Revenge: 02×20: Engagement Can Be A Commitment To Love Or A Declaration Of War

In this week’s episode entitled “Engagement” we see Emily & Daniel announce their engagement and start making plans for the future, while Jack continues to try and derail Conrad’s political campaign. Here’s what happened:

Here’s to Paris

Emily gives Daniel the best engagement gift ever: two tickets to Paris so they can move away from Manhattan for good.  Daniel is so excited by Emily revisiting his previous idea when they were engaged the first time that he can’t wait to share the news with his parents, with Victoria sounding very unenthusiastic as usual.


Later on, Daniel gets a call that the files he asked Takeda for about Aiden have arrived. Daniel calls Aiden into his office where he fires him and tells him he did several background checks on him and nothing came back, yet he just found out that his dad was the one that placed the bomb on Flight 197. Aiden tries to beg to save his job, but Daniel gets security to escort him out. Ouch!

My Young-Life Crisis: Charlotte Edition

While visiting the Grayson manor (for the one millionth time), Emily asks Charlotte to be her Maid of Honor to which she accepts happily. Their conversation is interrupted by Regina, as they have plans to go out. While out with Regina, Charlotte (unsurprisingly) gets arrested for being a drunk mess (as usual).

Daniel gets a call that Charlotte’s been arrested and leaves the party to go and pick her up before his parents find out. After picking her up he asks her what’s wrong with her, and she reveals that she’s pregnant. I’m just going to ASSUME Declan is the father and this whole mess isn’t going to be unnecessarily complicated.

The ‘I Hate Conrad’ Club

Ashley meets with Jack and tells him she’s now in Conrad’s good graces but she doesn’t have any new intel. Ashley also finally confesses that she’s the one that told Daniel about his kiss with Emily last summer which broke up their engagement. He asks why she did it and Ashley admits that it was because she had feelings for Daniel and blah blah.

Jack decides that he’s going to take Ashley’s advice about Victoria and take the photo he took straight to her. Victoria then pays Allison a visit and is surprised to find out for once her husband is (sort of) innocent. Allison explains that she’s sabotaging her husband’s campaign due to him dying from a heart condition and the job is going to fast track his death. She also leaves Victoria with a warning that the job is a death sentence so she only allow Conrad to do one term. Pssht, girl, Victoria would have him doing 100 terms if that means he’ll be gone.


Victoria pays Jack a visit at the Stowaway where they watch Allison announce her husband’s heart condition, which basically ensures Conrad’s victory. She questions him and asks him why she wants to destroy his campaign so much as she has 26 years worth of reasons. Jack tells her that it’s because he gave the order to kill Amanda and plays the recording for her as proof. Jack you so stupid, I hope when she steals your tape recorder you’ll sit in a corner and cry.

The Revenge Team: Revenge of the Hacker

Nolan visits Edith in prison asking her about Carryon and the Grayson trust fund, where she tells him she wants to get out of prison so either he does it, or the people that hired her will. Nolan ends up solving her riddle regarding the Grayson trust fund as it was her Street Fighter high score.

Aiden is still super pressed about Takeda outing him and not feeling satisfied after finally getting revenge on Trask and pays him a personal visit. The two have a heated discussion about Emily where Aiden threatens to reveal his true agenda if he doesn’t let them go, but Takeda goes for his samurai sword where they fight it out like real Japanese men. Aiden barely wins and kills Takeda. RIP Takeda, I’ll miss your insightful one liners.


Nolan and Aiden transfer all of  the Grayson’s money into a secret account which seems to activate Carryon which causes a blackout all over Manhattan. Uh oh.

Zombie Rant:

  • Fave line: Victoria to Emily “Emily dear, that extravagant ring on your finger does not give you permission to fled in and out of my house without good reason.”
  • Fave line: Nolan to Aiden “You can be my bodyguard and I can be your Whitney.”
  • Were you guys surprised that Conrad was behind Victoria asking Nolan to find her son? No? Me neither.
  • I still have never understood why Victoria hates Emily so much.
  • So it seems like Ashley is on Jack’s side after all.
  • How sad was it when Charlotte was telling Emily how much she misses Amanda. If only she knew.
  • I totally forgot that Ashley was the one that sabotaged Emily & Daniel’s first engagement.
  • When Takeda speaks he reminds of a fortune cookie always having something wise and insightful to say.
  • I never really saw Aiden as the sword-wielding type.
  • Why am I not surprised that Charlotte’s downward spiral now involves her being pregnant. Can this girl become even more of a mess?
  • I have to say, this is the first time I haven’t found Declan annoying. I guess he does make an okay boyfriend.
  • I’m really trying to understand Jack’s angle. Is he really that stupid to show his hand to Victoria?

Next time:

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