Glee: 04×21: Future Superstitions

In this week’s episode entitled “Wonder-ful” the glee  club pays tribute to Stevie Wonder and a few familiar faces return to help New Directions get ready for regionals. Here’s what happened:

The Final Dance

In NY, Rachel is still bubbling with excitement about her second callback for her Funny Girl audition. She decides that she’ll share the news with the most influential person of her high school life, good ole Mr Shue. After hearing he seemed more excited than her, so much so he seems like shed a little tear. Aww, need a tissue Will?

While roaming the halls of Mckinley, Rachel runs into two NYADA gossipers, who warn her that students aren’t allowed to participate in broadway shows without consent from a teacher. Rachel begs them not to tell Cassie, but as expected they do the exact opposite and tell Cassie.

Cassie interrupts Rachel rehearsing for Funny Girl and the two have their usual back and forth argument. The end result this time is Cassie moving up Rachel’s dance exam to this Monday which means she wouldn’t be able to prepare for her final audition. When Rachel arrives for her exam, she’s greeted by a surprise party and Cassie’s blessing and she even tells her she saw something special in her and that’s why she’s been so relentless. Rachel thanks her for everything and everyone’s happy. I preferred Cassie when she was mean to Rachel.


My Future

merecedes coming out with album, shooting music vid, wants jake as dancer for her vid, album off release date due image issues,

Mercedes & Mike are back at Mr Schue’s request to help coach the glee club to another Regionals win. The glee club decide to honor Stevie Wonder and have  a week dedicated to his music. We also get some insight into what Mercedes has been up to all season. She’s been in L.A. recording her album and is now about to shoot her music video for her single ‘Hell To The No’ (how fitting).

While there she takes a special interest in Jake and compliments him on his dancing and even tells him he should be leading the glee club and he should step up his game.

Later on, we learn that Mercedes album release date has been halted due to her not complying with her producer’s wishes to make more raunchy photos for her album art. He even went as far as to suggest they could even use someone else on the cover to which Mercedes replied ‘HELL TO THE NO!’


Meanwhile, Artie has been accepted into Brooklyn Film Academy, but has decided not to go and not tell anyone due to his mother freaking out about him leaving as she took care of him forever. Kitty decides to take matters into her own hands and firstly tells the whole glee club who are all really happy for him, and she also goes to speak to Artie’s mother who had no idea he got accepted to BFA. Artie revels the truth that he’s afraid to go to NY and he personally thinks it’s selfish for him to leave her. His mom reassures him that this all she’s ever wanted for him as he’s been directing since he was so young. Aww such a sweet mother-son relationship.

Tumor No More

Kurt’s also back in Lima awaiting his dad’s test results from his cancer scare earlier. He goes to the doctor with Carol & Burt where they get the best news ever that tumor is good and he’s in tip top shape. Kurt decides to celebrate by inviting his dad to the glee club and reminisces that the last time he sang to him he was in a coma so now he wants to sing to that he’s alive and well.

Later on, Blaine meets with Burt to have a little talk. Blaine explains that he’s really in love with Kurt and he thinks they’re soul mates. He goes on to ask Burt for his permission to marry Kurt, but Burt declines him nicely and reminds him of the mess of Rachel & Finn and tells him that they’re not ready for marriage.

Afterwards Blaine goes to talk to Kurt and was about to ask him to marry him, but changed his mind and instead asked him if he’d stay around for regionals, to which Kurt agrees. Aww Blaine seems like you got cold feet man.


Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Kitty talking to Artie “You used those googly thyroid conditioned eyeballs of yours and ogled me like I was a Taiwanese street walker”
  • So is Glee never going to address the Samcedes break up?
  • Am I the only one that misses the Kurtcedes friendship?
  • Yes another Mercedes point, but this episode really showed me how much I missed her. Mike, not so much.
  • And Burt gets Father of the Year once again!
  • The irony of Brittany getting early admission to MIT.
  • Since when does Kitty even care about anyone but herself so much so to go and speak to Artie’s mum?
  • I’m so happy Artie is joining to NY gang next year!
  • I know it’s a tribute episode, but I really do prefer when Glee has fewer musical numbers.
  • Cassie not trying to ruin Rachel’s life isn’t really that fun to watch.


Next time:

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