The Vampire Diaries: 04×20: The New Orleans Originals

In this week’s episode entitled “The Originals” serves as a planted pilot for a Klaus-centric spinoff based in New Orleans. Here’s how it went down:

Katherine’s back in Mystic Falls and tells the Salvatore brothers of her ‘win’ against Klaus and how she got him out of Mystic Falls for good.

Over in New Orleans we see Hayley at a bar talking to a witch. Apparently Hayley is looking for someone or something (I think it’s her family), so the witch marks a spot on the map which turns out to be a trap set by her and the other Devro witches.

Later on, Klaus arrives in New Orleans and starts asking around about the whereabouts of the Devro witches. The woman he asks turns out to be unhelpful and says she can’t break the laws set by Marcel. With this information in hand, Klaus sets his sights on Marcel, which turns out to be his prodigy who he created several years ago back when he ruled New Orleans.

Klaus catches up with Marcel and tells him that he’s being hunted by the Devro witches. Marcel meets up with the witch who casted the spell on Hayley and has a trial of sorts. There she is reprimanded  and killed for using witchcraft as it is banned.

Klaus later decides to conduct an investigation by himself, but he soon realises he’s being followed by Marcel’s men. He asks them why they are following him, and they tell him Marcel sent them to protect him. He knows that Marcel sent them there to spy on him and warns them that if they follow him again he’ll kill them.

Marcel’s men go after Sophie asking her what Klaus wanted, but she refuses to tell them, luckily for her, Elijah comes and kills them and saves her.

Elijah brings Klaus to a cave where he meets Sophie. While there Sophie tells him that she wants to stop Marcel and she needs Klaus’ help to do so. Klaus laughs and asks if she’s serious and she shows her leverage which turns out to be Hayley. Klaus laughs again asking if a one night stand with her was supposed to mean anything. Sophie then breaks the news that Hayley is pregnant and it’s his. Klaus laughs (yet again) and asks her she’s really threatening him and denounces Hayley and the child and walks off. Sophie must have been a comedian for Klaus to be laughing so much.


Elijah tries to talk Klaus into saving his child, but refuses as the child won’t give him the power he craves oh so much.

Later on, Klaus goes to see Marcel and questions how he has this little set up in New Orleans and how he has control over the witches. Marcel reminds him that he’s been her for a long time and he nows demands respect from Klaus as he isn’t the prince, but he’s the king of New Orleans. Klaus shows him who’s really boss by biting on his minions causing him a slow and painful death, and also reminds him that he’s immortal. Y’all really need to remember who you’re dealing with, Klaus was really just being too polite to be honest.

After one final talk with Elijah, Klaus decides that he’s going to stay in New Orleans and help Sophie take down Marcel, so he agrees to do it from the inside by getting in Marcel’s inner circle.


Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah asks Rebekah to join him and Klaus in New Orleans as her family needs her now. Rebekah declines and reminds Elijah she owes Klaus nothing, and she wants to continue living her life here in Mystic Falls. Katherine agrees with Rebekah that Elijah shouldn’t even bother with Klaus as he’s way past redemption and tells him to run away with her. Unfortunately for her, she gets a kiss on the forehead and a final goodbye. Toodles Katherine!


Zombie Rant:

  • How ironic was it seeing Klaus seeming bothered by Marcel killing the witch so easily? 
  • I don’t even understand or care for this whole Hayley pregnancy scandal to be honest.
  • Aww, how cute was it when Klaus called Caroline to invite her to his old/new stomping ground.
  • I bet Rebekah’s gonna join them eventually.
  • It’s interesting to see witches that are not black for once.
  • I liked the serious tone of the episode, I think I’ll be giving this spin-off a chance.

Next time:

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