Scandal: 02×20: Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone

In this week’s episode entitled “A Woman Scorned” we see Fitz finally take a stand in his fight for Olivia, and Mellie makes her move while Cyrus is caught in the middle. Here’s what happened:

Baseball Cap Guy

Huck ID’s the baseball cap guy as Charlie, Cyrus hitman and the one who broke into Liv’s apartment and the person that attacked him. The gladiators deduce that Cyrus may in fact be the mole, but Liv can’t wrap her mind around this development as Cyrus is one of her closest friends and she believes he’s very devoted to his country.

The gladiators (plus David) decide to dig up as much dirt as possible on Charlie to try and find out what he’s up to. The most info they get about him is his donut order and that he’s a part of a book club. They find one the women from the book club and question her about him, but their lead turns out to be nothing.

Later on, Jake decides to rewatch his hot, steamy sex with Olivia and then fast forwards to more recent footage where he sees Charlie breaking into his apartment and watching the footage of him and Olivia. Charlie calls Cyrus and tells him about the footage he found and Cyrus tells him to hold onto it.

Stop Following Me!

Fitz is having Olivia followed all day everyday by Jake. Olivia tells Fitz to call off his ‘puppy’ but he refuses. Later on, she goes to the Whitehouse to see Fitz upon his request. She lets him know that she’s done with him and that he can’t have her followed like this and he cannot just summon her to the Whitehouse either. Fitz confesses his love for her again and she unconvincingly shuts him down again.


Cyrus tries to devise a plan to get rid of Olivia, to what extent wasn’t revealed as his plan of having Fitz’s secretary call him to have a quick chat never worked because Jake saw through it instantly. Cyrus why you being so shady lately? Hmmm.

Decisions: Wife VS Mistress

Following up on her promise from last episode, Mellie gives Fitz 36 hours to leave Olivia for good so that they can work on their marriage and be a family again. Cyrus tries to talk her out of it on several occasions but Mellie stands firm by her decision even though it will destroy her career in the process.


Fitz is taking Mellie’s threat quite casually and honestly thinks she’s bluffing, so he allows her to make her threats and he just carries on as usual. Cyrus warns him several times to try and stop her, but Fitz is adamant he won’t be complying with her demands this time. This leaves poor Cyrus is such a pickle as he’s left to mediate both sides.

Later on, Fitz goes to Olivia’s house and decides to prove to her that he’ll give it all up for her. She questions his motives and reminds him his wife is about to go nuclear and destroy his career right now and Fitz casually has a seat and waits for the 22 minutes to pass and show he’s devoted to her and couldn’t care less about Mellie and her threats.


Unfortunately for Fitz, Mellie does go through with her live Primtetime interview and sadly for Cyrus, the interviewer is his husband James. Mellie confesses that after the whole shooting and birth of their child, Fitz has been cheating on her. James baffled and gobsmacked by this asks her to confirm her statement several times. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s where the cookie crumbles.

Zombie Rant:

  • It was funny seeing Cyrus do everything to try and save Fitz from annihilating his own political career.
  • The irony of Cyrus finally saying yes to James and he ends up interviewing Mellie.
  • Mellie gives the saying “there’s nothing like a woman scorned” a whole new meaning.
  • I just hope Olivia comes clean about her Jake sex because then they’re gonna break up and it’s this whole drama all over again.
  • I still don’t know who the mole is, and I’ve given up speculating.
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t trust David 100% being apart of Pope & Associates?
  • So I’m guessing Liv’s a book lover.

  Next time:

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