in a human.
  • Elena really had choice words for both Damon & Stefan, stepping on both their hearts without batting an eyelid.

Next time:

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