Scandal: 02×19: You Are All I Have, You Are Everything

In this week’s episode entitled “Seven Fifty-Two” it gives us quite a bit of backstory on Huck, and we see Olivia being released from the hospital, and the consequences of Fitz’s visit. Here’s what happened:

Walking Down Memory Lane

Flashback to 5 years ago, we see Olivia taking the subway and a homeless, bearded looking Huck telling Liv when her next train will come, and he’s right, so she tells him coffee’s on her next time.

Another flashback to 14 years ago, sees Huck fresh out of the marines and going to visit his girlfriend. He tells her his tour is over and he got orders to come home so he did. Later on he gets a job proposition from the  head of the CIA, one he can’t refuse (or he goes bye bye).

He starts his new job as a hitman for the CIA being trained by Charlie (Cyrus’ hitman & baseball cap guy). While working there his relationship with his girlfriend grows as they have their first child and even get married. I never pictured Huck to be the romantic type but hey! Unfortunately for Huck, Charlie finds out about his family and warns him to get rid of them, to which he agrees. A frantic Huck tries to run away with his family but ends up ambushed and gets locked in a holding cell. While in the holding cell he’s asked daily if he has a wife or child to which he always says yes, resulting in him being locked up for even longer. Huck eventually cracks and admits he doesn’t have a family and he’s reinstated and resumes his job.


While he was on a mission he has a break down and Charlie saves him and allows him to escape and tells him to go and be with his family. So Charlie does have a few good qualities after all ay?

You Are Everything

The doctor gives Olivia the okay to leave the hospital. Fitz goes over to her and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away saying she hates him. He tries to apologise but she stops him and says she doesn’t forgive him and doesn’t believe him when he tells her he loves her. Yes! Olivia why you all up in your feelings boo?


Fitz finally leaves Madam Pressed Olivia and asks Jake what happened to her and tells him to find the perpetrator. While at the hopsital, Fitz inroduces Cyrus to Jake (finally). Jake later reports back to his boss, where they speak about acquiring Albatross but Jake asks to be dismissed from this assignment and asks to be replaced as it’s a conflict of interest due to his relationship with Olivia the President. Too bad for Jake, his request is denied.

Later on, Olivia and Fitz have one of their hot and heated discussions about their feelings about each other, betrayal, hurt, love and all that stuff. Fitz tells her how he feels about her role in Defiance and that he doesn’t want her to fix him and she shouldn’t. Liv tells him that she hates that her apartment is bugged and that she was being watched. Long story short, they both confess that they love each other, Fitz asks for a second chance and Olivia runs off saying she can’t right after stealing a kiss.


First Lady Mellie gets all the scoop from one of the guards at the hospital where he ensures her that Fitz will be home soon as Olivia is free to go. Upon Fitz’s arrival home, he sees quite a few people and asks her what’s going on and she informs him that she’s moving out and moving across the road as she’s leaving him. She also tells him that she’s taking Teddy (their son) with them and retorts “I’m done, life as you know it is over”.



The gladiators finally find Olivia and find out she’s in the hospital. Harrison goes to the hospital to see her and realises her room has been guarded off by the secret service as the President is in the vicinity. While there Harrison sees the baseball hat guy from the warehouse where Huck was attacked, he starts chasing him but misses him.


After his accident, Huck’s in a corner of the office in a foetal position rocking back and forth murmuring “seven fifty-two” over and over. The gladiators individually try and talk Huck out of his trance, but it doesn’t work. Liv finally returns to Pope & Associates and immediately go to Huck’s side. She talks to him and reminds him about when they met and that he’s everything to her. He eventually comes around and remembers his family and son.

It is later revealed that while in the train station, his wife and son get off the train and his son wants to give the homeless man some money and 7:52 is the last time he saw his family.

Zombie Rant:

  • It was so interesting and sad seeing Huck’s transition over the years.
  • The irony of Charlie being the one that trained Huck.
  • So, does this mean Jake isn’t a bad guy or not? I’m still confused.
  • How much longer is Abby going to continue bitching about her love lost with David?
  • So the Gladiators have kinda sorta put together a Fitz-Liv relationship, about time!
  • The amazing, fearless, queen bitch Mellie strikes again! & she’s ready to hit Fitz where it hurts.
  • I wonder how long it’s going to take Fitz & Liv to get back ‘together’.
  • Is Cyrus really gonna just turn into the villain though?

Next time:


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