Revenge: 02×19: An Identity Cannot Be Fully Defined

In this week’s episode entitled “Identity” we see the unmasking of the infamous Falcon, and dirty secrets coming to life in true Revenge fashion. Here’s what happened:

Rise of the Falcon

Nolan is released from custody where he was interrogated about the death of Padma. Emily goes to pick him up. Emily tells him she wants to help him take down the Falcon and they devise a plan that involves Victoria getting pissed off at the Falcon as her hospital gets sent to her as a forgery. Their plan works and the Falcon agrees to meet Nolan at the arcade.


Nolan is immediately shocked to see a tiny girl being the Falcon but continues as planned and asks for a favour and even offers to pay her anything she wants. She initially declines until he challenges her to a game of Street Fighter. After an intense game, Nolan wins and she takes his flash drive which turns out to be a shadow program allowing him to use her computer and leak information of Victoria’s pregnancy. Sadly for the Falcon, Nolan doesn’t stop there and gets her arrested too. Yes! Team Nolan for the win!


The Truth Will Set You Free

Conrad wants to use Victoria’s pregnancy for his campaign, but Victoria immediately declines and refuses to be exploited for his political gain. Unfortunately for Victoria, she gets ambushed with a camera crew at her house as the interview is about to happen. Daniel asks Emily to join the interview where the two renounce their love for each other and admit marriage is on the cards.

Sadly for Victoria, her interview wasn’t as smooth and loving as Emily & Daniel’s. As soon as the interview began the first question asked was about her ‘terminated’ pregnancy when she was 16, but like the loving husband he is, Conrad steps up and defends his wife’s decision. What Conrad didn’t know was that the interviewer already got the full story and corrects him and asks if Victoria didn’t give up her son, Patrick to go to Art school. In the hot seat in a live interview I guess Victoria can’t help but be honest for once and admits to the accusation and walks off. Poor Victoria got her receipts read on live TV. Ouch!

Later on, Victoria pays Nolan a visit and offers him sole ownership of NolCorp in exchange for helping her find her lost son.


Ashley continues supporting Jack’s revenge agenda by giving him Conrad’s schedule stating that’s the best she can do right now as she’s been shut out and snooping around will bring too much suspicion towards her. Later on, Jack spies on Conrad in a parking lot with a mystery woman. He takes photos of the two and sends them to Ashley who IDs her as Allison Stoddard, the Governor’s wife. Is Conrad sleeping his way to the top like his wife? Hmmm.

Later on we see Ashley gloating to Conrad that if she was still managing his campaign she would have advised against live TV and shows him the photos Jack took. Conrad reinstates her, meaning she’s either playing double agent or working from the inside, or just being plain, old, shady Ashley.

Troubles of the Heart

Daniel invites Takeda to Grayson Global to have a talk about Aiden. Daniel asks Takeda for Aiden’s personnel files as he’s been making mistakes and risky moves at work. Aiden sort of interrupts their meeting and takes his former boss for a few drinks. While there they have a heated discussion as Takeda believes that Aiden’s judgement has wavered due to his feelings for Emily, but Aiden disagrees and tells him killing his sister’s killer brought him no peace. He walks off leaving Takeda there on his lonesome. I highly doubt this is the last we’ll see of Aiden’s mentor.


Charlotte sees the girl she punched in the face Regina at school, Charlotte immediately asks if she wants round 2, but Regina just wants to talk and asks her about her attempted suicide as her brother actually did it last summer. The two end up hanging out and going out to party resulting in Charlotte blowing off Declan when she was supposed to help him with his NYU admissions essay. She even lies to him saying she’s stuck at home, but little does she know Declan saw photos of her and her new girlfriend kissing outside the club. Uh oh.

Zombie Rant:

  • Aww Nolan got his first about time! 
  • So is Emily really gonna go down the marriage route with Daniel… again?
  • Was I the only one surprised by Ms Edith Lee being the Falcon?
  • Typical Ashley playing double agent… or is she?
  • I see Charlotte’s going full circle back to her party ways, I can’t say I’m surprised, it was a matter of time before her good girl act disappeared.
  • When will Jack finally leave Pressedville and stop dubbing Emily as the enemy?
  • So Victoria wants to find her son… I’m sure everyone saw that one coming.
  • Why does it seem like Conrad’s political career is going up in flames?


Next time:

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