Glee: 04×20: Unplugged – The Catfish Chronicles

In this week’s episode entitled “Lights Out” we see Mckinley lose electricity and go acoustic, and Kurt plan a major event. Here’s what happened:

Acoustic 101

During a glee club practice preparing for regionals, the power goes out and unlike normal schools, Figgins announces that classes are still in session.

Ryder is still trying to find out who is catfishing him and continues to message Katie. Jake tries to advise him against continuing his online romance, but Ryder admits that he can’t just stop talking to her as he feels really connected to her and has told her stuff he hasn’t told anyone else.

In glee club, Ryder decides to confess his biggest secret yet, one that he’s only told Katie. He admits that he was molested by his babysitter when he was 11. Sam and Artie don’t understand what the big deal is that an older woman touched his junk, but Ryder admits that his has lead to him having trust issues when it comes to girls. Poor Ryder, can’t believe Artie was so insensitive.

Kitty asks Ryder out to dinner at Breadsticks where she admits that she understands him as she too was molested when she was younger by her friend’s brother at a sleepover. When she eventually did tell her parents about what happened, it resulted in her losing all her friends and being alienated forcing her to change schools.


Later on, Ryder continues talking to Katie and tells her about his little plan to see if when he told his story he could spot any emotion on her face, but he didn’t see any. Katie disappears for a second, and Kitty appears asking Ryder out, to which he declines as he’s talking to Katie which hurts Kitty’s feelings. Conveniently enough, as soon as Kitty walks off, Katie’s back. Hmmm. Kitty is that you girl?


Sue is now an aerobics teacher running a boot camp called ‘Sue 90X’. Blaine decides to enroll in her class and tells her that the kids need her back at Mckinley as they still don’t feel safe and Coach Roz is crazy.


Later on Sue decides to visit Mckinley and watches the Cheerios practice. Becky begs her to come back to which Sue declines saying that she’s moved on and now loves what she does.

Becky decides to take matters into her own hands and ends up in Principal Figgins’ office where she tells him that she has something to tell him. Yes Becky, it’s about time you confessed!

At The Ballet

Rachel & Kurt decide to have what seems to be another family intervention where they tell Santana she’s throwing her life away. Santana disagrees with them and tells them she loves her job as a cage dancer, but her roommates disagree and think she’s destined for way more as she’s so talented. I gotta agree with Kurt & Rachel, Santana you’re too hot and fabulous to be locked up in a cage!


Isabelle is back and asks Kurt to meet her. Kurt fears that he’s going to get fired as he’s now at NYADA and been at less. Isabelle agrees but ensures him he’s not facing the chopping block and that she wants him to plan the Ballet Gala and that he can even invite a few friends.

At the Gala, Kurt arrives with his roomies Santana & Rachel. Everyone’s really elegantly dressed in’s finest. While there they sing a cute little number which featured flashbacks of Kurt, Rachel & Santana when they were kids practicing ballet. Afterwards Isabelle invites them to view the ballet from her personal box, but Kurt & Rachel assume Santana wouldn’t be interested. But to their surprise she is, and she highlights her previous ballet history and also admits she’s confused about what she wants to do. Isabelle offers up some good advice telling her there’s no rush and that she can take her time deciding.


Santana finally decides to enroll in NYADA extra where she’ll be taking dance classes that are available to non-students.

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Coach Roz to Figgins complaining about Becky “Ain’t nobody fart everytime they blink, that’s crazy!”
  • It’s kinda funny that Tina’s the one giving Kurt the scoop when she’s all the way in Lima.
  • I’m so happy Sarah Jessica Parker is back! I really love her character.
  • This episode showed me how much I’ve missed the NY side of the show and Santana.
  • Was I the only hoping to see Santana actually cage dancing?
  • ‘At The Ballet’ was such a beautiful performance, especially the flashbacks to Kurt, Santana & Rachel younger.
  • OMG is Kitty actually Katie?!
  • Is Ryder actually that stupid not to see the signs?
  • Was I the only one hoping for some Sue-Roz interaction?
  • Am I the only one that felt Lima & NY were horribly disconnected this week?


Next time:

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