The Vampire Dairies: 04×21: The Humanity Switch

In this week’s episode entitled “She’s Come Undone” we finally see a crack in Elena’s mean girl armour, and Bonnie makes a deal with a devil or two. Here’s how it went down:

More Useless Emotions

Damon and Stefan are still obsessed with trying to get Elena’s humanity back and have her locked up in the cellar. They decide to try the burn treatment and tie her to a chair with her daylight ring removed and has burn in the sunlight. Their attempt proved futile as she ended up showing them that they wouldn’t let anything happen to her.


The Salvatore brothers decide to try a different route and recruit Katherine to torment Elena. Elena ends up spewing evil about  Katherine’s relationship with Elijah, causing Katherine to actually get pressed and decides to not bother anymore. She leaves the cellar door open and allows Elena to escape in true Katherine fashion.

Damon & Stefan go after Elena but this time bring a bargaining chip, Matt. Matt tries to plead to her to come back to her senses, but it only results in her feeding from him leaving him on the brink of death. Damon’s last resort involves killing Matt which triggers Elena’s humanity switch and a flood of emotions of guilt, rage, love and hate. So yes, whiney, Elena is back and even bigger hot mess than before. Thankfully Matt was wearing the Gilbert ring so he comes back to life.


Rebekah continues to pine after Matt and spills her heart out to him again, but Matt gets her together with a well deserved reality check asking her why she doesn’t just leave Mystic Falls if she’s so miserable there. Later on while trying to get through to Elena, she decides to bring Matt some food and offers him a way out of his current position. Rebekah offers to compel Matt so he gets amazing grades and a scholarship for college which would pave the way for a better future and life for him, but as usual he declines.

Get Outta My Head

Caroline demands to see Elena to try and talk some sense into her. She gives her some blood to quench her thirst, but it just results in Elena spitting more hate towards her and trying to kill her again, but this time Caroline snaps her neck. About time!

Later on, Caroline is attacked by Silas in the form of Klaus. Silas wants to get in touch with Bonnie and demands that Caroline find her and even stabs her with a stake to get his point across. He even goes as far as threatening Caroline’s mother which sets her off and she rushes home to her mother but is unsure whether it is her or not. Luckily, Bonnie got her messages and was able to tell that Sheriff Forbes was actually Silas, saving them both.


Bonnie meets with Katherine and tries to bargain a deal with her so she can get Silas’ tombstone. Katherine is reluctant and skeptical at first, but Bonnie makes her an offer she can’t refuse. What is that offer you may ask? To make her immortal and invincible. I don’t know what Bonnie has up her sleeve, but she’s planning something big.

Zombie Rant:

  • So Matt’s broke and failing all his classes. Is there anything positive about his life?
  • Why does everyone always make excuses for Elena no matter what she does?
  • Mean girl Elena is still fun, but you’d think people would be a little less hurt when she spews her hate by now.
  • When is Caroline going to stop being a damsel in distress? Even Elena’s not playing that card anymore.
  • How sad was that scene with Caroline and her mum though?
  • So Matt’s entire life is dedicated to being live bait for his supernatural friends and being a buss boy. Cool.
  • Matt literally has Rebekah’s vagina handed to him on a silver platter and he’s playing hard to get.
  • I’m really not here for old whiney Elena. Go away. Now.
  • The day they kill Katherine, is the day I’m done watching this show.

Next time:

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